It’s Time for You to Become the Woman God Created You to Be!

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Sometimes, you just have to stop waiting on someone else to do something and take a path that requires great courage, yourself.

God’s Incredible Plan for You

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Sometimes God’s will for us seems mysterious and unsearchable. But it doesn’t have to be! Check out His amazing plan for you!

3 Secrets to Building Real-Life Romance in Your Marriage

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Hollywood style romance is fantasy, but there is a different kind of real-life romance that is actually possible in our marriages.

Does God Really Have One Specific “Soul Mate” for You?

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Is the soul mate concept biblical? And is it healthy for our marriages?

Do You Want to be the Greatest in God’s Eyes?

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If I want to be the greatest in God’s eyes in my marriage or in the church, what do I need to do?

Hey, there. I’m April!

Are you ready for genuine peace in your  marriage? Are you: Exhausted from trying so hard to make your marriage better? Frustrated that your husband isn’t being more loving and attentive to you? Resentful, hurt, and/or bitter toward your husband? Struggling with trying to fix your husband and get him to change? Battling a lot… Continue reading Hey, there. I’m April!

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