5 Baby Steps to Grow As a Christian Wife

Need some action steps to help you get started with growing as a Christian wife? Here are 5 tips that were a huge blessing to me on my journey.

Who Is Watching Your Godly Wife Example?

When I began this journey, I had no idea anyone would want to follow my example. What if God wants to use you to set an example for many others?

How to Deal with Rude People

Are you confused about how to deal with rude people when they ask totally inappropriate questions about your marriage? Let’s talk about it together here!

Is”Empowering Women” Always a Great Thing?

Photo by Marcelo Matarazzo on Unsplash

We hear a lot about empowering women today. But let’s stop and ask what people mean by this phrase. And maybe even… what should these words mean?

Ways I Disrespected and Hurt My Husband

For over 14 years, I thought I had been the best Christian wife ever. Then I discovered so many ways I hurt my husband.

Are People Basically Good?

What do you think? Are people basically good or evil? How can you know the truth? What does it even matter?

Real Repentance Causes Amazing Life Change

What is real repentance? I met a man once who claimed to be a Christian. He made a habit of slandering people with lies to get a few hundred dollars in settlements from various companies.  Wow. How could someone who professed to be a Christian do this with a clear conscience?  He said, “Oh, it’s… Continue reading Real Repentance Causes Amazing Life Change

5 Signs Valentine’s Day May Be an Idol for Me

Photo by Criativithy from Pexels

If you tend to get anxious or upset about Valentine’s Day, please check out this post for a whole new way to think about it.

8 Tips for When You Feel Hormonal

What can you do when you are feeling out of sorts and moody from crazy hormones? Check out these tips!

Is America in Danger of God’s Judgment in 2021?

What sins usually trigger God’s righteous judgment on a nation? What does God’s judgment look like? How can we avoid God’s wrath?