What Does Your Husband Think of Your Smile?

Try asking your husband about your smile sometime in the next day or two.

If you think he is open to it, ask one or more of these questions about the impact of your smile in his world:

  • What does he think about when you smile?
  • How does his mood change?
  • How does he feel about you when you smile?
  • What did he notice about you when he first fell in love with you?


I’m doing a little research on the impact of a wife’s smile on her husband. If it is okay with your guy, share his answer with us here in the comments or privately on my contact page on my blog for me to use anonymously.

I may even share his quote/your quote in a special project I am working on for the future if I have your permission.

The Smile Challenge:

For the next 3 days…

  1. Smile at yourself with your biggest smile in the mirror at least 2 times per day.
  2. Smile brightly at your husband every time you enter a room where he is.
  3. Smile while you listen to him talk and smile while you talk to him, yes, even if it is over the phone.

This challenge can help you harness the power of your smile and be more conscious about your facial expressions with your husband. Smiles are amazing. They help increase our emotional bond in marriage. They make us look more attractive.

You know what else? Smiles are contagious. People love to be around those who smile. Our own smiles even make us feel good.

Smiles lower blood pressure, improve our immune system function, and make us feel less stressed. They do the same thing for the people we smile at, too. What a precious gift!

Much love! <3

A cheerful heart is good medicine.

Prov. 17:22


Please share any feedback you got from your husband about your smile in the comments and feel free to share that you are joining the smile challenge this week.

Also, if you have noticed something amazing happening when you smile at your husband, we’d love to hear about that, too!


  1. How do you smile when he is always angry? When he says doing things like this is just manipulation? 🙁

    1. Caroline,

      Goodness. If the anger is that intense and that constant, you may not be able to have a conversation like this with him right now. Are you okay? Do you need to find a godly counselor who can help you navigate this?

      Much love, dear sister!

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