These “Why” Questions Can Hurt Your Marriage

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Communication is important but some questions can feel off-putting, smothering, or controlling. Just a simple change in wording can make all the difference!

What a Trial Reveals – by Nneka Ruiz Montalvo

My Story I used to be a very angry and unforgiving person. I believed that I became that way because of trials I experienced as a teenager. However, I now know that I became that way because anger and unforgiveness were already in my heart. My trials only brought those sins to the surface. When… Continue reading What a Trial Reveals – by Nneka Ruiz Montalvo

Does Your Husband Want Reminders?

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Does your husband get frustrated when you remind him to do things frequently? Here are some ideas to try, instead!

How I Met My Husband (5 min. VIDEO)

A recent picture of the parking lot where Greg and I met.

Someone asked this week about how Greg and I met. It’s a fun story, so I thought I’d share.

A Taste of “Comparison Girl” by Shannon Popkin

When we compare ourselves to others, we miss out on God’s greatest blessings! Find out how to stop measuring yourself against others and let God help you pour yourself out for Him.

What Does Your Husband Think of Your Smile?

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Your smile is one of your greatest gifts. Have you ever asked your man what he thinks about your smile? Could be very interesting!

Why I Handed the Finances Over to My Husband

Photo by Adeolu Eletu on Unsplash

Want a little sneak peek into how we handle our finances? This is our method. What works for you?

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