WorthyofLove Finally “Gets” Her Husband’s Text Messages

TODAY’S GUEST POST: Sometimes, our husbands don’t share that they are feeling disrespected or that we are sinning against them and we have no idea we have contributed to the problems in our marriages. But other times, they truly do clearly try to explain that they feel unloved, mistreated, and disrespected – and we just don’t hear… Continue reading WorthyofLove Finally “Gets” Her Husband’s Text Messages

Encouragement for Those Who Are "in the Trenches"

Encouragement for Christian wives who are facing difficult, discouraging situations.

Even Once My Marriage Is Healed – I Still Can’t Go Back to My Old Ways

“Once my marriage is healed, I can have all my old expectations again, right?” No, I need to have a new perspective and not go back to my old self-destructive mindset.

A Wife Begs God to Help Her Tame Her Tongue

This wife needed a lot of help, so she asked God to help her tame her tongue. Check out what happened next!

When “Submit” Feels Like a Dirty Word – by Shannon Popkin

God calls wives to honor their husbands’ appropriate leadership to bless us, our husbands, our marriages, and our children. What does it mean to submit? It’s not 50 Shades of Gray. It’s not slavery. Check out Shannon’s story!

"Placing My Higher Sexual Appetite under God’s Control" – a guest post

What can a Christian wife do with a higher sexual appetite than her husband has? Check out the way God worked in this wife’s heart and mind to bless her.

Handling Political Disagreements Respectfully

There are plenty of couples who do agree about politics and who can have conversations about these topics without any problem. And there are those who disagree but are able to respect the views of the other spouse (and other people) and speak about their opposing views without contention. However, there are some couples who… Continue reading Handling Political Disagreements Respectfully