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“Are Particular Sexual Activities Wrong in Marriage?”

ABOUT MY APPROACH TO THIS POST: I haven’t stated my personal convictions about specific sexual activities in marriage for a variety of reasons. One reason is that last year, God convicted me that Romans 14 admonishes believers to keep our personal convictions about “disputable matters” private. The sharing of personal convictions tends to cause a […]

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My Primary Goal As a Wife Has to Be This One Thing

Reminder – I have a conference in Eaton, Ohio February 25th and a conference in Columbia, South Carolina March 24th-25th. You are most welcome to come! Marriage meets many needs and fulfills a number of purposes in our lives, in our families, the church, and in society. A healthy marriage: Brings stability to society. Teaches […]

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When You Are the Primary or Sole Breadwinner As a Wife

This is, admittedly, a very tough dynamic sometimes. It feels “backwards” to many couples, even those who are not believers in Christ. Yes, even in our modern era. The challenges can be surprising. We think we are “past” all of the old traditional marriage dynamics because we are so hip and progressive in our culture. […]

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What Topics Would You Like to See?

Ladies, I’d love to hear from you! What topics have you read on my blog or watched on my Youtube channel, April Cassidy, that have been the most impactful, surprising, and/or helpful to you? What are some topics you would really like to see us discuss here in the future? Is there anything we have […]

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