An Update on the Past Two Months of My Life

Gray Siberian Forest Cat
Gray Siberian Forest Cat, "Silver"

I want to be real with all of you about what has been going on in my life. If I am not transparent, what good is me sharing anything, at all?

Thank you for your patience, love, prayers, and support! I have missed y’all greatly. ❤

My Family Ministry

I had the potential opportunity to write another book earlier this fall. Very exciting! But I just didn’t have peace about it.

As I prayed, I realized that one of our children needed more of my attention than I had already been giving.

If I worked 25-30 hours per week (at home now), kept up my online ministry sites by working on them 14 hours per week, and spent 10-15 hours writing a book every week for months, my child would fall through the cracks.

That wasn’t going to work.

So I turned down the book opportunity. Then I had peace.

I slowed down on my online ministry time and began spending more time with the Lord and with my child in the morning— reading the Bible together, and making breakfast. God even gave me the chance to pour into a friend of this child, as well, in the mornings. What a precious blessing!

April Cassidy
April Cassidy

Medical Stuff

The medicine I was taking for various peri-menopause issues caused my blood pressure to bottom out dangerously in November multiple times and made me severely dizzy.

I think I scared Greg and our son to death a few times. So that option is definitely off the table!

Thankfully, two tests I had showed NO cancer. I may have to undergo surgery later this year. We will see and pray for the Lord’s wisdom and healing. I’d love to avoid surgery if possible.

Also, ever since I was sick last February/March (with what I think, but can’t prove, may have been COVID-19) my digestive issues that had gotten better previously have been much worse.

Trying to figure out what I can eat that won’t make me sick and miserable for hours every day has been challenging. It seems I can’t tolerate even tiny amounts of quite a few types of sugar, even if it is naturally occurring in fruits/vegetables. Most breads also have added sugar. Tons of things have added or natural sugar.

Greg found some digestive enzymes for me that seem to be helping a bit—as a genetic enzyme deficiency I have had all my life seems to have worsened in the past year.

Then there is also the continuing shoulder injury that hasn’t healed since June and arthritis things flaring up, at times. Life has some difficulties—big and small, at times.

I pray that the Lord might heal– but most of all, I pray that I might learn all He desires me to learn through this. May the Lord be glorified in these trials. May I be more like Jesus in my attitude and motives.

These medical issues are small. (I realize many people are facing much worse issues.) But even these medical things are super humbling. Being humbled isn’t fun, but it is a good thing spiritually. It reminds me not to depend on myself.

God is so gracious, reminding me that in my weakness, He is strong. I am learning to depend on Him more than ever. I want to learn and receive all the treasures He has for me in each trial.

Refining of My Faith

The Lord gently whispered to me at the beginning of November that I needed MAJOR refining to help me be ready for 2021. I spent as much time as I could sitting with Him and His Word in recent weeks praying for America, for the church, for my family, and for myself.

Being still. Listening. Praying fervently. Inviting Him to purify and strengthen me. To expose any wrong thinking, fear, or doubt. There is always more refining do to as long as I am here on this earth.

I wanted to write posts during that time and often asked the Lord when I could do so again, and He would nudge my soul, “Wait. Don’t share yet. I want to work on you for a while first. The ladies will be okay. I’ll let you know when it is time to share something and what to share.”

The Lord revealed that there were weak points in my faith that I hadn’t seen before. Fears I have never had to face. Areas where I haven’t yet been stretched. And that I would need a much deeper faith soon.

I wrote everything down that I could see was a problem and dug into His Word, determined to trust Him more no matter what may come.

What a blessing! He has been faithful. He has helped deepened my faith in Him so much more. His Word and promises are even more precious to me than ever as He has enabled me to absorb them on an even deeper level than before.

I want to continue to seek Him above all else and invite Him to do absolutely everything He wants to do in and through me right now. Even if it is painful, at first. I know He knows what is coming and He knows what I need. I want to embrace absolutely anything He wants to do in me that I may be fully prepared.

My greatest desire is to yield everything in my life fully to the Lord for Him to use as He knows is best for His kingdom and His glory. In my family, at work, in my neighborhood, at my church, and here online. He definitely knows best. I do not.

How I pray He might empower me to be faithful no matter what 2021 may bring. And may He do all He wants to do in and through me and may I not hamper His purposes in my life.


Is there anything you’d like to share that you’ve been learning?

Or do you need some encouragement or prayer? You are welcome to share that in the comments, as well.

Much love!


  1. In preparing for the New Year, I began searching for scriptures that talk about walking with God/the LORD. I looked up every use of the word walk, walks, walked, walketh, and walking on e-sword (most of them don’t refer to steps). I was interested in who walked with God? What is mankind’s part? What is God’s part? What about their lives stood out? Many of the verses included those who DIDN’T walk in the law of the LORD( but followed after Jeroboam, the son of Nebat -again?). The New Testament verses are the most applicable to a Christian life, but the Old shows the influence of walking/not walking with God over a lifetime. I wanted to stoke my fire, and this sure did the trick. I’ll never be the same.

    1. JudyLynn,

      What a wonderful study. Thank you so much for sharing!

      I praise God for the blessing He has given you through those precious verses.

