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Join Me in Celebrating 8 Years of Blogging!

God opened my eyes to a lot of things I was unwittingly doing that sabotaged my relationship with Him and my marriage in December of 2008. I spent the next 3.5 years studying, praying, and reading over 30 books about what it meant to be a godly wife and woman. I stopped demanding that God […]

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Look Forward

Today let’s continue with the 4th step of the Peace Plan. You have made sure you are in right standing with Christ, with yourselves, and with others. Now you can have peace with your future—both on earth and in eternity. How can you possibly have peace with your future when there is so much turmoil […]

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Look Outward at Others in Divine New Ways

We have been unpacking the 4 Step Peace Plan for several posts. There is a summary at the bottom of the post. <3 (This post will make sense even if you haven’t read the others. So don’t worry about it if you haven’t read them yet. You can always go back later and read them.) […]

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Looking for an Online Church Service?

Maybe you are sick and can’t go to your church today. Maybe you don’t have a Bible-teaching church near you. Or maybe you’d just like to have additional spiritual nourishment during the week and want to find a service you can trust. I’d love to invite you to join me at my church! You can watch […]

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