How to Grow in Patience

Patience is beautiful and precious. It’s something we could all probably use a lot more of in our lives. Here are some keys to responding with patience in the stressful moments of life.

What If You Feel Attracted to Another Man?

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Am I at the mercy of my feelings if I realize I am attracted to another guy? What can I do?

Could God Be Trying to Lead Through Your Husband Now?

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During a time of crisis, it is more important than ever to be sensitive to all the ways God may want to lead you.

Are These 9 Expectations Hurting Your Marriage?

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Wrong or unrealistic expectations can lead us to a whole lot of resentment and bitterness. Are any of these categories ones you need to kick to the curb?

6 Ways to Be a Faithful Wife

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Are there areas where God would like me to grow in faithfulness to my husband and marriage?

When Your Husband Does Something You Don’t Like

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What is a Christian wife to do if your husband does something you don’t like and you want to address it?

Is It Time to Stop Being Nice?

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Let’s look at the important differences between niceness and Christlikeness so we don’t get sucked into dysfunctional relationships.

The Strength of Gentleness

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Does gentleness mark my interactions with my husband and others? How can I grow in this beautiful virtue?

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