      In Him,

  2. Dear April,

    Your writing today feels as if it was written for me. I, too, felt a teaching coming from the Lord about strengthening me for 2021 and purifying me, and taking me to a deeper level of trust in Him.

    For the past 3 January’s God has given me the same scripture as a Hallmark for the year, “In Rest and Repentance is your Salvation, in Quietness and trust is your Strength.” And it seems yet again to be the same this year 2021. It is going to be a more ‘intense birth pang’ than last year…as these events are speeding up toward the soon return of our Lord. We need to be deeply devoted to Him in prayer and quietness to hear what He wants us to do/say/be this year as His hands and feet and voice.

    I have felt overwhelmed with what He has shown me is still to be sanctified in me, so much sin that I have let live in me.. still selfishness in places and willfullness and pride. OH the joy when we will see Him our dear Jesus face to face and that is not His righteousness in us will be gone!

    Take heart April and know that this is all a manifestation of Jesus’s deep love and joy in you His daughter as He readies and strengthens you for the days to come and for His calling us to Home.

    In His love, Linda Mc

    1. Linda Mc,

      Yes, I believe the birth pangs will likely get more frequent and intense, too. And I believe all of us, as believers, will need greater faith, more boldness, and more courage.

      Thank you for sharing your insights. I’m so glad the Lord continues His good work in us and is faithful to carry it out till completion when we enter His gates!

      I’m very glad He reaches out to us to love us and prepare us for difficult times, reminding us to focus on Him and look to Him and not trust the things of this world.

      Much love!

  3. Wow, it’s like you just told my own story! Seriously, right down to the gut issues and a frozen shoulder I’ve been dealing with since last May…and I also believe I had Covid between Christmas and New Year last 2019.

    What God has been leading me towards in all this, is a re-realization that I have a condition known as codependency that is the result of being the adult child of an alcoholic. I came to that initial realization over 20 years ago and sought help through Al-Anon but stopped going, but circumstances in my life, marriage and environment over the last 10 years have thrown me right back into full-fledged codependent behaviors.

    I feel like my heart and soul have been as frozen as my shoulder, and it’s no coincidence my spiritual state is showing up in my body. So, I head back to Celebrate Recovery this week, have lovingly detached from some people in my life and created godly boundaries in those relationships, my husband included, have set some goals around taking care of myself with the Lord, and am focused on abiding, resting and obedience.

    He’s so faithful and I know we’re on a journey of healing.

    1. Istrovas,

      Wow! Very similar trials this past year. That is interesting!

      I didn’t have a parent who was an alcoholic. But my mom is an adult-child of an alcoholic and I believe I learned codependent thinking through several things that happened when I was a child, too.

      I’m so sorry that things have been very difficult and that you find yourself in the codependent cycle again. But I am super proud of you that you are going back to Celebrate Recovery this week! And that you are making healthy choices and seeking the Lord. Many of my posts about control and people pleasing are about codependency types of issues. I definitely get how addictive and destructive that can be.

      I’ll definitely think about if any spiritual issues may be impacting the physical. That can definitely happen!

      Praying for the Lord’s thawing for us all – our hearts, our minds, our shoulders, our faith, everything. And for His healing for us spiritually and physically. Most of all, I pray that He may be greatly glorified in our lives through all that happens this year. Blessings! Thanks so much for sharing.

  4. Praying for you! You are such a blessing. I, too, have struggled with many perimenopause issues this past year. I am 48 and it started last January. Trying to avoid medication. Mine have been mainly with anxiety and palpitations but frozen shoulder is also a common issue with perimenopause. I also struggled a bit with neck and shoulder issues as well. I am also trying to revamp my diet especially with sugar and flour. May God continue to bless you and equip you for the coming year. Your posts always speak to me. Thank you for sharing!!

    1. Melanie Michelle Williams,

      Aw! Thank you for praying and for sharing a bit of your story, too! I had been able to avoid medication for a few years, then things got so much worse. I know I was a pharmacist for 24 years but medicines have side effects and I try to avoid them and do lifestyle changes instead. Sometimes, that just isn’t enough. Praying for you with the issues you are facing and sending you a huge hug!

      Yes, that is my understanding, too, that frozen shoulder and similar issues tend to be common for women during perimenopause.

      I’ve got the no sugar thing down! Ha! Now if I could just eat some fruit and a few more veggies, it seems like it would be a better diet that may help more with perimenopause.

      Thanks for the encouragement and prayers.

      Much love to you!

  5. April I love the way God steered you around the various natural temptations to prioritize the wrong things and the way you were able to listen and submit yourself to that. May you be blessed and encouraged and be able to drink deeply of the rivers of living water. ” He gently leads those that are with young”.

    1. 7Times,
      Thank you. I am very grateful for His leading. And for Greg’s. And on those super hormonal days or when I am feeling really icky, I am extra super glad for Greg’s leading. And glad that guys don’t get these crazy hormone issues.

      I love that verse. Thanks for sharing! <3

  6. I am glad you are taking care of yourself!!
    We need to remember Jesus always spend time with Father!

  7. What a blessing you are to all of us. I will be praying for your healing and your continued peace. Thank you for the work you do.

  8. I want to thank you all for praying for me. God has been working powerfully in my life this week. I have had several amazing days physically and spiritually. I can feel your prayers and God moving and am just extremely thankful and blessed. Much love!

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