Ways I Disrespected and Hurt My Husband

For over 14 years, I thought I had been the best Christian wife ever. Then I discovered so many ways I hurt my husband.

Are People Basically Good?

What do you think? Are people basically good or evil? How can you know the truth? What does it even matter?

Real Repentance Causes Amazing Life Change

What is real repentance? I met a man once who claimed to be a Christian. He made a habit of slandering people with lies to get a few hundred dollars in settlements from various companies.  Wow. How could someone who professed to be a Christian do this with a clear conscience?  He said, “Oh, it’s… Continue reading Real Repentance Causes Amazing Life Change

5 Signs Valentine’s Day May Be an Idol for Me

Photo by Criativithy from Pexels

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8 Tips for When You Feel Hormonal

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Is America in Danger of God’s Judgment in 2021?

What sins usually trigger God’s righteous judgment on a nation? What does God’s judgment look like? How can we avoid God’s wrath?

27 Ways to Be Alert and Watchful Without Freaking Out

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Preparing for Persecution for Our Faith in Jesus

Christian persecution may be coming soon to America, whether we like it or not. How can we invite God to help us in preparing for persecution?

Daddy Loved to Take Me on Big Adventures

I always knew I could trust my Daddy on any adventure!

My Morning Quiet Time Process

Not sure how to go about having a daily quiet time with God? Here’s what I do. Maybe it will inspire you, too. ❤️