A Fond Farewell to My Readers

The time has come for me to say goodbye. (At least for now.) I’d love to hear from you and give you a chance to share. Blessings!

Does Being A Christian Wife Mean You Can’t Talk?

Some people teach that Christian wives are to be silent all the time. Is that really what the Bible says?

If a Woman Rejects a Man’s Marriage Proposal…

It’s exciting when a young woman accepts the marriage proposal of her beloved. But what if she rejects him? What can she expect to happen next?

How to Overcome Differences in Marriage

Every marriage has irreconcilable differences to some degree. The secret is – how you handle those differences.

What If Christmas Isn’t Perfect This Year?

Worried that your well-laid plans for Christmas won’t work out? What if God has something even better in mind for the long-run?

20 Key Qualities of a Prudent Woman

The Bible talks about being a prudent wife but what does it mean to be a prudent woman and how can we do this, with God’s help, even today?

How I Began to Grow Close to the Lord

Not sure where to start on your faith journey? Maybe these ideas could be a blessing to you as they were to me.

Why the Church Is “The Bride of Christ”

If you have never learned about Jewish marriage customs you are seriously missing out on understanding Jesus’ love and care for you. This one is a must-read that will leave you feeling inspired and greatly encouraged in the Lord.

When Your Husband Is Exhausted

If your husband just wants to go to bed and has no energy but you wish you could enjoy some time together, what can you do? Is there a healthy way to approach him?

5 Baby Steps to Grow As a Christian Wife

Need some action steps to help you get started with growing as a Christian wife? Here are 5 tips that were a huge blessing to me on my journey.