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Please Pray with Me!

Hey, y’all!

I would like to ask for prayer for my blog ministry to wives and single women – where I strive to teach God’s design for marriage to women.  My prayer is that I might teach them to lay down any idols and to have Christ as Lord, to respect their husbands, to cooperate with their husbands’ God-given authority and to bring great glory to God by His Spirit filling them and empowering them in their marriages. has had over 225,000 hits since it started almost a year ago. has had over 70,000 hits since it started last spring.
Over 1000 people have read my page about how to have a relationship with Christ so far.
I have seen women come to Him who were not believers.
I have seen hundreds of Christian women have their eyes opened to their own sin and repent and have been in the front row to witness God working in their lives and breathing life and healing into their marriages.  Those are just the ones I know about.  This is TOTALLY a GOD thing – not a me thing.  I have no power to change anyone.  Only Jesus can do that.  But God is doing a great work here – much more than I could have ever thought, hoped for or imagined.  I am excited to see what He has in store for all of us this year!
It is my prayer that God might speak His Words and His design for marriage and for wives through me.  I don’t want to speak anything on my own.  My wisdom is worthless and foolish.
There are a vast number of marriages and spouses in great pain.  The need is off the charts.
Please pray with me that:
– I would be right with God and able to hear His voice clearly
– I would say nothing apart from His Word
– I would have boldness and courage to speak God’s truth even when it is not popular or politically correct.
– God would protect me and my family and marriage from the attacks of the enemy (there are many)
– that God would give me His wisdom, love and power to minister
– I would have wisdom to use my time wisely and would honor God by keeping up my time with Him first and that I would keep my ministry to my husband and children in their proper priorities in God’s sight.
– God might lead me about writing a book for wives.
– God might give me wisdom about when and where to teach
– God might lead wives to read what He desires them to read and when
– God might use me to reach people also on You Tube – the channel is “April Cassidy”
– God might raise up many other women and men to teach His people to live for Him and to disciple them and to train them in godliness, including in how to have a godly marriage that brings great glory to Jesus and that sets a godly example for the next generation.  That God might send more workers into the harvest.
– God’s Spirit might move among His people in His church especially in America, but around the world, and that He might open our spiritual eyes to our true spiritual poverty and that there might be a mass repentance and a filling of His people with His Spirit.  I pray that everyone might hear the gospel and that every church might have at least one strong, godly couple who can teach the others how to honor God and live with Him as Lord.
– if Satan could use a handful of women to destroy respect for God-given authority in our culture, and to change the definition of femininity, masculinity, family and marriage, that surely God can raise up some women to rebuild these important concepts completely on His Word and His truth for His church – and that He might use me in any way He desires to.
– our church leaders might have wisdom to lead us according to God’s will and for His glory
– THIS generation might rise up and turn to God wholeheartedly.
– God might remove divisions in His church and give us His Spirit of supernatural unity, love and peace
Thank you SO VERY MUCH!
In Christ,


20 thoughts on “Please Pray with Me!

  1. April, I have been so blessed by your ministry. I wish I could get the women in our church to read your blog everyday. I use a ton of info from your blog to mentor them, teaching them the true meaning of being submissive.

    I pray for you everyday and I will continue to pray for you. You are a true blessing to a dying lifestyle that God intended for ALL women to have.

    Thanks for all you do for the Lord


  2. April, thank you for asking us to pray with you! What a privilege to be able to lift these
    needs up to our Father! Prayer has been on my mind and heart ALOT! The Lord used yesterday at church as a time of prayer among us and I know He has many things to show me through more prayer. I am so happy to lift all of these requests up to Him. He has blessed me so with your blog here. I always just seem to “stumble” onto something that I really need!
    Thank you for your obedience to our Lord. You are such a blessing!

  3. Definitely praying for you and your family. God has already used you and your husband in awesome ways and I’m excited to see where He leads you!

    I have passed along your single girl blog site to several of my 20-something cousins who struggle with being single. I hope they find the blessings there that I have found in your Peaceful Wife site. 🙂

    – Kristin

    1. Kirstin,
      Thank you for your encouragement and the prayers! And thanks for sharing peacefulsinglegirl! May God richly bless your walk with Him and your marriage for His glory!

  4. Praying for you, not only in what you requested, but also
    I saw your blog getting blasted on a very popular feminist site, and am hoping you don’t receive too much trouble from it.

  5. Peaceful wife, I guess I’m one of “those” feminists that destroy everything about marriage. There’s nothing wrong with the choices you have made. Feminism is not a bad thing—No one is persecuting you for the life you have chosen for yourself. Feminism is about choice. Many feminists are even stay at home mothers. There’s nothing wrong with that. I only want to try to enlighten you and try to get you to see that feminism is a constructive thing—not a blasphemous one. I respect my fiance and he respects me. I don’t submit to him, but he also understands that we BOTH need to put our own needs first. I’m sure there are feminists out there that would love to tear you to shreds (which I don’t agree with—We shouldn’t judge each others’ lifestyles), but you’re doing what you want in your life, and you feel empowered in your own way. No one can take that away from you. Good luck!

  6. I was actually directed here BY the feminist site. I hope no one gives you trouble, but I will say this: Feminism is not a bad thing. It doesn’t ruin marriages, nor does it corrupt women. To me, feminism is about choice. This is the path you have chosen for yourself, and no one should judge you for that. Many feminists choose to be stay at home mothers, others chose to live more independent lifestyles. But those should all be respected paths that they take. You are an empowered woman in your own way, and there is nothing wrong with that! I’m curious as to why you’re so against it though—or are you more thinking of militant feminists? We’re not blasphemous or crude; we’re supportive of our fellow women. I can’t change your mind, but I hope you can at least understand that. My fiance and I have a mutual respect for each other and we submit to each others’ needs when it sees fit. We’re both very strong, opinionated people (which leads us to get into it sometimes—he and I are just VERY passionate!), but that’s what we love about each other. It makes our romance so much more fun because we’re able to debate so many things and stimulate each other intellectually as well as emotionally. I am extremely feminine (and celebrate it!) and he is very masculine. I don’t deny myself womanhood—no feminist does. I hope this may shed some light. I understand and respect your views. Good luck on your venture!

    1. Whbschneider,

      There are obviously a wide variety of beliefs held within the umbrella of feminism. I am not at all against any women. It is some of the core beliefs of the feminist agenda in the history of the movement that concern me. I definitely acknowledge there were huge problems in society and that much of what feminism tried to do helped women. So, I am not against everything that feminism has done. But there have been some parts of it that have been quite destructive, in my view.

      I believe the Bible is the only source of truth. Any message that encourages people to do things that are against God’s Word will lead to a broken relationship with God and with others, not just some of the messages of feminism. So my goal is to uphold the Bible and God’s design for living, including in marriage. God gives every person a free will to make their own choices and decide how to live their lives. I don’t attempt to force anyone to change.

      I am not opposed to women having opinions. I think it is crucial that women express their feelings and desires and their perspective to their husbands.

      My goal is to help women see God’s design for them, for femininity and for marriage according to the Bible. I am not trying to make things be the way they were 100 years ago. It’s my desire for women to be empowered by God and to joyfully give their lives to Jesus in order to find the greatest peace, joy and fulfillment possible. I focus on helping women look at their own part of the relationship in marriage and their own relationship with God.

      When we take care of and clean up our part of the equation – there is so much power to heal. I must be willing to look at MY wrong doing and the ways I am contributing to problems and how to learn to meet my husband’s needs, even if he doesn’t meet my needs. I find my strength, my joy, my hope, my power, my purpose and fulfillment in Jesus alone – not in my husband. Then I can be full of contentment and joy no matter what my husband does – because my faith is squarely in Jesus. I don’t make my husband more important than God to me – an idol. And I don’t make my being in control more important than God. And I don’t make my feelings of being loved more important than Jesus to me.

      Thankfully, I have had the privilege of seeing dozens and dozens of marriages strengthened, and women turn to Christ and find life in Him, not at all because of me, but totally because of the power of Jesus Christ to heal people, relationships and families. It has been such an amazing thing to get to see!

      I never would have called myself a feminist, but I actually had a lot of feminist thinking for 15 years in my marriage, and I almost destroyed my marriage with those ideas – but had no idea what I was even doing. I didn’t know my husband needed respect the way I need love. I gave more and more love, it didn’t work! I thought men and women think, feel and look at life the same way. I didn’t know that I was coming across offensively to him. I didn’t even see the whole masculine realm of respect at all. Unfortunately, what I thought was me being “equal” ended up me trying to be in total control of our marriage. I was rude and hateful. 🙁 I turned into a dictator and tried to force my way. I am ashamed of my behavior now! I would completely steamroll my husband and as a result, he unplugged. That left me lonely, anxious, upset, worried, stressed and unloved.

      When I discovered the concepts of respect and cooperating with my husband’s God-given leadership – I began to have SO MUCH PEACE every day. And now, for the past few years, I have had the marriage of my dreams. I am also the woman I have always wanted to be. I used to be negative, critical, controlling, bossy, harsh, unforgiving, resentful, bitter and demeaning. Now I am able to be kind, humble, gentle, calm, joyful and pleasant – because of what God has changed in me. My husband and I both benefit! And he has become so much more the man he wants to be and that God wants him to be.

      Here are the primary concepts of feminism as a movement throughout the past 150 years or so that concern me:

      The thoughts, goals and ideals of feminism profoundly impacted our culture and the church. There have been 3 waves of feminism (Carolyn McCulley – Radical Womanhood):
      1. women’s suffrage – women seeking the right to own property when they were married, and seeking the right to vote as well as seeking to be able to hold the office of pastor or minister in churches (1800s) – and so began a subtle undermining of the authority of the Bible. The New Testament does not allow women to be pastors or to have authority over men to teach men (I Tim 2:11-15, I Cor 14:33-38). The women’s suffrage movement was very adamant about insisting that women have equal access to all areas of ministry as men had. At the time, this was a RADICAL deviation from the practices of Christian churches (for the preceding 1850 years).

      2. The second wave was very strong in the 60s and 70s and brought the ideas that marriage and motherhood were oppressive to women, that patriarchy was slavery, that men were the problem with society/government/marriage/church/family, that women could only find true fulfillment in the workplace, that there is no such thing as the God of the Bible, that God is really a woman, or whatever you want “her” to be, that the Bible is irrelevant and that no God-given authority ought to be honored or respected. Men did, in fact, cause many problems. They were sinners. But feminism painted women to be spiritually and morally superior to men and did not allow for women to be seen as sinful. Femininity was good and masculinity was evil. Women weren’t just seeking to be equal in value and to receive equal pay in the workplace – but they were seeking to have “equal power” and “equal roles” in marriage and the church ministry as well. (Think about the sin of Satan – seeking equality with God. And then think about Christ, “Who, being in very nature God, did not consider equality with God something to be grasped. Philippians 2:6 Birth control and abortion were a HUGE emphasis of the 2nd wave of feminism – allowing women the “freedom” from childbearing to maintain their beautiful figures and to work without the “inconvenience” of children. Children became disposable, a burden and a bother instead of a blessing from God. Marriage became disposable – whenever we no longer “feel happy” we can ditch our husbands. Covenant is no longer in the picture. Sex became disconnected from child-bearing and became “free” from the bonds of marriage. No Fault Divorce was one of the largest “triumphs” of the 2nd wave of feminism. Women entered the workforce in staggering numbers and children began to be raised in day care instead of at home with their mothers. Divorce became increasingly widespread and accepted. And it was and still is largely WOMEN who instigate divorce – often citing reasons like Anonymous and David mentioned instead of having biblically sound reasons for divorce.

      3. the third wave of feminism is less organized but has several goals: erase biology from the definition of family, establish fluid gender acceptance (it’s ok to switch from being male to female and back), to promote homosexuality and bi-sexuality, to destroy the traditional definition of the nuclear family, to continue to promote birth control and abortion, to have no moral labeling against any kind of deviant sexual behavior or lifestyles, to promote the idea that pornography “empowers” women and that women should dress and act like porn stars to get the attention of men in public and that pornography is harmless or actually even “good.”

      I appreciate your comments so very much and thank you for being so respectful. 🙂

  7. I will always be respectful—there’s ways to express opinions and debate without resorting to cursing or being obscene. I after reading this, I do have a question. Now, I was raised Jewish and I currently identify as an Atheist, but I am somewhat versed in the Bible (obviously I know more about the old testament though!.

    Do you ever feel as though the Bible’s teachings are outdated? There are many things that are extremely specific to that time and culture. Not everything of course, as some messages are timeless, but such things as stoning a son who is rebellious and disrespectful [ Deuteronomy 21:18-21], certain views on marriage that are no longer really in modern existence, but DO happen in the Bible:, and others.

    I’m curious what your feelings are on that—and if you reject certain notions within the Bible due to it not being applicable to modern day life. I know many Atheists and non-theists throw the shellfish, cloth of mixed fibers, and the Sabbath arguments a lot as well. Is the Bible meant to be taken so literally? Or is it just interpretation and suggestion?

    I highly recommend reading into some Eastern philosophy such as the Ramayana and Bhagavad Gita, which also share stories while having a moral/ethical point. It’s really fascinating to me! If you’re not opposed or interested, of course. That’s how I interpret the Bible, Torah, Qu’ran, and other religious scriptures. One of the biggest things I have taken away from Judaism (once again, born into it and raised in it, rejected beliefs from an early age though) is that we’re supposed to live our lives committing mitzvahs—aka, good deeds. Judaism also teaches that one is not born with sin, but to live a good life one must commit those mitzvahs. I think that’s very beautiful! I know in Christianity some believe in original sin, and therefore repent until one is worth saving. I wouldn’t want that looming over my head! Anyway, sorry for getting a little off topic, but I’m also curious as to how Christians handle the Torah, as Jesus was a rabbi, and the earliest Christians WERE Jewish (and followed the Torah still, minus a few things!).

    Sorry for the long response, but you seem like you know your stuff, and while I am an Atheist, I have an appreciation for those who HAVE faith in something, and like to have an understanding of all religions and cultures. Thank you so much!

    1. I was gone all day today! And working tomorrow. I’m a pharmacist! 🙂 But I hope to respond within the next day or two.

      I appreciate hearing from you! And will be glad to answer your questions.

    2. whbschneider,
      The New Testament is the New Covenant of Jesus’ blood paying for our sins. He was the ultimate “Passover Lamb” so He was the fulfillment of the laws of the Old Testament. He lived a sinless life as the Son of God and He paid the price for our sins. So, I follow the New Testament, but there are some things in the Old Testament that are principles that still apply and are very helpful.

      The New Testament is completely relevant to my life. The more I understand it and draw near to Jesus – in a relationship – the more peace and joy I have. I can’t earn my way to heaven. I can’t do enough good to outweigh the bad. Isaiah calls our own “good works” “filthy menstrual rags.” All have sinned and fallen short of the glory of God. Romans 3:23. “I am the Way, the Truth and the Life. No one comes to the Father but through me.” John 14:6. Jesus came, not to give us a religion, but to make a way for us to enter the “Holy of Holies” ourselves and have a relationship with God. NOw, we don’t have to follow a list of rules to try to impress God – we never could impress Him anyway. The law was to show us what sin was and how sinful we all are. Now, we are able to approach God through the grace of Christ. We accept His life, His death, His resurrection and there is a great exchange. He gives us what He deserves and He took on Him what we deserved. When we put our faith in what He did for us on the cross, and give our lives to Him as our LORD – our Master – that is how we have a relationship with God and that is the way to heaven – the only way according to JEsus. If there was another way, He had more interest than anyone else in history to find it. He begged for God to take “this cup” of His death from Him the night before He was crucified, but then submitted to His Father, “Not My will, but Yours be done.”

      That is some seriously crazy love He has for each of us – that He would rather leave glory and put on a human body and suffer and die the worst imaginable death so that we have the chance to choose Him and live with Him forever in heaven.

      The New Testament teaches that we have faith FIRST. THen, because of our love and gratitude for the forgiveness of God for our mountains of sins through Jesus’ blood shed for us – we do good works. It is not that good works save us. IT is impossible for us to be good. ONly God is good. But out of love, gratitude and devotion to Christ – we are to live a life where we sacrifice our own will to His every day and give up what we want to live for Him – we are living sacrifices. So the good comes from God’s power working in us after we are “saved” the good works do not come first.

      I love GOd’s Word – the Old and New Testaments. But I am not obligated to live under the law of the Old Testament. Many of the ideas are still good ideas, and are the embodiment of what Jesus said are the two greatest commandments, “Love The Lord your God with all your heart, with all your soul, with all your might and all your strength ,and love your neighbor as yourself.” He said that the Law and prophets all hinge on those two things. If you love your fellow man – you won’t steal, covet, murder, envy, lust… If you love God, you won’t put other things before Him and won’t dishonor His Name….

      I hope that helps!
      I don’t believe that any other writings are the Word of God. My focus is only on the Bible.

      Thanks for the comments and questions! They were good ones!

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