Dad and daughter carving a Thanksgiving turkey together as mom smiles and watches with candles on the table

Be Thankful in All Things

Those of us who live in America are thinking about Thanksgiving this week. And boy, does it seem very unlike ...
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woman's hands folded in prayer with Bible in her lap

Please Continue to Pray for America

One of our most important jobs, precious sisters, is to pray without ceasing for our country, the world, our leaders, ...
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Woman in long black dress walking away on wide wood pier with white birds and blue sky and ocean

Cutting Out Toxic Influences Brings Peace

If reading or watching certain things causes you to feel stressed, anxious, upset, angry, or worried, it is okay to ...
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silloutte of a woman sitting in a field looking up to the sky in prayer

Time for a Heart Check!

One of the greatest blessings in knowing Jesus as our Savior and Lord is that no matter what happens in ...
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satellite image of the United States of America at night

This Could Destroy Our Homes and Nation

We have a spiritual enemy who wants to see us divided and conquered in our homes and our country. He ...
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American flag flying

Dealing with Election Anxiety and Fear in 2020

I know there is an incredible amount of fear in our nation right now. That is one of the few ...
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a woman's hand holding a man's hand

Can My Husband Transfer His Authority to Me?

When I was a pharmacist, I took a pharmacy manager position in 1999 at a grocery store pharmacy. My pharmacy ...
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man sitting on rock in lake at surise

When Your Husband Is Having a Bad Day

Let's say your husband is in a bad mood for a day or two. You aren't completely sure why. But ...
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Man in jacket looking out at a lake and woods

10 Reasons a Husband May Decide Not to Lead

We wives sometimes get upset with our husbands because they won't "step up" and lead in our marriages and with ...
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outline of a man in the dark

Responding to a Husband’s Frequent Insults

"What if a husband was raised being constantly put down and does the same to his wife?" I received this ...
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