Chairs in a gazebo for Mr. and Mrs. for a wedding

Why the Church Is “The Bride of Christ”

Do you ever stop to wonder why the Bible calls the Church (those believers who belong to Him) the Bride ...
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Man holding his hands on his temples, sitting on a cream colored couch in front of a beige wall.

When Your Husband Is Exhausted

Let's say your husband is exhausted after a brutal day at work but you would like to spend time together ...
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Yellow diamond sign that says "end" with sunset and palm trees in background

What Are the Signs of the End Times?

What on earth is going on? Do you find yourself thinking that sometimes? I mean, there were several huge earthquakes ...
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April Cassidy standing in front of a creek with a white bridge and azaleas blooming in the background

5 Baby Steps to Grow As a Christian Wife

If you realize that maybe you have not been treating your husband with honor and respect, what are some first ...
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Woman at a coffee shop counter

Greg’s Take on My Lightbulb Moment

(Greg wrote this in about 2012-2013) Where do I begin? Back several years ago in December of 2008, AprilĀ and I ...
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Wife standing behind husband sitting at kitchen table with two young children who are eating

Who Is Watching Your Godly Wife Example?

Would you treat your husband differently if you knew that a lot of women were looking to you as an ...
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White mug that reads "everyone is entitled to my opinion" sitting on a white table

How to Deal with Rude People

When other people get a bit too nosy or personal, inviting themselves into your marriage, what can you do? A ...
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closeup of woman with longn dark hair smiling looking up

Is”Empowering Women” Always a Great Thing?

Empowering women sounds like a lofty goal. But let's consider, what do we want to empower women to do? What ...
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sad woman wearing white sitting on a park bench near a lake with a man

Feminism: How Many Feminist Lies Have Hurt You?

We've all heard about feminism since we were little. It's not something most of us set out to study. It's ...
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a brown horse with jockey riding English style jumping a hurdle to display meekness

Want Spiritual Power? Pursue Meekness

When our culture describes "strong women" we tend to think of women who are competitive, aggressive, driven, and willing to ...
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