A Taste of “Comparison Girl” by Shannon Popkin

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I’m a huge Shannon Popkin fan. She wrote, Control Girl, a few years ago which is right up the same alley as a lot of the things God has shown me about control and giving it up to trust Him, instead.

Comparison Girl

She has a new book out now called, Comparison Girl, and I am SUPER excited about it. She has such a warm, vulnerable, friendly style. And her stories! They really drive truths of scripture home in ways that are easy to digest and humble—even fun. She points us to Jesus and that is what I love most about her.

Comparison Girl addresses the issue of envy, jealousy, and trying to measure up to others. Ultimately, it’s about my pride. That is one sneaky sin right there. It’s easy not to see it in myself. But boy does it look awful on other people, right?

Unfortunately, it is just as ugly in my heart, as well. It’s all gotta go!

One of my favorite quotes:

Pride clothes are impressive from a distance, but when I wear them, I feel prickly, which tends to make me keep my distance and constantly check the mirror. And I tempt my friends to do the same—which puts all of us in danger out there alone. There’s an enemy prowling around and roaring in our ears, and we are safest together. SO I need to strip myself of pride and get dressed in the warm, soft, beautiful layers of humility, which is the perfect attire for cozy fellowship. pg. 44

Shannon has such a gentle, beautiful way of sharing convicting truths that give life. It does hurt to see my pride exposed, but it is a gift to see it so I can ask God to help me tear it out. It’s such toxic stuff. She exposes it and then doesn’t leave us there in guilt or shame but shows us the narrow path the Bible provides for us in real-life, tangible ways.

It’s so much better to give it up and embrace humility, not seeking to impress others or exalt myself but to honor Jesus and exalt Him alone. It’s a win for the Body of Christ, for Jesus, and even for me!

Another powerful little tidbit:

Why Comparison Feeds Pride:

  • Envious pride says, “I wish I was great like her.”
  • Jealous pride says, “I’m angry because she is great.”
  • Haughty pride says, “I’m so happy that I’m great.”
  • Insecure pride says, “I’m ashamed because I’m not great.”

There are countless areas where we may get into the whole comparison game. Shannon addresses the biggest ones like comparing sin, wealth, beauty, ministries, and status.

Shannon invites us all to stop looking at how much is in our measuring cups in life and trying to compare ourselves to others, favorably or unfavorably. Either way just leads to pride. She calls us to pour ourselves out for Jesus and for others. Then we can’t measure what we have in our cups, but we can have real fellowship with others and the Lord. That’s the real treasure!

I love this book and believe it would be an incredible blessing to any woman and also to teen girls.

Shannon’s site


Do you struggle with comparing yourself to others? What wisdom has God taught you about this?

Have you read the book? Would you like to share your thoughts?

Much love!


  1. April this was very very good! I don’t know why so many struggle with it, I am grateful to God that I stay in my own lane; always have. I tell many often it doesn’t cost me anything to just be me:) Thanks for sharing Shannon’s blog/book and info with us! Have a blessed day!

    1. Valandria LaTrice Mays,

      Funny how we each have our own sinful tendencies. Certain types of comparing aren’t very tempting to me. But other types can be. I’m glad you have the beautiful attitude you do!

      Thanks for sharing.

      Much love!

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