Praying about the Small Things, Too


This is from one of my prayer partner wives.  Her story really impacted me.  And I know it will greatly bless you, too!  May you walk in deeper and greater faith in our amazing God!

All of last year God was really working on me in a couple of areas.
One of them was how I always seem to look for Him in the big things and don’t trust how much He cares about the things I deem as small. As a result, I don’t tend to go to Him with EVERY thing. I try to deal with things on my own, sometimes it’s honestly just not thinking something is prayer-worthy, but most of the time it’s because I don’t think I am worthy to be heard or cared about from such a great and mighty God.He has been tenderly showing me how much He really cares about me and the things that are important to me.Soooo….a couple of months before Christmas, something started going wrong with our dryer. Once it got heated up, it would start squealing extremely loud duringthe whole cycle. I would try to stop and restart it, but nothing worked. I just had to wait until itwas done. It was so loud, it was really grating on my nerves and making me crazy. This went on until after Christmas!On top of that, we homeschool, so having all three kids home…well you get the point. My husband said he would try to fix it, but there was never time with Christmas coming.I was convinced we were going to need a new one…looked online and yikes! There’s no way we can afford to get a new dryer, and I didn’t want to keep bringing it up to the hubs. FINALLY it occured to me that I should pray about it. I found myself thinking, “that’s such a silly thing to pray about…I feel guilty about bringing such a small matter before the Lord when there’s so many other more important things…God isn’t really interested in this…I need to grit my teeth here and just deal with the awful noise.”

But He’s so gracious…He gently reminded me of all the ways this past year He has shown Himself to me in small ways…nothing is too big OR too small for the Lord! So I prayed about the dryer…that God would either provide a new one or provide the money to get one, OR that He would just give me the patience to deal with it. Guess what? He answered my prayers, but of course not in the way I asked!

The next time I put a load in, lo and behold! there was NO NOISE. And there hasn’t been ever since! Isn’t He sweet? I just wanted to encourage you all with God’s goodness and compassion and faithfulness! 🙂 He is a good Father who delights to give good gifts to those who love Him! I pray that God will show each of you this week, in a small way that may only mean something to you, how much He cares about your life.

From Peacefulwife:

We are not guaranteed how God might answer prayers.  But when we put our faith and trust in Him – we get to see Him move in ways we never could have asked for or imagined!  And He will be glorified!

If you would like to share how God has been working in your marriage or your life – you are welcome to comment! I am praying for more stories from other wives – because THIS is the stuff that so profoundly impacts wives and helps them see what a faithful, reliable, trustworthy, omnipotent, wonderful mighty God we serve!