My Morning Quiet Time Process

Open Bible, coffee mug, stack of paper on a dining room table for quiet time

Here’s what I do to seek the Lord more deeply. Maybe it will inspire you, too! If you have found other ways that work for you, I hope you’ll share them in the comments. ????????????

General Prayer Time Approach

Every morning while everyone else is still in bed, I try to spend time alone with the Lord. I have found I tend to need at least 30 minutes but do better with an hour. I often have coffee, if my tummy is up to it, and breakfast during this time. It is the most sacred time of day to me.

Just God and me welcoming the day. I can watch the sunrise through the dining room window. It’s just the best!

When I am going through a lot of trials, testing, refining, or facing new fears, I tend to need more time with God.I have always been big on writing and journaling.

I love to write my prayers by hand in a looseleaf journal, spiral notebook, or just a big stack of computer printer paper. I go through a LOT of pages quickly so this tends to be the most economical route for me.

My Process for Reading the Bible Daily

Sometimes, I go straight through the entire Bible or the Old or New Testament. Sometimes I choose a book at a time and alternate between the Old and New Testaments.

Other times, if I am facing a particular issue, I go to a specific book that I know will be helpful. For example, if I am facing a lot of enemies or fears, I love to go to Psalms.

I also like to research topics sometimes and just look up every verse about a particular subject in a concordance or online at

My Prayer Time

1. I start with the date and often a verse about praising God for today.

2. Then I often write out attributes of God and parts of His character (in 4-5 columns to save space).

3. I like to write down lots of things I am thankful for, also in columns.

4. I invite God to show me any sin in my life and I confess it and turn from it, asking God to work in me to purify me and make me more like Jesus. If I notice sin during the day, sometimes I sneak away and journal my confession ASAP instead of waiting.

5. I write down my requests for myself, my faith, my spiritual growth, and any questions I have for God.

6. I write down all of my concerns, struggles, and prayer requests for the world, America, the church, my family, people I know, people who need Jesus, etc…

Bible Reading/Journalling

I try to read at least a chapter per day, although I like to do a lot more than that, if possible. As I read, I write down verses, passages, and sometimes even entire chapters that really stand out to me. I also highlight. And star. And underline in the Bible. A LOT.

Sometimes I write really special verses and put them where I can see them all day.

I seek to be open and receptive, inviting God to open my eyes to the incredible treasures in His Word.

Sometimes I go over the chapter or two chapters I read and wrote down the day before and rewrite things, especially in Psalms.

I seek to receive and obey anything God asks me to do in the passage.

And I try to read each passage as if it is written specifically for me, whenever applicable, absorbing the deep truths of Scripture for myself, personally. Remembering that this is God’s Word for me and His direction and wisdom for me.

I look at all of the promises of Scripture that could apply to believers in Christ as being God speaking directly to me.

If something seems confusing or convicting, I stay and hover on that spot and pray over it or research it more.

I write out prayers in the middle of writing down verses as truths jump out at me. I seek to yield myself completely to the Lord’s Word, His truth, His Spirit, and His leading.

How About You?

What does your quiet time with the Lord look like? Any wisdom or methods you’d like to share with us? ❤️


I have a pretty solid biblical background from the classes I took from childhood and in adulthood. If you need some help with theology or basic doctrine, check out Wayne Grudem’s podcasts of Systematic Theology, David Platt’s Secret Church series, or

When I first began my journey, I often listened to David Platt and Wayne Grudem while I drove or did chores. Got Questions is a great resource for all kinds of general and specific questions you may have about the Bible and Christianity. I find they tend to have pretty solid biblical responses, in most cases.

Of course, any time you listen to a person, realize they may make mistakes. Please always compare and test everything any person says to the Bible.


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  1. This really helpful. I also try to spend time with the Lord in the morning while the house is still quiet. And I agree that is the most precious time of my day. I don’t do all the things you mentioned, but I would like to try to incorporate them. So thank you for sharing this! <3

  2. Thanks April that’s helpful. One thing that has been brilliant for me is listening to the bible on audio. I usually set it for 15mins on timer as I go to sleep. It’s will cover a reading from OT, NT and maybe psalms and proverbs in that time. Not good for study but great to listen to the whole bible over time. I pick up things I’ve missed on reading as I read too fast.

    1. Mrs. Beth McLaughlin,
      That is a great idea! My kids fell asleep listening to Scripture for years. Our daughter listened to Ruth almost every night for 2 years. When I read from a different translation, she kept correcting me. She had practically the whole thing memorized.

      Yes, I love the approach of reading from the Old Testament, Psalms, and the New Testament each day.

      Thanks so much for sharing!

  3. Thanks again, Sister April! I love hearing about others’ quiet time with the Lord.
    I have a somewhat more boisterous time with Him. I have a room in my home dedicated to my art. I love going up there. While I read the Word in the mornings, I go up in the afternoon and turn on YouTube sermons after a bit of prayer and listen to pastors who are in the Word tell me more. It keeps me anchored. If I hear anything not fitting scripture I just move to the next sermon of a different pastor. Even when I hear something off, it strengthens me when I can check it against scripture.

    1. Happily gave up,

      I’m glad this was helpful. <3

      It is wonderful to listen to Bible-teaching pastors, too. I don't have much time to myself to do that these days, but when I used to commute to work, I often listened in the car.

      Much love!

  4. I have a space in the corner of our walk in closet. I keep a basket for my Bible, devotional book and note paper for writing prayer requests that I put on a bulletin board. I have a basket also for hymnals.
    I try to begin my quiet time with prayer and end with prayer. I love spending time with God and I just don’t function well if I don’t have that time with Him.

    1. Regina,

      That is awesome! A prayer closet. Love it.
      Thank you so much for sharing. I definitely need that time with the Lord as much as I need air, water, and food.

      Much love!

  5. Just found this so glad as I get up then don’t know what I should be doing. Thank you all as I will incorporate starting and ending with prayer as I may get distracted as the children rise and leave ‘mid conversation’
    Will start listening to an audio bible too as I get so distracted when reading.

    1. Karren,

      I’m so glad you have a plan. That is exciting! It can be difficult to make time for the Lord, especially when we have kids and distractions. Sometimes we have to get creative, I have some tips for busy moms in my book, The Peaceful Mom, to help us find ways to nourish our souls and faith even with kids.

      Can’t wait to see all that the Lord has in store for you!

      Much love,

  6. I loved reading everyone’s quiet time. It is encouraging and helpful. Sometimes in the morning I am in a lot of pain so I try and write my prayers down as well because it seems my brain is too focused on other things. Writing it down makes all the difference. I really love worshiping the Lord, so I’ll turn on some Paul Wilbur worship, or worship music from the Apostolic worship as it seems it is more directed to how sovereign the Lord is then a romantic lover worship. I sometimes forget to invite the Holy Spirit to move and guide me, so what you wrote April, was helpful to invite Him to show sin in any area of my life that needs some exposure. I haven’t tried listening to the bible yet, where does one go to find that and it being safe and not altered? Thanks!!

    1. I can’t believe I forgot to say this in my previous post — I go straight to your blog most of the time in the morning because there is SO much wisdom and verses that I haven’t read yet, that I spend a good chunk of time going through just one of your posts. I’m a highlighter, pen doodler, and journal fanatic in my Bible so when you have a scripture, I always go to find it in my Word not because I don’t believe you but because I LOVE to highlight, doodle, and write it all down and even sometimes He will lead me much further into that passage by either reading the whole chapter and/or reading the footnotes and getting absorbed by the rabbit hole of Word-carrots. I love the Word, total geek for it! Then usually I’ll find myself back on the same post hours or days later doing the same thing. I’m so grateful for all that you write on here because it is a fun (sometimes painful) Heaven Theme Park that I can’t stop going to for free! So thank you again 🙂 🙂

      1. ang17hay,

        I am THRILLED that you go to the Bible to look up the verses I mention. It is very wise to check scripture for ourselves to check what people say and to use the Word rightly as the foundation for our lives.

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