The 7-Day Encouragement Challenge

  • Day 1: Encourage your husband.
  • Day 2: Encourage your children.
  • Day 3: Encourage a neighbor.
  • Day 4: Encourage a friend.
  • Day 5: Encourage a church member/believer.
  • Day 6: Encourage a stranger.
  • Day 7: Encourage an unbeliever.

I believe just about everyone could use some encouragement these days.

I’d like to challenge us all to do the following for the next week:

1. Each day, pray about a way you can encourage the person (people) on the list in person, via snail mail/text/email, on the phone, or via delivery.

  • Share an inspiring verse.
  • Share something you admire, respect about this person.
  • Share something you are thankful for about them.
  • Make them a gift or card.
  • Make a favorite treat, meal, or snack.
  • Smile at them.
  • Check on them to see how they are doing.
  • Let them know they are important to you.
  • Set aside time to chat and be sure to talk about things they like to talk about.
  • Consider an act of service or kindness you could do for them.
  • Offer a listening ear.
  • With close family members, offer a hug and affection, if they would appreciate that.
  • With someone who doesn’t know the Lord, pray about sharing the hope of the Gospel with them.
  • Share something wholesome to lift their spirits and bring a smile to their face.

You are welcome to share more ideas in the comments, sweet sisters!

2. Pray for the one(s) you want to encourage.

  • Ask God to move mightily in their lives for His glory.
  • Invite God to protect them from evil and temptation.
  • Pray for Him to bless them richly in Christ.

3. Invite God to love others through you, giving you His mind, His heart, and His eyes.

Invite Him to use your mouth, hands, and feet to be a blessing.

The Little Things Are a Big Deal

It’s so easy to think we need to do big things to make a difference in God’s kingdom.
But these little acts of kindness, thoughtfulness, and love ARE big things, dear sisters!
They are worth our time and investment. These little things, done in a Spirit of love, bring eternal reward and blessing.

Extra Challenge:

If you want to extend this challenge, you could also add a few more categories like:

  1. Encourage your pastor and his wife.
  2. Encourage a political leader in your area.
  3. Encourage a teacher.
  4. Encourage someone in the medical profession.
  5. Encourage someone in the military or law enforcement.
  6. Encourage a national political leader.
  7. Encourage someone who is involved in ministry to the poor.
  8. Encourage an extended family member.

Pray with Me:


We invite You to show us opportunities for us to share Your love with others. We don’t want to do this for ourselves or in our own strength. Please help us to empty ourselves of self and allow You to fill and empower us to love others with Your powerful, mighty, consuming love.
Please let us shine brightly for You in this world. Be greatly glorified in us. We want to bring joy to Your heart!



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