Woman speaking into a megaphone standing outside in a street with white buildings behind her

Does Being A Christian Wife Mean You Can’t Talk?

A lot of people think that being a Christian wife means you can't ever talk and you have to just ...
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Woman rejecting a man

If a Woman Rejects a Man’s Marriage Proposal…

When a young man proposes to the woman he loves, she has the right to accept or reject his proposal ...
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How to Overcome Differences in Marriage

Every couple will have some "irreconcilable differences" in marriage. That is the nature of relationships between two people. We are ...
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Family sitting near Christmas tree reading a book with the two young children

What If Christmas Isn’t Perfect This Year?

Sometimes, we get a very specific picture in our minds of what a Christmas celebration SHOULD look like with our ...
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A woman in a floral dress with long brown hair and hands folded across her heart

20 Key Qualities of a Prudent Woman

This was the most popular post on my blog, "Peaceful Single Girl" for a long time. That blog is now ...
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Woman wearing a green jacket sitting on wooden dock overlooking a lake

How I Began to Grow Close to the Lord

I learned to go to God when I was lonely in 2008 when our marriage was very cold and there ...
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Chairs in a gazebo for Mr. and Mrs. for a wedding

Why the Church Is “The Bride of Christ”

Do you ever stop to wonder why the Bible calls the Church (those believers who belong to Him) the Bride ...
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Man holding his hands on his temples, sitting on a cream colored couch in front of a beige wall.

When Your Husband Is Exhausted

Let's say your husband is exhausted after a brutal day at work but you would like to spend time together ...
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Yellow diamond sign that says "end" with sunset and palm trees in background

What Are the Signs of the End Times?

What on earth is going on? Do you find yourself thinking that sometimes? I mean, there were several huge earthquakes ...
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April Cassidy standing in front of a creek with a white bridge and azaleas blooming in the background

5 Baby Steps to Grow As a Christian Wife

If you realize that maybe you have not been treating your husband with honor and respect, what are some first ...
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