Identifying the Lies We Have Embraced

We often don’t realize how many lies we have inadvertently received into our hearts and minds from various sources. Let’s work on identifying the lies we have learned about God, self, and others that are hurting us.

Making Adjustments

Usually, during the school year, I am able to spend 30+ hours per week on online ministry – writing posts for both of my blogs, responding to comments, making Youtube videos, and sharing on Facebook. When my children are home for the summer, things get a bit more challenging ministry-wise. I don’t want to spend… Continue reading Making Adjustments

"If I Trust and Obey God, I Will Be Fake and Lose Myself" – a Guest Post

A wife asked, “Why does God always want to change people? That’s not real unconditional love. I don’t want to lose myself and I feel like I would lose myself if I do what God wants me to do.” FROM ANOTHER WIFE AND SISTER IN CHRIST (with her permission): You will be more *you* than… Continue reading "If I Trust and Obey God, I Will Be Fake and Lose Myself" – a Guest Post

Transforming Our Thought Lives

When the flesh is in control, our minds are filled with worldly things like: greed bitterness gossip hatred materialism envy idolatry (desiring other things or people more than we desire God) negativity complaining contention lies pride lust worry fear unbelief self These things consume our thoughts, fuel our motives, and ultimately determine our words and… Continue reading Transforming Our Thought Lives

WorthyofLove Realizes What This Journey Is All About!

  Worthyoflove shares some insights God has been showing her: Yes, there is hope. And I am finding that God is intervening more and more quickly when I start to put my husband up as an idol again, or anything else. I am learning first hand now that God will NOT allow any competition in… Continue reading WorthyofLove Realizes What This Journey Is All About!

When a Husband “Doesn’t Buy” His Wife’s Changes

From a sister in Christ who has been on this journey to become a godly wife for a year and a half – I am so thankful for her willingness to share:   My husband insists I will always be who I was. He asks “is THIS the REAL you, now?” I replied that “I… Continue reading When a Husband “Doesn’t Buy” His Wife’s Changes

"Without a Word" – WorthyofLove’s Experience

From WorthyofLove (who wrote about her husband’s text messages): “When a Husband Is Negative, Critical, or Hurtful” is just the reminder I need in my particular marriage. It seems more often than not that my husband is on the negative side, and a lot of times I take it personally. Before finding your site I… Continue reading "Without a Word" – WorthyofLove’s Experience

"I Wish My Husband Would Text Me from Work!"

I am so thankful for everyone taking the time to answer my poll questions last month about our expectations vs. the reality of how much contact our husbands make with us while the are at work. Texting, calling, or emailing can be a source of wonderful bonding for some couples or a source of a… Continue reading "I Wish My Husband Would Text Me from Work!"

"I Want to Be Desired by Other Men, Too"

A reader and I are tag-teaming together to write about this – in conversation style.  I greatly appreciate her contribution and willingness to share so vulnerably. My prayer is that God might use this post to help many other women break free from these kinds of destructive, toxic thoughts: Do any of these thoughts sound… Continue reading "I Want to Be Desired by Other Men, Too"

InHisGrip Talks about Not Shutting Down Emotionally

This wife tends to go silent when she is hurting. Check out her journey to learn about not shutting down emotionally when she feels tempted to.

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