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"MY Man Doesn’t Deserve my Respect!!!!"

If this is how you feel about God's concept of respecting your husband – YOU ARE ABSOLUTELY RIGHT! You know, ...
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Before and After Pictures of My Soul

I love before and after pictures.  I love to see before and after house renovation pics and also makeover pictures ...
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Be Still

As a woman, my mind is always thinking and there are ideas whirling and multiple things I'm remembering to do ...
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A Different Kind of Valentine's Card

Valentine's paraphernalia is everywhere at Wal-Mart and all the grocery and drug stores- it's hard to miss!  And there are ...
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Being a Cheerful Receiver

Think about the people you know who are fun to give to.  I have to give kudos to my 5 ...
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Marriage Seminar "7 Basic Needs of a Wife and 7 Basic Needs of a Husband"

My husband and I began attending a class at our church tonight taught by one of my favorite Bible teachers, ...
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