27 Ways to Be Alert and Watchful Without Freaking Out

Is it possible to face coming events without fear? Can we have peace even now? Here are my tips!

Preparing for Persecution for Our Faith in Jesus

Christian persecution may be coming soon to America, whether we like it or not. How can we invite God to help us in preparing for persecution?

The 7-Day Encouragement Challenge

How can you make an impact on those in your circle this week in a beautiful way? Check out these ideas!

“My Attachment to Stuff Stressed Me Out!”

Photo by Samantha Gades on Unsplash

Do you sometimes treat your stuff like it’s more important than your family? Does it have a spiritual hold on you? Today is the day to find freedom!

Daddy Loved to Take Me on Big Adventures

I always knew I could trust my Daddy on any adventure!

My Morning Quiet Time Process

Not sure how to go about having a daily quiet time with God? Here’s what I do. Maybe it will inspire you, too. ❤️

Let Your Light Shine Brighter Than Ever Now!

What should we do going forward as things are so confusing in the world? Let your light shine brighter than it ever has before!

An Update on the Past Two Months of My Life

Gray Siberian Forest Cat, "Silver"

I want to take a moment to be real and share an update on my life for the past two months.

What Is Your Strong Foundation for 2021?

If we don’t have a solid foundation spiritually, our faith may not survive what is coming. I want us all to be ready and strengthened in Christ!

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