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God’s Incredible Plan for You

THE DREAM Like me, I'm sure you long for the most amazing, fulfilling life. You want close relationships with those ...
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3 Secrets to Building Real-Life Romance in Your Marriage

Real romance is all about selflessness, thoughtfulness, kindness, and generosity. Sadly, we sometimes miss out on appreciating things that actually ...
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Does God Really Have One Specific “Soul Mate” for You?

You know how the movies and books go, they often describe how a man and woman magically find each other ...
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Do You Want to be the Greatest in God’s Eyes?

Greatness in Jesus' economy is totally the opposite of everything worldly wisdom holds dear. The Secret to Greatness Jesus had ...
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Want to Grow Real Romance and Attraction in Your Marriage?

We all want strong marriages. We all want husbands who treat us like queens. We want to know we are ...
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“Your Book Has the Wrong Title” – a Guest Post

From a dear reader: I will be honest. When April released her new book, The Peaceful Mom, I didn’t want ...
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Ready for some supernatural peace in your life? Every wife wants a strong, vibrant, romantic marriage. But it turns out, ...
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What Does the Bible Say about the Role of a Husband?

Ladies, I laid the groundwork for this entire discussion in the posts, "Are Men and Women Equal?" and "What Does ...
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What Does the Bible Say about the Role of a Wife?

We humans have a tendency to err toward the extremes, veering to the left or to the right. 1. We ...
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Are Men and Women Equal?

People have a lot of different definitions of equality today. This makes it really confusing. So many times, we are ...
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