Prayer Day – Desire

Ladies, Some things I hear frequently from wives who feel unloved is that they wish their husband desired them: “I want him to WANT to be with me.” “I want to be his highest priority!” “I don’t want him giving attention to anyone else that should rightfully belong to me.” “I wish he wanted to… Continue reading Prayer Day – Desire

Prayer Day – Praying with Respect

You are welcome to fast with me as we pray today for our marriages and marriages of believers around the world and as we pray for God to send a Great Awakening and powerful move of His Holy Spirit to draw many to Himself.  This world so DESPERATELY needs Jesus! PRAYING WITH RESPECT FOR GOD… Continue reading Prayer Day – Praying with Respect

Prayer Day – UNITY in our marriages

I’d like Thursdays to be a day of us praying together corporately.  We’ll get on our knees and “grab hands” virtually around the world.  Where two or three are gathered together, there He is in the midst of them.  🙂 The goal here is for us to focus on these topics, please, in our prayers and… Continue reading Prayer Day – UNITY in our marriages

It wasn’t “No” it was “Wait.”

LOVE this post from my friend, Kayla!!!

Prayer 8-22-13

Lord, What an incredible God you are!  We stand in awe of Your marvelous creation!  You alone are God, there is no other.  You alone are worthy of all glory, blessing, honor and praise!  You alone made a way for us to come to You.  Thank You for the willingness of Jesus to take on… Continue reading Prayer 8-22-13

Prayer Day

Wednesdays are a special day of prayer here! If you have a request you would like my prayer team and I to pray for, you may leave it in the comments .  Please be sure to include names of people who have not given their lives to Christ as Savior and Lord! If you would… Continue reading Prayer Day


Lord, I lift up each of my precious sisters and brothers in Christ around the world to You and ask that You might draw us to Yourself.  Before You formed us in the womb, You knew us.  You set us apart to share Your truth and gospel with the nations.  Lift our chins to look… Continue reading Prayer

Praying about the Small Things, Too

This is from one of my prayer partner wives.  Her story really impacted me.  And I know it will greatly bless you, too!  May you walk in deeper and greater faith in our amazing God! All of last year God was really working on me in a couple of areas. One of them was how… Continue reading Praying about the Small Things, Too

A Prayer for a New Beginning in Christ

The kind of sincere prayer that will honor God and get you moving in the right direction to live with Him as LORD of your life is something like this: Jesus, You alone are my Lord and my God.  I have sinned against You.  I confess all of these sins (here are some examples): unforgiveness… Continue reading A Prayer for a New Beginning in Christ

Please Pray with Me!

Hey, y’all! I would like to ask for prayer for my blog ministry to wives and single women – where I strive to teach God’s design for marriage to women.  My prayer is that I might teach them to lay down any idols and to have Christ as Lord, to respect their husbands, to cooperate… Continue reading Please Pray with Me!