11 Ways to Support Your Husband During This Crisis

Obviously, this is an extremely stressful time for everyone around the world. There is the health risk of people getting sick and the worry about if everyone will be safe. There is the economic crisis that may be as terrible or even worse than the illness.

There is stress for those who have lost or may lose their jobs. There is stress for those who are working and putting themselves in harm’s way to help the rest of us stay safe. There is the unknown about the future.

It’s a difficult time. To say the least.

But for many men, I think a crisis like this may carry extra emotional and spiritual weight. (Women carry many similar burdens in times like this, as well, of course, and we could use extra encouragement, too.)

Men long to be heroes. The ones who can provide for their families. The ones who can protect their loved ones from harm. The ones who save the day.

Your husband may also have the added weight of trying to keep his businesses alive and wanting to protect and provide for his employees, as well.

Men tend to base their identities on their careers, competency at work, and strength to take good care of those they love or are responsible for.

A global pandemic and economic downturn can make it really difficult for our husbands to be able to protect and provide for us and our children. This can lead to a great deal of emotional and spiritual stress for the men we love. There are a lot of things that are beyond any one person’s control.

The good thing is, we may all be willing to turn more to God as we realize that we don’t have control over much. This can be a time of great spiritual growth and strengthening.

Another piece of good news is that we, as believing women, have an incredible amount of power to uplift, encourage, inspire, and bless our husbands in such a time as this.

11 Ways to Bless Your Husband During This Crisis

  1. Trust God and allow His peace to fill you. Take care of yourself spiritually. Go to God, the Bible, prayer, and take time to sing praises to God. When you freak out, you add exponentially to your husband’s stress. Your supernatural peace from God is calming and stabilizing for your husband, as well. When you don’t panic, it is easier for your husband to think clearly and to lead the family in wise ways.
  2. Let go of the things that don’t really matter. The way the dishes go in the dishwasher, whether the beds are made, the dirty socks on the floor… these things are just not very pressing right now. (They really weren’t before either.) Keep your eyes on the really big things like loving God and loving other people, the stuff that will matter when this life is over. The way we treat each other is more important than all these little issues that we sometimes get hung up on.
  3. Try to be aware of his needs during stressful times. Some men need extra time alone to think through things, to pray, and to figure out a wise direction. Others need extra physical affection. Some husbands may feel energized by a shoulder rub or extra intimacy with you. Or you may decide to make some of your husband’s favorite meals or treats. If he is working from home, perhaps you can carve out a little sanctuary for him and encourage the children to respect Daddy’s space when he is working to try to make things as easy as possible for him.
  4. Stop all unnecessary spending immediately. If your husband is feeling very stressed about finances, you can help boost his morale by understanding the pressure he is feeling and limiting your purchases to things that your family needs. Perhaps you can decide on a budget together. Let your husband know that you are a team, you are in this together, and you will do everything you can to help the family pull through this time.
  5. Be a safe place for him emotionally. What he really needs right now is to know that being with you is the safest place for him in the world. He may need a sounding board or someone to listen to his concerns or ideas. He needs to know that you won’t verbally or physically attack him. He needs to see that you aren’t going to blame him for this global catastrophe. He needs to know he can share things with you and that you will not violate his trust. He needs to see that you won’t yell, cuss, criticize, condemn, or humiliate him.
  6. Be ready to extend grace. This is a very stressful time. Sometimes people get irritable when they are under duress. It’s fine to say, “Ouch,” or “That hurt,” if he says something that stings. But sometimes, it may not be necessary to say anything. Don’t take his stress personally. For some husbands, if they begin to get irritated, they need space. Others may respond to a hug. Try to look past the lashing out to see the pain in his heart. And to understand that maybe he is feeling helpless and powerless. Perhaps God may prompt you with an encouraging message to let your husband know you trust God and you trust your husband to figure all of this stuff out. If he sins against you, you may need to address it in a way that honors the Lord (Matt. 7:1-5, Matt. 18:15-17). (Of course, this doesn’t mean it is okay for him to scream at you, emotionally abuse you, or physically abuse you. If you are not safe, please reach out for trusted, experienced help in your area.)
  7. Have a cooperative spirit. God calls husbands to lead. Not to be tyrants, but to be humble, self-sacrificing, loving leaders for their families. They are to represent Christ to their wives and children. God also calls wives to represent the Church’s relationship with Christ by honoring their husbands’ leadership. Leading during a crisis is especially difficult, but it is more necessary than ever! Instead of arguing with your husband when he asks you to do something or he comes up with a plan, try to be open and receptive to his ideas (unless he is asking you to clearly sin against God.) If he talks about wanting to try to downsize the house or about a possible way for him to bring in more income, try to be open-minded. If he thinks of a way to minister to others, look into the possibilities. Give your husband room to lead and try not to crush his ideas. Take time to prayerfully consider them and try to show your support and appreciation for his leadership. Use your influence authority wisely to bless him and honor God.
  8. Treat your husband with respect and honor. Husbands thrive on respect the way that wives thrive on love. Speak to him with a friendly, positive tone of voice. Smile at him. Share your ideas, needs, and wants in polite, respectful ways. Avoid being demanding, needy, clingy, or controlling. Lecturing, nagging, and preaching won’t endear you to your husband. Seek to be patient. Assume the best of him, not the worst. Try to put yourself in his shoes and try to understand his very different masculine perspective and his unique personality. The fact that you are different is a good thing. It makes your marriage stronger, if you can embrace it. Look for the good in him and appreciate his strengths. Teach your children to respect their dad (and their mom). And remember that the way you show honor and respect to their dad is the way they will learn to treat you and other authority figures in their life. So set a beautiful example for them to follow! Also keep in mind that for him to value your respect, you need to be a woman who respects the Lord and herself, as well. (Respecting him doesn’t mean you ignore sin or respect sin. And it doesn’t mean he is equal to or greater than God. Please search my blog for “respect” and “disrespect” for more info.)
  9. Avoid idolizing your husband. Don’t expect your husband to be responsible for your spiritual and emotional wellbeing. That is your job. Honestly, only Christ can meet the deepest needs of our hearts for ultimate security, identity, and purpose. And he is responsible for his spiritual and emotional wellbeing. You can’t change him, control him, or make him happy. He can’t change, control, or make you happy either. We can influence each other. But we are each responsible for ourselves. We are also responsible for how we treat others. Use this time to address any dysfunctional ways of thinking in your life and to allow the Lord to heal you so you can be the woman, wife, and mom He calls you to be.
  10. Pray for your husband. Everyone needs extra prayer right now, but especially our leaders in government, in the church, in business, in the schools, and in our families. Ask God to give your husband an extra measure of wisdom. Pray for God’s blessings and favor on your husband and for God’s greatest glory in his life. Invite God to do miracles to provide for and protect your family. If your husband is open to it, pray with him, too.
  11. Enjoy him. Make the most of this time. If everyone is healthy, have fun. Make wonderful memories together. Be available to him as much as you can. Dance together in the kitchen. Cuddle on the couch. Enjoy meals together at the table. Go for walks together if you are able to still go outside. Enjoy his sense of humor. Appreciate how handsome he is. Thank him for the little things he does to make your life better. Make sure he knows you value him and you are so glad to get to share life with him. Each day is a precious, priceless gift. See this time as an adventure that could hold many blessings. Even if you face illness, make the most of your time together. Take good care of each other. Think of yourselves as a team.

