Prayers for Our Husbands

This is a follow-up to the weekend of prayer and fasting we shared the past few days. It’s not too late to join! You can participate with us at any time. Join Me in Spiritual Battle for Our Marriages, Families, and Nation(s) Join Me in Prayer and Fasting for These 6 Things Prayers for our… Continue reading Prayers for Our Husbands

Join Me in Prayer and Fasting This Weekend for 6 Things

I’d like to invite you to join me and other ladies on my blog, Facebook page, and Instagram to pray for several specific things this weekend. If you haven’t already prepared your heart, please read this post about repentance and spiritual warfare. As Christian Wives, Let’s Invite God to Do BIG, MIRACULOUS Things Together! Pray… Continue reading Join Me in Prayer and Fasting This Weekend for 6 Things

Join Me in Spiritual Battle for Our Marriages, Families, and Nation

Let’s come together to engage in spiritual battle for our husbands, children, marriages, families, and communities, ladies!

11 Ways to Honor Your Husband as a Dad

Photo by Rana Sawalha on Unsplash

More than anything else on Father’s Day and every day, your husband needs your support of his authority as a father.

Breaking Free from Subtle Idols in Our Hearts

We are much more prone to idolatry even in our advanced society than most of us realize. Thankfully, we don’t have to be slaves to our idols anymore!

Marriage Challenge: Take Your Husband’s Advice Seriously

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What blessings might you be missing out on if you ignore your husband’s wisdom?

A FREE Resource for Wives Whose Husbands Use Porn

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Wives whose husbands are using porn need support from someone with experience to help them figure out a wise, godly way to respond. They also need much healing and a plan to move forward.

Weekend Marriage Challenge: Believe Your Husband

Photo by Everton Vila on Unsplash

Do you tend to try to read into things your husband says instead of taking his words at face value? Do you make a lot of assumptions about what he means that lead you into a negative-thought-spiral? If so, this challenge may be for you!

Abuse of Power Is Never Acceptable

Kelly Sikkema Unsplash

What does God think about leaders who abuse their positions to elevate themselves or hurt others?

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