How to Grow in Patience

I believe this is probably an area where most of us could use some growth. Patience is not a hallmark ...
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What If You Feel Attracted to Another Man?

What can you do if you realize you feel attracted to another man? Or what if another guy is attracted ...
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Man and woman walking in grassy field with rocky mountains in background

Could God Be Trying to Lead Through Your Husband Now?

I want to give y'all a heads up, sisters. Please realize that God may give your husband important promptings during ...
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Bride and groom running on the beach holding hands

Are These 9 Expectations Hurting Your Marriage?

What kinds of unrealistic or unbiblical expectations could I have of my husband that may lead to resentment in my ...
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6 Ways to Be a Faithful Wife

Faithfulness is more than just not having an affair with another man. It's one of the fruits of the Spirit ...
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Man and woman in white tops hugging and looking at a lake at sunset

When Your Husband Does Something You Don’t Like

What if my husband wants to do something I don't approve of? It depends on what the issue is how ...
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Is It Time to Stop Being Nice?

There is a big difference between being nice and being godly or Christlike. People can be "nice" without the Spirit ...
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The Strength of Gentleness

If you are upset, afraid, or in pain and someone treats you harshly, how do you feel? How do you ...
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Man holding phone that says, "Why?" wiht cloudy sky and trees in background

These “Why” Questions Can Hurt Your Marriage

It's not necessarily wrong to want to find out information from your husband. But the way you approach him makes ...
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What a Trial Reveals – by Nneka Ruiz Montalvo

My Story I used to be a very angry and unforgiving person. I believed that I became that way because ...
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