Man in white dress shirt, khaki pants, and suspenders holding flowers behind his back looking at a woman with a white/flowered dress who is smiling at him| Can a wife change her husband

Can a Wonderful Wife Fix or Change Her Husband?

Human love and respect are very powerful. They can inspire people. They can encourage people.  They contribute to strong marriages ...
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people walking in a crosswalk on a city street

Are People Basically Good?

Some extremely popular beliefs in our culture, even among professing Christians, include the following: People are basically good.If people do ...
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Woman raising her hands toward the sunrise, perhaps in real repentance

Real Repentance Causes Amazing Life Change

What is real repentance? I met a man once who claimed to be a Christian. He made a habit of ...
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Man in a suit and woman in a white dress embracing on a road holding heart balloons

5 Signs Valentine’s Day May Be an Idol for Me

Valentine's Day tends to create a LOT of specific expectations for women, thanks to heavy advertising. And, sadly, this day ...
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Woman hugging man outside in black and white (celebrating Valentine's Day)

A Wife Shares a New Perspective on Her Husband and Valentine’s Day

A guest post from a reader with her permission with some lightbulb moments about Valentine's Day and her husband: My ...
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Woman with black shirt and jacket over her shoulder walking in the woods

8 Tips for When You Feel Hormonal

Tips for when relating to your family when you are feeling hormonal: 1. Let your husband and children know what ...
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dark thunderstorm with lightning (God's judgment?)

Is America in Danger of God’s Judgment in 2021?

God is abounding in love, patient, and slow to anger. But He cannot hold back His wrath on rebellious, sinful ...
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dove in flight

27 Ways to Be Alert and Watchful Without Freaking Out

A reader asked how we can keep up with the news and all that is happening in America and around ...
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person standing before a cross at sunrise (preparing for persecution for our faith)

Preparing for Persecution for Our Faith in Jesus

The Bible promises that believers in Christ will experience persecution if we want to live for the Lord. In America, ...
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The 7-Day Encouragement Challenge

Day 1: Encourage your husband.Day 2: Encourage your children.Day 3: Encourage a neighbor.Day 4: Encourage a friend.Day 5: Encourage a ...
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