This Could Destroy Our Homes and Nation

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We are falling for the same old deception—to turn on one another as enemies. Then we do the devil’s work for him.

Can My Husband Transfer His Authority to Me?

Photo by Min An from Pexels

If my husband doesn’t want to lead our family, can he just tell me to lead, instead?

When Your Husband Is Having a Bad Day

How can you respond in a healthy, godly way when your husband is in a funk?

10 Reasons a Husband May Decide Not to Lead

Photo by VisionPic .net from Pexels

Are you tired of your husband not leading like you know he should? Maybe there is something deeper going on.

Responding to a Husband’s Frequent Insults

Photo by Sayan Ghosh on Unsplash

“What if a husband was raised being constantly put down and does the same to his wife?” How can a godly wife respond rightly?

“Why Am I Struggling So Much?” – A Guest Post


When our emotions are churning and we feel upset, what can we do?

Is It Ever OK to Interrupt Someone?

Do I tend to interrupt my husband or other people often? If so, maybe this is something I need to reconsider.

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