Hands up to the sky breaking free from handcuffs

Breaking Free from Subtle Idols in Our Hearts

When you realize you are desperate for something, recognize that thing is likely an idol. You can make anything an ...
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Woman sitting on a lower step with man embracing her from behind outside.

Marriage Challenge: Take Your Husband’s Advice Seriously

Our marriage challenge this weekend could stretch a lot of us! But it may be an unexpected blessing for you ...
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View of the back of a woman leaning her head on a man's shoulder outside

A FREE Resource for Wives Whose Husbands Use Porn

I want to help wives find God-honoring, proven tools to help them, their husbands, and their children break the destructive ...
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Siloutte of a man and woman on bikes reaching out to each other with a sunset in the background

Weekend Marriage Challenge: Believe Your Husband

Many times, we are tempted to assume our husbands are not telling us the truth. We try to read into ...
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Paper heart almost completely ripped in half hanging on a string with black background

Abuse of Power Is Never Acceptable

God asks two primary things from every person on the planet: Love Him with all our hearts, souls, minds, and ...
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smiling young couple holding hands standing in a grassy area near tree at golden hour

My Weekend Marriage Challenge

I just want to be sure you know that we are having weekend marriage challenges on weekends on my social ...
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rotten deck

Do I Ever Mess Up and Act Like My Old Self?

The first few years of my journey, I stumbled a lot. Like... A. LOT. For years. But every time I ...
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A smart phone with the instagram logo sitting on a white surface

Join Me on Instagram!

I'm diving into Instagram this week and I invite you to join me. 🎉 I'll be sharing lots of extra ...
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stack of books on a desk with an apple on top, pencils, and ABC wooden blocks

A Tough School Decision During Our Son’s 3rd-Grade Year

Honoring my husband's leadership means I trust the Lord to lead me through my husband even when I don't agree ...
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Closeup of woman with long blond hair and brown jacket hugging man with plaid shirt

9 Healthy Ways a Christian Spouse Could Respond to Feeling Controlled

There are plenty of unhealthy ways spouses could respond to a controlling spouse. That just makes things worse. Of course, ...
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