Couple walking and holding hands in a field with blue sky and clouds

“Isn’t My Husband Responsible for My Walk with the Lord If He Is the Spiritual Leader?”

A wife asks, "Could you please tell me what the difference is between a husband not being responsible for my ...
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View of a woman's legs and feet walking on a path near grass.

Increase the Attraction and Bless Your Marriage with These 3 Tips

We have been talking about ways to improve intimacy and intimacy killers lately. There are a whole lot of things ...
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Back of a woman's shoulder's and head with a white hat as she looks at the beach

The Minivan Battery Incident VS the Pandemic Crisis

One of the first times I remember being really tested with my newfound willingness to honor God's design for me ...
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woman with long brown hair turning her head to the side and smiling while sitting on a brown leather couch

I Was Dissatisfied in My Marriage for Years. Then This Happened…

For over 14 years, I looked to my husband to make me feel secure and happy. To cheer me up ...
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solid colored t-shirts folded and lined up in two rows

6 Ways NOT to Ask Your Man to Put Clothes Away

Let's imagine that you have just folded a lot of laundry and you would like your husband to put his ...
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white bed with gauzy white canopy in beige bedroom and orange pillows

Finding Privacy for Intimacy When You Have Older Children at Home

Correction from 10 Intimacy Killers - I mistakenly wrote that "all" 10 Intimacy Killers were sin. My apologies! It should ...
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Orange greeting card with white words

How My Family’s Business Is Lifting People’s Spirits for FREE During COVID-19

A lot of people today are feeling so stressed, they can't even sleep. We don't want anyone to be so ...
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brown rattlesnake close up

10 Intimacy Killers

In our last post, 4 Ways to Get the Sizzle Back in Your Marriage, we talked about four simple keys ...
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Close up of a man standing close to a woman with his lips near her forehead and her hands on his shoulders and neck.

4 Ways to Get the Sizzle Back in Your Marriage

Ladies, maybe you have been married for a while and you realize that things have gotten to be a bit ...
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sunlight streaming through the entrance of a dark cave

Easter Encouragement

What an incredible Savior we celebrate at Easter! Jesus came to live the perfect life none of us could live ...
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