I Married the Wrong Person!

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Do you ever think, “I married the wrong person”? You’re not alone if you do. So what do you do now?

A Wife Shares a New Perspective on Her Husband and Valentine’s Day

Watch how God changed this wife’s perception and perspective about Valentines Day, her husband, and his love for her.

This Could Destroy Our Homes and Nation

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We are falling for the same old deception—to turn on one another as enemies. Then we do the devil’s work for him.

When Your Husband Is Having a Bad Day


How can you respond in a healthy, godly way when your husband is in a funk?

Responding to a Husband’s Frequent Insults

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“What if a husband was raised being constantly put down and does the same to his wife?” How can a godly wife respond rightly?

When Your Husband Does Something You Don’t Like

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What is a Christian wife to do if your husband does something you don’t like and you want to address it?

How to Build a Steelman, Not a Strawman, During Your Next Disagreement

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Looking for a healthy way to work through a disagreement with your husband? Check out this amazing approach!

Resources for Wives with Angry Husbands

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Dear sisters, For dealing with an angry husband, I have several resources I would like to share that I hope might be a blessing. Of course, each situation is a bit different. It is tempting to respond to our husband’s anger with anger of our own. But it is much more productive and healthy for… Continue reading Resources for Wives with Angry Husbands

4 Approaches When You Think Your Husband Doesn’t Care

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In the last post, we talked about four primary reasons why your husband may seem to not care about you. It is critical that you can identify which of the four root causes is the issue in your marriage so that you can decide how to approach the issue wisely. It takes the discernment and… Continue reading 4 Approaches When You Think Your Husband Doesn’t Care

What If Your Husband Doesn’t Care about Your Feelings?

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What can you do if you believe your husband doesn’t care about how you feel, your happiness, and what you desire in your marriage?