kids standing by glass door looking outside

9 Ways to Find Balance in This New Normal

From a reader: How to find the balance between kids, devotion time, spouse, etc. I'm a full time teacher/marriage blogger ...
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Close up view of man and woman dancing

11 Ways to Support Your Husband During This Crisis

Obviously, this is an extremely stressful time for everyone around the world. There is the health risk of people getting ...
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mom and child walking down a trail in the woods with sunbeams shining through the trees

9 Powerful Ways to Influence Your Children for Christ

If you want to see your children come to know the Lord, you have a golden opportunity before you, my ...
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an open bible with pages turning

Are We Living in the Great Tribulation Time Now?

I believe that God is doing something huge spiritually right now in the midst of this worldwide pandemic and all ...
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A girl looking out the window through the blinds

10 Blessings During This Global Pandemic

If we are open to it, I believe God wants to use this pandemic to do some INCREDIBLE things in ...
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a pair of hands folded in prayer in darkness

Pray with Me about the Coronavirus

Sunday, March 15, 2020, is a National Day of Prayer about the coronavirus in America. This is the perfect time ...
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woman sitting on edge of roof in a city with Jesus Saves sign across the street

Rest in God’s Peace During the Coronavirus Pandemic.

Precious sisters, let's not give in to fear. Our God is still on the throne. His love and promises can ...
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A wooden block with the word "Bless" painted on it sitting on a white tablecloth

What Blessings Do I Possess If I Am “in Christ”?

To be "in Christ" means: I admit that I am a sinner and that I can never meet God's holy ...
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A husband's and wife's wedding bands on an open dictionary over theh word marriage

For Years, I Desperately Wanted My Husband to Change

Greg and I met when I was 15 and he was 16. We dated for 6 years and married when ...
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laundry hamper on wooden floor

He Left Dirty Socks on the Floor and the Toilet Seat Up…

I'm trying something a bit different today. This is a fictional story with a very real kind of situation many ...
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