Join Me in Prayer and Fasting This Weekend for 6 Things

I’d like to invite you to join me and other ladies on my blog, Facebook page, and Instagram to pray for several specific things this weekend.

If you haven’t already prepared your heart, please read this post about repentance and spiritual warfare.

As Christian Wives, Let’s Invite God to Do BIG, MIRACULOUS Things Together!

  1. Pray that we all might grow like crazy in our faith in Christ and that we might be conformed more and more to the image of Christ. Pray that we will seek Him and love Him with all our hearts, minds, souls, and strength. And that we will love others with His love.
  2. Pray for hurting wives, husbands, marriages, and families here on my sites who need the healing power of Christ to make them whole.
  3. Pray for prodigal husbands and children of wives and moms here who need to find salvation and new life in Christ that the Holy Spirit may open their eyes and that they might come to Christ while there is still time.
  4. Pray for wives/moms of unbelieving husbands and children to act in the power of the Holy Spirit to set a godly example that will attract their family members and others to the Lord and honor the Lord.
  5. Pray for God to draw millions to Himself here in America and in every country. Pray for a mighty spirit of repentance, humility, and revival to sweep the continents for His glory.
  6. Pray that God might prepare and equip each of us to be salt and light in this time of great darkness, that He would empower us to be very fruitful for His kingdom.

THEN, let’s praise and thank God for all that He is about to do!

Let’s Add Fasting to Our Praying, Dear Sisters!

I would like to encourage you to prayerfully consider fasting in some way over the weekend.

For a meal.

For a day.

For two days.

For three days.

There are many ways to fast:

1. A total fast – eat and drink nothing (be sure this is okay with your doctor if you have any significant health issues).
2. A food fast – drink water but eat no food (again if you are healthy and your doctor is okay with it.).
3. A liquid fast – drink only liquids (juice, milk, etc… but keep in mind if you only drink juice, your blood sugar may bottom out after two hours).
4. A Daniel fast – Only drink water and eat plant-based food (grains, vegetables, fruits, and nuts).
5. A specific food fast – Abstain from sugar, coffee, or treats.
6. A social media fast – Stay off of social media.
7. A screen fast – Stay off of the internet and abstain from watching TV or movies. You may also want to abstain from worldly leisure books.
8. A sexual fast – This is for married couples to agree upon together so they will seek the Lord in prayer and abstain from sex for a certain limited time frame.

You can combine several types of fasting when you are facing a very serious situation so that you can more completely devote yourself to prayer and seeking the Lord.

Additional Spiritual Weapons to Use This Weekend

  • Sing praises to God at the top of our lungs.
  • Listen to worship music that exalts Jesus as King.
  • Proclaim God’s truth from His Word and His promises out loud.
  • Thank God for His goodness and blessings.


You are welcome to join in the fasting and praying in the comments!

Much love!

Resource about Fasting

10 Reasons to Consider Fasting – also included, types of fasting, reasons to fast, and verses about fasting

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  1. After reading about fasting and thinking about it, the thing that takes my mind from the Lord is my tablet. He has been speaking to me about this for a while. I will fast by placing my tablet in a drawer for two days. If I replace my tablet time with prayer and studying His Word, I will accomplish quite a bit.

  2. I just saw this post this morning as I sat down to pray. I had it in my heart to really do business with Jesus. I checked my email and saw your 2 posts. Brilliant! A call to prayer – I’m in! I used to pray especially for family issues many years ago so this is close to my heart.

    Information Technology can be a distraction, a waste of time and a channel for evil – but God uses it for good because we are connected as sisters to pray for God’s purposes. Praying also we all would use technology and especially IT for good and for God’s purposes and be thankful for the opportunities it provides to advance his kingdom. I feel that children and young people are anxious too – imagine navigating these days without God. And mothers are anxious for their children – because of this unstable world. Praying for them too.

    Your blog, April – inspires, instructs, corrects, gently but powerfully rebukes and encourages women of all ages to lay down their fight for their rights – and instead become the woman God made them to be! Not A Christian caricature – mousey sweet and insipid. But called to be gentle but strong and a powerful influence – what a subtle, but essential difference between control and influence! Called to be faithful as God’s prayer warriors in times such as these.

    Thanks for the call to prayer April. Serving here in Scotland.

    Verse that comes to mind – paraphrased – “Work while it is still day. Night is coming when no man can work”. ????????????????????????????????????????????????????

    1. Martha M,

      Thank you for sharing. Yes, there are so many needs for which to pray. I hope to share some prayers for our husbands, marriages, and children next week, as well.

      God can absolutely use the internet and technology for good. May we invite Him to accomplish His good purposes in every area in our lives and in this culture in which we live.

      Right, this blog is not about pretending to be a Christian or doing things by our wisdom or our strength. It is about dying to our old sinful self and truly yielding to the Lordship and power of Christ to work in us. That is a huge difference! May the Lord empower each of us to be faithful. He has placed us here for such a time as this.

      That is the verse I was thinking of the whole time I was writing these two posts.

      Thanks so much for joining us in prayer, dear sister! I praise God for all He has done and is doing in your life and for all He will do!

      Much love!

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