An excellent wife who can find? She is far more precious than jewels. The heart of her husband trusts in her, and he will have no lack of gain. She does him good, and not harm, all the days of her life.

Prov. 31:10

A healthy marriage has love and respect flowing in both directions.

Wives can also benefit when husbands do many of these things. Although, we tend to need love and godly leadership more than respect. And husbands tend to need respect and a cooperative spirit more than love. The ideal is that we would have plenty of love and respect all around.

Wives tend to automatically love their husbands. Sometimes we need a little help with the respect part. Husbands tend to automatically respect their wives, sometimes they have a bit more of a learning curve on the love side.

I believe that is why God’s Word says what it does about husbands loving their wives and wives respecting their husbands to help us focus in the areas where we tend to be weaker in Eph. 5:22-33.

We have an incredible opportunity to shine for Christ in our homes during this time and to many others around us. God wants our marriages to be living displays of the gospel. May the Lord be greatly glorified in our lives today and in the coming months.


What are some ways you have found that you can bless your husband in stressful seasons?

How are you doing with the stress during this time? Let’s pray for one another!


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  1. An excellent summation of the crisis and what it can do to marriages, a timely reminder and great guide (for everyone, not just Christians). With love and appreciation from your agnostic Jewish follower in New York.

    1. Cassandra,

      Hey, there! It’s great to hear from you. You are always most welcome here.

      How are y’all doing in NY? I hope your family is well.

      Sending you a huge hug!

