The 7-Day Encouragement Challenge

How can you make an impact on those in your circle this week in a beautiful way? Check out these ideas!

The Strength of Gentleness

Does gentleness mark my interactions with my husband and others? How can I grow in this beautiful virtue?

What Does Your Husband Think of Your Smile?

Your smile is one of your greatest gifts. Have you ever asked your man what he thinks about your smile? Could be very interesting!

Good Manners Weekend

Want to do something nurturing for your marriage this weekend? Try polishing up your best manners!

The Servant’s Heart Marriage Challenge

Let’s encourage each other to serve our husbands in love.

Marriage Challenge: Take Your Husband’s Advice Seriously

What blessings might you be missing out on if you ignore your husband’s wisdom?

Weekend Marriage Challenge: Believe Your Husband

Do you tend to try to read into things your husband says instead of taking his words at face value? Do you make a lot of assumptions about what he means that lead you into a negative-thought-spiral? If so, this challenge may be for you!