Look Forward to God’s Will and Blessings

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When I live for God, I can have peace with Him, with others (as far as it depends on me) and with my future. I can know that God’s will for me is very good.

Look Outward with the Heart of Christ

We have been unpacking the 4 Step Peace Plan for several posts. There is a summary at the bottom of the post. <3 When women are whole in Christ they are empowered by God to stop harming others. In Him, we have divine power to greatly bless our marriages and relationships. Once you see Jesus… Continue reading Look Outward with the Heart of Christ

Looking for an Online Church Service?

Maybe you are sick and can’t go to your church today. Maybe you don’t have a Bible-teaching church near you. Or maybe you’d just like to have additional spiritual nourishment during the week and want to find a service you can trust. I’d love to invite you to join me at my church! You can watch… Continue reading Looking for an Online Church Service?

Look Inward: Crucify Your Old Self

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After we look upward and yield to the Lordship of Jesus, we let Him make dramatic changes in our lives that will bless our socks off!

The Peaceful Wife Story

At Peaceful Wife, I know that many wives go through their days feeling frustrated, insecure, ill-equipped, and unloved. These negative feelings cause a woman to be discouraged and lose hope. Sometimes, they even cause her to inadvertently sabotage the very intimacy she longs for in her marriage. It shouldn’t be this way! Marriage should be… Continue reading The Peaceful Wife Story

Look Upward to the Lordship of Christ

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In my last post, “It’s Time for You to Become the Woman God Created You to Be!” I shared a simple, yet profoundly important plan. The plan can get you from where you are now—frustrated, lonely, insecure, and maybe feeling unloved— to where you really want to be spiritually, emotionally, and relationally in life. We… Continue reading Look Upward to the Lordship of Christ

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