      1. You are so kind, April. We are quarantined at home but so much more comfortable and fortunate than many in our city. My husband has not only me but four teen daughters to contend with; paradoxically this experience is helping us all become more considerate and respectful.

        Now I have to go apologize for the way I reacted yesterday to something my husband said (prompted by your essay’s wise counsel). Many, many thanks!

        1. Cassandra,

          I’m so glad to hear that you and your family are doing well. That is a very high estrogen:testosterone ratio! Wow! Are you able to get outside at all, or is everyone inside now 24/7?

          This is an incredible opportunity to demonstrate respect and healthy relationship skills to your daughters and to set an example of handling a crisis with love, grace, and honor.

          I’m so proud of you! I hope your talk will help the weekend be much more enjoyable for everyone.

          Praying for you all.

          Much love! <3

  2. Hi April,
    I was losing it with stress earlier this week – tense, unable to sleep, depressed, stressed – and it put a lot of pressure on my husband, my son and my parents.

    What I did the last two nights was to listen to scripture (using the NIV live app) until I fell asleep. It gave me a peace that I couldn’t even get from prayer. Unlike the scary news these days, the Word of God is all good news. I’ll depend on reading and/or listening to the Bible every day until this calamity passes by.

    If we keep ourselves at peace, our families will feel at peace too.

    Lots of love,

    1. Nikki,

      I love that! Every time you feel stressed and then you turn to the Word of God, it provides supernatural peace. So precious!

      Yes, whatever we are full of spills over onto those around us and influences them in powerful ways.

      Much love!

  3. Hey April! Thank you for ur encouraging post! My husband is a first responder and I work at a hospital and stress has definitely gone up in our household During this time. I’ve been praying for ways to bless him so your article was super timely.

    I wanted to get your thoughts on how to not take on the stress and anxiety of others during this time? With a background of enmeshment I tend to feel the emotions of others a lot and take them on, not just with my husband, but with coworkers and friends. Which is challenging right now because everybody is super anxious. So I wanted to see if you had any ideas on that.

    Praying you and your family stay well!

    1. Sara,

      Thank you and your husband for what you are both doing on the front lines of this pandemic. I can’t begin to imagine how crazy things are. Praying for God’s protection, wisdom, comfort, and strength for you both and all the others who are taking care of those who are sick and hurting.

      I actually have a tendency toward the same thing. I was definitely enmeshed with my twin sister and with my husband for many years. So I do have some resources that may be a blessing!

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  4. The article on encouraging you husband is timely. We are retired, have been married 54 years, and are alone in our house. We are usually so busy with others that we are using this time to get little things done around the house. Our church family is so good about shopping and doing errands for us, we have little to be stressed about. Our prayer times have been great together. Praying with your husband is also a great stress reliever. God bless you.

    1. Elizabeth L Camp,

      It is so wonderful to hear from you! Thank you for sharing a bit of your story. Congratulations on 54 years! That is AWESOME! What a blessing to have such an attentive, loving church family. Thank you for mentioning praying together. That is one of the most beautiful, powerful things a couple can do, if they are both up for it.

      May God richly bless you and your husband and may you be able to enjoy these precious times together.

      Much love!

  5. I really enjoy reading your blogs. I agree with your advice for wives and have done the things that you have mentioned. Our entire marriage has been a blessing ever since I have found respect and honor for my husband. It really works when we are genuine, and it takes lot of faith and trust in the Lord to do our own part. During these uncertain times, my husband’s business has had to close for the most part, so being a joyful wife who isn’t worrisome is how I’ve helped to encourage husband. He knows that ultimately, my trust is in the Lord. Our trust in God is above all things that are out of our control right now. I also trust my husband’s leadership and know that his decisions are wise. We will come out of this better than before! God bless you and your family.

    1. jennieremyministries,

      That is so beautiful! I’m so thankful to hear what a blessing this knowledge has been for you and your husband as you have put God’s Word into practice. And I am so thankful to hear that you are trusting God and being such a blessing to your husband in these difficult times. Praying for God’s provision, protection, and glory for you both in your marriage and in your business!

      1. Thank you so much. God bless you and your family as well. I will be following along with your blog posts. So far, I identify with yours the most and I enjoy reading them.

    1. grandmabethblog – I am sure it is much more difficult for so many people who are in extremely difficult family situations. How may we pray for and support you?


  6. As a guy, my unemployment of ’09 to ’17 was the most disrespectful and difficult time of our 35 years of marriage. Right in the middle of menopause. it was like the perfect storm crashing in the middle.

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