Please Pray with Me!

Hey, y’all!

I would like to ask for prayer for my blog ministry to wives and single women – where I strive to teach God’s design for marriage to women.  My prayer is that I might teach them to lay down any idols and to have Christ as Lord, to respect their husbands, to cooperate with their husbands’ God-given authority and to bring great glory to God by His Spirit filling them and empowering them in their marriages. has had over 225,000 hits since it started almost a year ago. has had over 70,000 hits since it started last spring.
Over 1000 people have read my page about how to have a relationship with Christ so far.
I have seen women come to Him who were not believers.
I have seen hundreds of Christian women have their eyes opened to their own sin and repent and have been in the front row to witness God working in their lives and breathing life and healing into their marriages.  Those are just the ones I know about.  This is TOTALLY a GOD thing – not a me thing.  I have no power to change anyone.  Only Jesus can do that.  But God is doing a great work here – much more than I could have ever thought, hoped for or imagined.  I am excited to see what He has in store for all of us this year!
It is my prayer that God might speak His Words and His design for marriage and for wives through me.  I don’t want to speak anything on my own.  My wisdom is worthless and foolish.
There are a vast number of marriages and spouses in great pain.  The need is off the charts.
Please pray with me that:
– I would be right with God and able to hear His voice clearly
– I would say nothing apart from His Word
– I would have boldness and courage to speak God’s truth even when it is not popular or politically correct.
– God would protect me and my family and marriage from the attacks of the enemy (there are many)
– that God would give me His wisdom, love and power to minister
– I would have wisdom to use my time wisely and would honor God by keeping up my time with Him first and that I would keep my ministry to my husband and children in their proper priorities in God’s sight.
– God might lead me about writing a book for wives.
– God might give me wisdom about when and where to teach
– God might lead wives to read what He desires them to read and when
– God might use me to reach people also on You Tube – the channel is “April Cassidy”
– God might raise up many other women and men to teach His people to live for Him and to disciple them and to train them in godliness, including in how to have a godly marriage that brings great glory to Jesus and that sets a godly example for the next generation.  That God might send more workers into the harvest.
– God’s Spirit might move among His people in His church especially in America, but around the world, and that He might open our spiritual eyes to our true spiritual poverty and that there might be a mass repentance and a filling of His people with His Spirit.  I pray that everyone might hear the gospel and that every church might have at least one strong, godly couple who can teach the others how to honor God and live with Him as Lord.
– if Satan could use a handful of women to destroy respect for God-given authority in our culture, and to change the definition of femininity, masculinity, family and marriage, that surely God can raise up some women to rebuild these important concepts completely on His Word and His truth for His church – and that He might use me in any way He desires to.
– our church leaders might have wisdom to lead us according to God’s will and for His glory
– THIS generation might rise up and turn to God wholeheartedly.
– God might remove divisions in His church and give us His Spirit of supernatural unity, love and peace
Thank you SO VERY MUCH!
In Christ,