man in business attire holding tablet looking at financial charts and graphs

Why I Handed the Finances Over to My Husband

For over 16 years of our 26 year marriage, I handled the bills and finances. Greg and I are both ...
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Couple hugging and smiling

Good Manners Weekend

Hey, there, dear sisters! This weekend, I'd like to encourage us all to remember to use our best manners with ...
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Woman holding her hands to her face sitting on floor in white background

11 Top Causes of Bitterness for Wives

Bitterness is spiritual poison to yourself, your relationship with God, your marriage, your family, other relationships, and your witness. It's ...
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Black and white image of a city

We Need Strong Marriages Now More Than Ever

Ladies, we need strong marriages and families more than ever as the “birth pangs” Jesus spoke of during the last ...
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breakfast in bed on a tray

The Servant’s Heart Marriage Challenge

This weekend, let's focus on developing a servant's heart in our marriages. The Challenge 1. Over the next 4 days ...
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Large fireworks display with black sky

The Hug and Kiss Challenge

Join our weekend marriage challenge! The Hug and Kiss Challenge At least once (preferably twice per day) over the next ...
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woman's hands clasped in prayer on a railing with dark background

Prayers for Our Husbands

This is a follow-up to the weekend of prayer and fasting we shared the past few days. It's not too ...
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Empty plate with blue background

Join Me in Prayer and Fasting This Weekend for 6 Things

I'd like to invite you to join me and other ladies on my blog, Facebook page, and Instagram to pray ...
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Knight in armor on a horse near a mountain

Join Me in Spiritual Battle for Our Marriages, Families, and Nation

There is a massive onslaught of evil going on that is trying to destroy individuals, marriages, families, churches, and even ...
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couple sitting on the floor with a toddler.

11 Ways to Honor Your Husband as a Dad

What your husband wants most as a father is your support for his parental authority. My dear sisters! If we ...
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