Daddy Loved to Take Me on Big Adventures

I’ve always been a big Daddy’s girl. Any time my amazing Daddy said, “April, do you want to go with me to do ________?” I always jumped up to say, “Yes, Daddy!” running to grab his hand with the biggest smile on my face.

I didn’t care where we went—the hardware store, the archery shop, the bowhunting club, on a walk, hunting, to work on the car in the driveway, under the house to work on plumbing—as long as I got to spend time with my Daddy, I was thrilled!

Daddy was bigger than life to me when I was little. He was strong, fun, and full of life—and still is! He was a nuclear engineer, the chairman of deacons at our church, a former Eagle Scout, and a former lifeguard, and an Advanced Red Cross First Aid volunteer in the ambulance when he was in high school.

He seemed to know everything about everything in the universe. We talked and talked. I felt so loved and special to my father in those moments and soaked them all in.

I held the flashlight for him. He taught me all kinds of things. I learned to change oil and car tires. We met interesting people. I loved it!

Sometimes, something would come up that my Daddy hadn’t totally planned on that was challenging. For example, we were on vacation with our family in West Virginia, and he decided we would take “the scenic route,” on a one-way dirt road up the mountain.

He said, with much excitement, “Let’s go on an ADVENTURE!”

I had no idea what would happen next. Sometimes, my Daddy didn’t either. But I trusted that he would get us through it safely. Even if things got a bit dicey, at times.

Yes, it was a bit scary that we were on a narrow dirt road driving through some creeks. And yes, it was disconcerting when we came face-to-face with another vehicle and Daddy had to back up for a long way so they could pass. But we made it!

And we saw the most spectacular view at the top of the mountain under a big fire tower. It’s something I still remember almost forty years later.

He always brought us safely through the adventures in life and we had exciting stories to share of those times.

My Heavenly Daddy

Over the past two months, I could hear the Lord saying to me about this coming year, “April, are you ready for an ADVENTURE?”

And I can just picture myself smiling brightly and saying, “Yes, Daddy” as I run to grab His hand.

My heavenly Daddy knows exactly what will happen and how to lead me through. Even if things look scary, He’s got it all under control. Being able to be in each moment with Him is the greatest blessing. Listening and learning from Him fills me with Life and restores my soul.

If I am with my Heavenly Daddy, I don’t have to worry. I don’t have to be afraid. I can look at whatever new day comes my way with a spirit of adventure and excitement, ready to see what He has in store and all the good He will bring from each moment. He’s got me in His loving hands.

For you did not receive the spirit of slavery to fall back into fear, but you have received the Spirit of adoption as sons, by whom we cry, “Abba! (Daddy) Father!”

Rom. 8:15


  1. April, I just want to say thank you for you and for all your encouragement, your prayer encouragement, your content – I have found gems in watching your blogs and YouTube. Thank you! Stand strong! sending lots of love from South Africa

    1. Janine Cameron,

      What an answer to my prayers that the Lord has used these things to bless you. Thank you for sharing.

      Much love and a big hug to you from the USA!

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