Is Biblical Submission Really Just Selfish Manipulation on a Wife’s Part?

Couldn’t a wife use the concept of biblical submission (honoring her husband and treating him with respect) to try to manipulate him and get her way?

Identifying the Lies We Have Embraced

We often don’t realize how many lies we have inadvertently received into our hearts and minds from various sources. Let’s work on identifying the lies we have learned about God, self, and others that are hurting us.

Pray with Me for Our Nation and Our World!

Lord, Our hearts are so very heavy with the constant blows of violence that we continue to see in our country and around the world. None of us want to live in a world like this where people are killed so senselessly. Our hearts are broken! None of us want this kind of world for… Continue reading Pray with Me for Our Nation and Our World!

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