“My Attachment to Stuff Stressed Me Out!”

Martha from Scotland has graciously allowed me to share her story with you. I pray it will be a blessing!

A strange thing happened. I was telling my husband that I was seriously stressed and agitated with untidyness and clutter and I was taking it out on my family by nagging them, being unpleasant, impatient, and sometimes— downright rude.

I couldn’t cope with the constant clutter and “random stuff” everywhere!

Yesterday a video popped up on YouTube as I was checking my news sources called “Minimal Mom.” (Note from April: I have not watched this channel myself. Please use your own discernment if you choose to do so.) This lovely young woman—who actually turned out to be a Christian— has a channel to help people simplify, declutter, and minimise chaos by managing all the stuff!

It was like the scales fell from my eyes!

A major source of stress was thinking I needed “stuff,” couldn’t part with “stuff,” and my deep emotional attachment to “stuff.” So weird and I never realized it.

I started going through my kitchen and saw 4 mixing bowls of different sizes when I only ever use one. 3 measuring jugs when I only ever use one. Tons of storage containers and lids which the rest of the family don’t know how to find the lids to go with the container. Random store cupboard and fridge and freezer so that only ‘I’ can put away the shopping.

The worst source of stress: random paperwork over spilling from the tray and bits and pieces tucked in on books in the bookcase.

The first thing I learned was to have a paperwork tray of items needing dealt with and another for things that can wait indefinitely. I recycled over half my containers and stored the rest with the lids on. Organised my food cupboards and fridge systematically so that everyone can know where to put stuff and find it.

Honestly – it is revolutionizing my home space and my head space.

I used to always have a list of “stuff” I needed and the stuff was more important than my family.

This is going to make a very big difference. It doesn’t seem spiritual – and yet it is! Because people are going to be more important than stuff and I won’t have an uncontrollable mound of stuff to organise.

It was almost like a sickness—controlling stuff. Letting go of it is life-changing.

From Peaceful Wife

I’m so excited about this wife’s eye-opening experience. It is easy to put things above people or even above God in our hearts. It’s a form of idolatry. And it leads to misery for us and for our relationships.

Sometimes we get things backwards thinking we should love stuff and use people.

That’s not God’s design!

We are to love God above all. Then love people. And use stuff.

Praying we might all discover this freedom from the tyranny of things and wanting to hang on to things for a sense of security. The things of this world are passing away. Only the Lord and people will last forever.

Much love!


Have you had a lightbulb moment about your relationship with things that you would like to share?

We’d love to hear about it in the comments!


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  1. I have been decluttering my home to make keeping a tidier house (which is more of a priority for my husband) easier. I’ve found the Minimal Mom helpful and have been using her tips to ensure everything has a place and only keeping what I use. I hope this will be a blessing to my family.

  2. I recently found “The Minimal Mom” YouTube channel and it has helped me get rid of a lot of stuff. I now have more time for my family.

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