The Peaceful Wife Story

At Peaceful Wife, I know that many wives go through their days feeling frustrated, insecure, ill-equipped, and unloved. These negative feelings cause a woman to be discouraged and lose hope. Sometimes, they even cause her to inadvertently sabotage the very intimacy she longs for in her marriage.

It shouldn’t be this way! Marriage should be a beautiful, wonderful experience for every wife.

When a woman finds God’s love, power, and beautiful design for her femininity and for her marriage, she comes alive. The spiritual abundance she finds in Christ gives her security in knowing she is deeply loved, secure, known, and empowered more than she could ever imagine through Jesus. This gives her the strength to approach her marriage—and all relationships—in healthy new ways.

April Cassidy
April Cassidy—2015

I seek to shine a light on the pathway to spiritual wholeness through Jesus because every woman deserves to have the key to the greatest fulfillment and spiritual abundance available to her in the world. Then she can have the divine power and wisdom she needs to pour God’s life and healing into her marriage and has the chance to see many miracles happen.

When women are whole in Christ they are empowered by God to have divine relationship skills that greatly bless their marriages and other relationships.????

The Peaceful Wife Book can show you the baby steps you need to find healing for yourself, your marriage, and your relationship with the Lord. This book is especially helpful for women with strong, go-getter personalities.

The 4-Step Peace Plan

This plan is a simple pathway to show you how you can enter into the heroic life God has for you and experience real peace with God, with others (as far as it depends on you), and with yourself.

  1. Look upward—Set your gaze on Jesus Christ in total awe and yield yourself fully to His Lordship in faith. Step down off of the throne of your life and let the Prince of Peace, Jesus, rule your heart and mind.
  2. Look inward— Invite God to help you crucify your old sinful nature with Jesus and give you a new identity, His Spirit, His love, and new Life.
  3. Look outward—Receive Jesus’ eyes and heart for others to love them with His divine love and power and to speak His life and blessing into their lives, including in your marriage.
  4. Look forward—Watch Jesus turn your pain, trials, and difficult relationships into beauty for your ultimate good, a blessing for others, and His greatest glory. And look forward most of all to eternity in heaven with Him and everyone who loves Him forever!

You can choose to have a saving relationship with Jesus today to begin finding life-changing spiritual healing  and hope.

You will keep him in perfect peace,
Whose mind is stayed on You,
Because he trusts in You.

Isaiah 26:3