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I lift up each of my precious sisters and brothers in Christ around the world to You and ask that You might draw us to Yourself.  Before You formed us in the womb, You knew us.  You set us apart to share Your truth and gospel with the nations.  Lift our chins to look into Your eyes blazing with love for us.  Let everything of this world become dim and unimportant compared to the brilliance of Your presence, Your holiness, Your love and Your power.  Give us a glimpse into Your throne room in heaven – where thousands upon thousands of angels sing Your praise continually in joyful assembly and where those who have gone before us worship You.  Help us to begin to grasp Your sovereignty and fill us with great faith! Help us to see the spiritual riches of heaven, flooding over the gates of heaven like Niagra Falls.  And all we have to do is hold out our little teacup and You will richly bless us and pour Your Spirit into us, filling and empowering every corner of our souls for Your will.
Remove and tear out any stronghold of the enemy that has Your people afraid , paralyzed, weak , sick, tired and discouraged.  Heal our wounds.  Forgive our great sin.  Open our eyes to everything that offends You.    Remove each sin and any idol.  Let us have godly sorrow that leads to true repentance.  Then flood our souls with Your Spirit that gives power, love and  a sound mind – that we might minister to and bless our husbands/wives and children and all who are around us.  Let us keep our eyes on You, not the storms.  Let us find our purpose, strength, joy, acceptance, worth and love in Christ alone.  Help us to rejoice in suffering and trials, determined to use those times to learn all we can and to allow You to refine our faith – which is of much greater worth than gold – that we might become holy, useful and set apart for Your will.
Use us to do mighty things in Your kingdom by Your power alone.  Let us abide in You.  Let us seek Your face first.  Give the pastors/ministers/teachers/deacons/elders Your vision, Your wisdom, Your power and Your Spirit to lead Your people wisely and in a way that pleases You.  Give husbands wisdom to lead their families in Your paths and give wives a gentle and peaceful spirit that does not give way to hysterical fear.  Let believing husbands yield totally in submission to Christ.  Then let them set a godly example of the love of Jesus for their wives and children.  Let believing wives yield totally to You in submission to Christ.  Let us set a godly example of respect, trust and honoring God-given leadership in our homes and at church and in society.   Give Christian parents wisdom to raise their children to be godly, faithful servants of Christ.  Let THIS generation rise up to become a godly generation that loves You more than anything and who lives with You as Lord of all.  Let us be obedient and let us be found faithful.  Let us leave God’s blessings, truth, love and wisdom to our children.
We lay aside our will, our plans, our dreams, our hopes and we seek Your will, Your plans, Your dreams, Your desires and Your glory alone – no matter the cost.
In the Name and power of Christ,

9 thoughts on “Prayer

  1. I am new to your Blog and enjoying the content of the posts. I do want to write though and share that the advertising on the page can be condradictory to what is being promoted in the Lord. Yesterday there was an adverstisement that was suggestive and sexually explicit. Something to consider. This has given me pause and will require more thought before I continue to look at the Blog site. Blessings,WendyDate: Wed, 24 Apr 2013 14:11:25 +0000 To:

    1. Wendy,

      I had one other person mention that yesterday, but I can’t see any advertising on my end at all. And I certainly have no control or awareness of any ads.

      Is it on FB or it is on the actual blog? If I had any idea what that was coming from I would stop it immediately! Thanks, and I appreciate any other information you can give me. 🙂

    2. Wendy,

      I found out that I would have to pay $30 per year with WordPress to have no ads. Apparently the ads come up based on what people searched on Google is my understanding. But I don’t know for sure. So I don’t have any control over the ads, I can’t even see them on my end. Since I just lost my job – I don’t know that my husband will allow me to spend $30 to keep ads from popping up. I did complain to wordpress about that particular ad.

      I hope that you won’t judge my blog based on those ads since I have no control over them. But I do appreciate you bringing that to my attention. It’s wonderful to meet you! I hope you will feel welcome to stay. 🙂

My grandmother is on hospice and won't be with us much longer (11-30-16). I will get to comments when I am able to but I need to be with family right now. Thanks for understanding.

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