“My Husband Wanted a Divorce” – by LMS

This wife was on a vacation when she says she suddenly found out, “my husband wanted a divorce.” Follow her story as God opened her eyes that week and began to work powerfully in her life.

Responding to Insults, Criticisms, and Rebukes

Insults, criticisms, and rebukes can be really painful! But – they often do help me to grow spiritually as God uses them to prune and refine me. I don’t have to be afraid of them – even if they are a bit unpleasant at first. Let’s define the difference between these 3 concepts. All three… Continue reading Responding to Insults, Criticisms, and Rebukes

"I Wanted So Much to Respect My Husband – but I Just Couldn't"

Do you think, “I want to respect my husband and treat him well!” But then, in the moment, you treat him like an enemy? This post may be a blessing to you!

My Husband Said, “You Worry Too Much!”

Do others think you worry too much? Do you want to stop? Check out the things I have learned that may bless you, too.

Measuring Intimacy

(NOTE – This post is not for wives experiencing severe issues in their marriages – like infidelity, a very controlling husband, an abusive husband, a husband who is not in his right mind due to mental illness/drug abuse/alcohol abuse, etc… If you are in such a┬ásituation, please seek appropriate one-on-one help and godly counsel.) I… Continue reading Measuring Intimacy

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