What Is the Role of a Pastor VS a Husband?

Many wives are confused on this issue of leadership. How can you determine what is the role of a pastor in your life vs. the role of your husband?

Is a Christian Wife Supposed to Be a Doormat?

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What does it mean to be a Christian wife? Are we supposed to be a doormat: quiet, passive, and weak? What does a godly wife look and act like?

What Does Our Marriage Look Like Now?

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Our marriage was in trouble back in 2008. Greg barely wanted anything to do with me. So how is the state of our union now? Here’s a sneak peak!

I Married the Wrong Person!

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Do you ever think, “I married the wrong person”? You’re not alone if you do. So what do you do now?

Is Withholding Sex in Marriage Wrong?

What does withholding sex in marriage mean? Is it wrong to do this to our spouse?

Can a Wonderful Wife Fix or Change Her Husband?

Can a wife fix or change her husband with her love? Let’s delve into this and see what God may have for us together!

A Wife Shares a New Perspective on Her Husband and Valentine’s Day

Watch how God changed this wife’s perception and perspective about Valentines Day, her husband, and his love for her.

The 7-Day Encouragement Challenge

How can you make an impact on those in your circle this week in a beautiful way? Check out these ideas!

This Could Destroy Our Homes and Nation

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We are falling for the same old deception—to turn on one another as enemies. Then we do the devil’s work for him.

Can My Husband Transfer His Authority to Me?

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If my husband doesn’t want to lead our family, can he just tell me to lead, instead?