When Your Husband Is Exhausted

If your husband just wants to go to bed and has no energy but you wish you could enjoy some time together, what can you do? Is there a healthy way to approach him?

We Need Strong Marriages Now More Than Ever

With so much chaos going on in the world, we need strong marriages and God’s leading more than ever.

6 Ways NOT to Ask Your Man to Put Clothes Away

Some marriage hacks about how not to ask your husband for help and some healthy ways to approach him.

14 Tips for Giving Family Members Space During the Quarantine

Looking for some ways to keep everyone sane and getting along well during the quarantine? Check out these practical tips!

11 Ways to Support Your Husband During This Crisis

In these unusual times, we can make the choice to bless our men and strengthen our marriages. God gives wives tremendous power to set the emotional and spiritual thermostat in our homes.

For Years, I Desperately Wanted My Husband to Change

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He Left Dirty Socks on the Floor and the Toilet Seat Up…

Would she lose her temper with her husband that morning or choose a different path?

Encourage Your Husband to Value Your Influence

We don’t get to control our men, but we can learn to use our godly influence to encourage our husbands and inspire them.

Husbands Do Need to Hear the Gospel

Someone brought up a really important point on yesterday’s post about winning a husband without a word,┬áthat unbelieving husbands do need to hear the gospel – particularly if they haven’t heard it. All people need this! I don’t intend to say otherwise. And yet, 1 Peter 3:1-2 instructs wives of unbelieving husbands to “win them… Continue reading Husbands Do Need to Hear the Gospel

Influencing an Unbelieving Husband for Christ

Photo by Eye for Ebony on Unsplash For a lot of men, “words are cheap.” There is something infinitely more powerful to husbands than a wife’s words about God and spiritual things. The thing that may pique a husband’s appetite for Christ is when he sees his wife live out a godly example and strong… Continue reading Influencing an Unbelieving Husband for Christ