Prayer 8-22-13

What an incredible God you are!  We stand in awe of Your marvelous creation!  You alone are God, there is no other.  You alone are worthy of all glory, blessing, honor and praise!  You alone made a way for us to come to You.  Thank You for the willingness of Jesus to take on Himself the full wrath of God that we deserved.
Shine the light of Your Word into the darkest corners of our souls.  Illuminate the sin that we don’t even know about.  Convict us and bring us to mourning over our sin.  Give us godly repentance.  Fill us with Your powerful Spirit.  Let us abide in You continually.  Let us feast on Your Words daily.  Let us have Your Spirit flooding through us like Niagra Falls – unstoppable, untamable, uncontainable, and let it spill out into the lives of everyone we touch.  Make us godly women, Lord!  Change us. Give us new hearts and minds in Christ.  Make us more and more like You!  Refine us.  Bring the dross to the top and skim it off.  Prune us.  Make us more fruitful for Your kingdom’s work and for Your glory.
Let us truly crucify our old sinful self.  Let us lay our lives before You today as living sacrifices.  Let us carry our cross.  Let us seek Your will and Your glory above all else.   Let us want to know Your more and let us cherish intimacy with You more than ANYTHING in this life.
I pray that we might be women who are beautiful in YOUR sight!  Create in us that gentle, peaceful spirit that does what is right and does not give way to fear.  Let us embrace Your commands with delight!  Let us find joy in obedience to You.  Help us to learn to respect our husbands and to honor their God-given leadership in ways that please You greatly and that breathe the power of Your life into our marriages.  Use us to bless our husbands and to be safe places for them to be honest, vulnerable and open. Use us as godly examples for our children and for other women around us.  We can do NOTHING apart from You, Lord!  We desperately need Your power!
I pray for Your protection from evil for us, our husbands and our children.  I pray for Your wisdom for us and our families to avoid temptation.  Let our husbands be men of great faith in Christ.  Let them be men of fervent prayer.  Let them lead in godliness and holiness and let them be found faithful in Your sight.  Cleanse them of every sin.  Tear down every stronghold of the enemy in our lives, our husbands’ lives and our marriages and families.  Let us rise to become a godly generation, holy in Your sight.  Let us leave a blessing and Your spiritual treasures to our children instead of wrath.
I pray for the blogs – that it would be ALL about YOU, not about me.  May You greatly increase and may I decrease!! Refine my every motive.  Purify my desires.  Let me seek only Your will and Your glory alone!   I pour contempt on all my pride.  It has to be only for Your purposes, not mine.  If You desire me to write, please give me the words and message in Your timing for Your glory and to edify the body of Christ.
I pray for our children as they start back to school.  Help them to learn and be responsible.  Give them godly friends.  Use them to shine for CHrist.  Let them love God more than anything!  Keep them sexually pure, spiritually pure and physically pure (free from addictions).  Use us to raise them to be faithful servants of Christ.
I pray for every church of Yours around the world to have at least one godly couple who can demonstrate God’s design for marriage and who can teach and train the others for Your glory.  I pray for a mass movement of Your Spirit in your church in America and around the world to bring us  individually and corporately to deep and godly sorrow and repentance.  Let Your people see our spiritual poverty and the critical condition the church is in.  Give us strong, godly shepherds to teach Your truth. Cast out all the lies and the compromise with the world.  Remove the feminism, hedonism, universalisim, humanism, and every ungodly doctrine from Your people.  Open our eyes!  Let us see Your truth is the only truth. Let us question the ways of the world and rebuild on Christ and Your Word alone!  Cleanse your body.  Let us repent in humility, brokenness and grief over our sins.  Let us learn to truly follow You as real disciples.  Let us be willing to follow and obey You no matter what the cost.  Make us faithful.  May You alone be highly exalted among us!
I pray for those who read my blog and watch the Youtube videos.  Let Your Spirit speak through the posts and through my words.  Accomplish Your work.  I trust that Your Word will not return to You void.  I trust Your power to do all that You plan and purpose to do here for Your glory.  Heal the broken.  Strengthen the weak.  Draw women to Yourself.  Heal marriages and families.  Let us learn Your ways and forsake the world! Teach the simple and make them wise with Your wisdom.  Let Your Spirit come like a flood through me to accomplish Your will.
In the Name and power of Christ,
Amazing worship song for our AWESOME God: