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Prayer Day – UNITY in our marriages


I’d like Thursdays to be a day of us praying together corporately.  We’ll get on our knees and “grab hands” virtually around the world.  Where two or three are gathered together, there He is in the midst of them.  🙂

The goal here is for us to focus on these topics, please, in our prayers and comments:

  • praising God
  • thanking Him
  • repenting of any sin in our own hearts
  • praying for ourselves to become the women God commands us to be
  • praying for our husbands in a God-honoring way
  • praying for God’s glory in our marriages
  • praying for God to work through the power of His Spirit among His people around the world to restore marriages and reconcile people to Himself.

I am planning to choose a topic each week for us to pray about together, God-willing.  You can pray along with me in your heart, or even out loud if you would like to.  You can also add your own prayer for these issues we are talking about in the comments.  I desire this to be a time of building one another up, women learning to fervently pray individually and as a group, unity in the body and nourishing the bonds of sisterhood (and brotherhood if there are men who would like to pray).

Ladies, EVERY DAY, let’s nourish our souls and abide in Christ – this is the secret to His abundant life:

  • feast on God’s Word
  • repent deeply of EVERY trace of sin
  • listen to God’s Spirit and have willing hearts to obey Him in EVERYTHING no matter what He asks us to do and no matter how great the personal cost may be to ourselves, submitting fully to Him as LORD of our lives
  • be full of God’s Spirit and power
  • praise God – all day long, constantly meditating on things to praise God about and focusing on His character and His goodness, sovereignty, strength, holiness and power.
  • thank God – all day long, I pray we will thank God for the things He has given us and I even pray that we will thank him in the midst of suffering and trials knowing that He is able to use those things to make us stronger, more spiritually mature and to refine our faith and make us more like Jesus.  I pray we won’t run from suffering, but that we might embrace it if it is God’s will – and that we will lay still on the operating table as He removes any spiritual gangrene or cancer from our souls, so that we might be more healthy and more and more like Jesus.
  • pray for ourselves – not for our will but for God’s will to be done in our lives, that we might die to self and live as living sacrifices daily for Him, taking up our cross and living lives worthy of all that Jesus has done for us.  I pray that we might allow the floodgates of heaven to open up and spill the spiritual treasures of heaven into our lives and our homes – giving us the power to become the women of God’s dreams, that we might have the perseverance, patience, wisdom, maturity, faith, love, godliness and strength to shine brightly for Christ where we are, being faithful servants of His.
  • pray for our husbands – not telling God what to do, but thanking God for them, asking God to fill them with His wisdom to lead our families and asking for God’s victory over any strongholds of sin.  I pray we might ask God to show us how to bless our husbands, how to better respect and honor them and how to make their job to lead us a joy.  I pray that God might empower us to inspire our husbands and to set godly examples for them by showering them with goodness, grace, mercy, forgiveness, kindness, patience, gentleness, self-control, selflessness, honor and blessing.
  • pray for God’s Spirit to sweep across His church around the world and bring repentance from sin and a NEW Great Awakening for this generation that THIS generation might rise up by God’s power to become a godly generation.  I pray that God might wake up His women first, that we might become the wives He desires us to be and that we might bless our husbands through our obedience to Christ and pave the way for them to become the men of God that Jesus desires them to be.

UNITY – This was one of Jesus’ most powerful prayers for His church – that we would be one with Him and that we would be one with each other and have perfect unity, that there would be NO divisions.    This was His prayer for His church.  It is MY prayer for His church, too.  And it is my prayer for our marriages.


  • I invite you to cover your head with a scarf or hat with me in obedience to I Corinthians 11:3-16 to show our respect for the God-given authority our husbands have over our lives as we approach God with reverence, awe and trembling.  For more about this almost forgotten New Testament teaching, please read here. 🙂  
  • I also invite you to fast with me on Thursdays as we pray for our marriages together.  This is not a requirement or anything! You can fast for one meal, two meals, all day, do a liquid fast – whatever you believe God is calling you to do.  But there is POWER in seeking God in prayer together and fasting together for the needs of marriages as we pray with one another.  If you are not familiar with fasting, please check this out!
  • Please remember, before praying – if there is any sin in your heart, repent of it and turn from it for God will not hear our prayers when we cherish sin in our hearts!


We come to You in total awe of all that You have done and all that You are.   You alone are God!  There is no other!  You alone created the world and all that is in the universe from nothing.  You are SOVEREIGN over every galaxy, over every subatomic particle, over every person’s life and every wife and husband represented here.  No one can snatch us from Your loving, holy, sovereign hands.  You are GOOD.  You are not able to have evil motives towards us.  You give good things to us – even when we suffer – it is ultimately for our benefit and blessing to make us more like Christ.  How amazing that You had such love for us that You were willing to lay aside the glory of Your majesty in heaven and put on a frail human, mortal body, and live as a godly example for us and then die in our place – the death that we so deserved, that you did not deserve.  How INSANE that You would take our sin debt of “billions” of dollars that we could never repay to You except by our own suffering in hell, and write across our bill, “Paid in Full.”  There is NO sin that You cannot forgive.  There is NO sin that is outside of the reach of the blood of Christ.  WE PRAISE AND THANK YOU FOR THIS INCREDIBLY GOOD NEWS!  If You were willing to do all of this for us while we were still Your enemies, we cannot begin to fathom how You will move heaven and earth to accomplish Your purposes in our lives now that we belong to You.  We seek only Your will.  We acknowledge that Your wisdom is infinitely higher than our own.  You are the Truth, the Life and the Way.

We THANK YOU for what You have done in our lives.  Every breath we take, every bite of food we eat, the houses where we live, the clothing on our backs, the husbands and children in our homes, the countries where we live, our leaders, our health, our roads, our electricity, our gasoline, our cars, our schools, our governments, our churches, our Bibles, our talents, our intellect, our abilities, our bodies, our money, our jobs… it is ALL directly from Your hand.  We thank You that You bring problems and trials into our lives to discipline us and to make us more mature and complete, ready to accomplish Your will and Your plans in our lives.  We acknowledge that all of these blessings could be taken away if You so choose.  We thank and praise You for providing for our needs today.  We trust You today.  We put all our faith in You today.  And we trust You with tomorrow.

Help us to see anything we are withholding from You, anything we don’t trust You with, and let us lay it down, surrendering it to You in faith.  Open our eyes to any sin in our hearts: pride, idolatry, self-righteousness, unforgiveness, rage, resentment, bitterness, gossip, lust, greed, envy, adultery, silence (not sharing Christ), disobedience to any of Your commands for us as Your disciples, rebellion against Your Word or the authorities You have placed over us, selfishness, lack of generosity, apathy toward those in need, not caring for the poor, dissensions, factions, unthankfulness, complaining, arguing, and any impure motives.  Cleanse us by the blood of Christ.  We deeply repent and turn away from our sin. We see how nasty and filthy and repulsive it is in Your sight.  Make us clean, Lord!  Forgive us and give us new hearts and minds in You.  Transform our minds and souls by Your power.  Sanctify us – set us apart for Your purpose.  Make us more and more like Christ.  Help us to open our hearts WIDE to Your Spirit to allow You to work full blast in us.

Use us to reach the world with Your love and truth!

 We lift up ourselves as wives to Your glorious throne room in heaven today where tens of thousands of angels continually sing Your praise.  Where You are adorned in a dazzling white robe that blazes with light, where You have a golden sash tied around Your chest.  Where Your feet glow like burnished bronze in the furnace and where Your face shines brighter than the sun and Your eyes blaze like fire.  We bow down on our faces before Your holiness and greatness.  We tremble before Your presence.  You are an AWESOME, HOLY, MIGHTY, OMNIPOTENT, OMNIPRESENT, POWERFUL, GLORIOUS, LOVING God.  You alone are Truth.  You alone are Love.  You alone have all wisdom.  We humble ourselves before You and make our spirits contrite and lay ourselves low as we exalt You alone as God.  We seek to learn to be the wives and women You desire us to be.  Show us Your truth.  Show us the commands You have for us in Scripture.  Let us have willing, obedient hearts to follow You.  Let our lives bring great honor and joy to You.  Let us seek to please only You, and no one else.  Let us love You with all of our hearts and all of our minds and all of our souls and all of our strength!  Let us put nothing above You!  Purify our hearts.  We lay our hands on each wife praying together with us – let Your Spirit fill each precious woman who approaches You in faith with us as if Your Spirit is blasting through her soul like Niagra Falls.  Empower us to be faithful to You.  This life is short.  We will stand before You soon.  Let us be found to be obedient, Spirit-filled and faithful – no matter what the cost is to ourselves here in this life.  You are worthy of ALL of our devotion, ALL of our sacrifice, our lives, our everything.  We hold NOTHING back.  We find our identity, our purpose, our strength, our courage, our joy, our peace and our contentment in You alone!  No matter what may happen or what our circumstances may be, we can do ALL THINGS through Christ who gives us strength!
Bless our husbands greatly, Lord.  We lay our hands on them and seek Your protection and shield to cover them from the fiery darts of the enemy who roars about seeking to destroy our husbands.  Let the strongholds of the enemy and every stronghold of sin come crashing down in our husbands’  lives by Your power alone.  Help us to see that we might be the only people praying for our husbands.  Let us be faithful and let us stand firmly in the gap for them, engaging in spiritual battle on their behalf.  Use us to bless our husbands spiritually, emotionally, mentally, financially and sexually.  Teach us to respect our husbands and to meet their masculine needs as men.  Show us new ways to approach them and to interact with them that their hearts might safely trust us and we might be the wives they need us to be and that You desire us to be.  Let us embrace our God-given roles as women and wives and let us learn to come from a position of godly strength and power as we humbly honor their leadership, seek to do them good, assume the best not the worst, repay evil with good, cooperate with their decisions, respectfully share our hearts/needs/desires, seek Your will above our own, trust You to lead us through our husbands, seek to set a godly example of biblical submission for our children, and seek to be a place of safety, comfort and shelter for our husbands.
Please grant us unity in our marriages.  Where there is one spouse who is not a believer, draw that one to Yourself and let him/her find Christ.  Then let there be godly unity in our marriages.  Where we are both believers, let us act in grace, humility and agape love and respect towards our husbands, no matter if they “deserve it” or not.  Use our obedience to You and our Spirit-filled lives to impact our husbands for Your kingdom.  Tear down the sin in our lives and in our husbands’ lives.  Let us respond without sin no matter what our husbands do.  Let us get out of Your way so that our husbands can clearly hear Your voice.  Let us live in obedience and submission to Christ and let our husbands be amazed by what You are doing in us and let them long to have the same peace and joy that You have given to us.  Help us not to preach, nag, lecture, criticize, condemn or disrespect our husbands anymore.  Let us affirm, encourage, praise the good, focus on the Philippians 4:8 things, thank and appreciate all that they do for us and bless them with our words.  Remove our sinful tongues that destroy, wound and tear down.  Give us godly tongues that give LIFE.  Let us live out abundant life in Christ daily in front of our husbands until the day we die.  Let us never grow weary of doing good.  Use us to shine for You in our homes, and use us to draw many others to Your kingdom.
In the Name and power of Christ,



20 “My prayer is not for them alone. I pray also for those who will believe in me through their message, 21 that all of them may be one, Father, just as you are in me and I am in you. May they also be in us so that the world may believe that you have sent me. 22 I have given them the glory that you gave me, that they may be one as we are one— 23 I in them and you in me—so that they may be brought to complete unity. Then the world will know that you sent me and have loved them even as you have loved me.

24 “Father, I want those you have given me to be with me where I am, and to see my glory, the glory you have given me because you loved me before the creation of the world.

25 “Righteous Father, though the world does not know you, I know you, and they know that you have sent me. 26 I have made you[e] known to them, and will continue to make you known in order that the love you have for me may be in them and that I myself may be in them.”


29 thoughts on “Prayer Day – UNITY in our marriages

  1. I’ve already eaten supper, since I am a day in advance of most of you, being from the Philippines, and I am reading this post at 7pm Manila- time. I will fast next Thursday.

    Father God,

    We praise and thank You for the gift of life. We praise and honor You for calling us by name. It is only in silence that we are able to hear Your Voice, and praise You for allowing us to respond. Our faith is both a gift bestowed on us freely, and a responsibility as well. You will never force us to LOVE You or believe in You. It is of our own free will that we put all our hopes in You.

    In the midst of so many trials, we praise You, Father.

    We lift up to you first and foremost our husbands. They, Whom You have ordained to be our human authorities. Protect us as we submit to them and bend our wills, and crucify our sinful natures. It is SO hard, Lord. The flesh is beckoning for us to CONTROL them. But, with Your Spirit in us, we are able to conquer it and advance in virtue despite it.

    None of the things we own including our lives belong to us, o Lord. We praise You for providing for us, taking care of us, protecting us. We are nothing before You. We are mere specks of dust, and yet, and it is so humbling, that You would love us and have Your Son die for us. We who deserve death have been given new lives through Jesus.

    We lift up to You too, Father our children, our families, our countries. There is so much strife and disorder everywhere o Lord. There is so much pain and suffering. There is so much hunger and despair. Comfort them o Lord, when we ourselves cannot reach out to them. And when we can, in our own little or big ways, may we not turn away anyone who needs our help, be it in time, talent or treasure.

    We lift up to You O Lord, our fellow wives here. We who have given up our lives to You. We who have decided to follow Your Teachings as submitted wives. We are a small group, Lord, but there is nothing impossible with You. Help us to be committed to spread the Truth. Help us to grow in number so that generations and generations of women will be able to bring light and grace into their homes.

    There is so much to say, o Lord, but in ending we pray for April and her ministry. May You continue to give her strength and courage to continue in this journey. It was You Who made us all meet. There never was a doubt in my mind that it was You Who brought us to The Peaceful Wife’s blog. May it serve as a beacon to those in the dark. We will never rest o Lord, until we rest in Thee. Being in this respect journey has given us that much needed rest.

    Thank You for giving us PEACE. It is true that it is the kind of PEACE that the world cannot give.

    All this we pray through Jesus Christ our Lord,

  2. Amen!

    By the power of the Holy Spirit – chains be broken, truth be revealed, light overtake the darkness. Father, empower us wives to hold on to Your truths and not be deceived or distracted. Help us to encourage each other and be a support for other wives that are on this journey of biblical submission and godly femininity. Father, the enemy has twisted and warped the world so much that everything in it contradicts Your will and Your truth. Help us to stand firm for You and help us to usher in Your Kingdom as Your holy people set apart. May others see our good works and glorify You, Lord. All glory be to God!

    Peaceful Wife, The Spirit led me straight to your blog a little over a month ago. I am a new Christian (1½ years) just beginning to uncover what it means to be a woman of God. I am learning so much from your blog and I am so blessed and so encouraged by you everyday. Thank you so so much for your courage and conviction to share with and be such a tremendous support for godly wives!

  3. Amen

    I am so thankful for your blog, Peaceful Wife. I’m just starting on my journey with the Lord and as a godly wife/woman and I’m very grateful to have an example to look to. Thank you for your time and your courage and your conviction!

  4. I feel as though I am reading a Christian romance blog each time I read your blogs. I see such wisdom and the way things could, but feel as though I it could never happen within my own marriage. My wife says she wants to work to improve our marriage, but he heart still shows that she just wants me to change. I don’t even want to talk to her anymore because she has such a negative attitude towards me. She is hostile towards me for reading your blog (and Respectedhusband). I can’t even share what I am learning for fear of reprisal. I am just praying and waiting on God to do a great work in her.

    1. Jerry- If my husband had come to me with these thoughts and ideas before I had discovered them, I would have been equally bitter! It is hard for anyone to accept what they are doing as sinful. Thank you for commenting. I had not thought about you men out there who wanted more Godly wives. I will pray for not only the husbands who need to seek their proper role in marriage but also the wives!

      1. Sara,

        There are MANY husbands who read my blog and who want so much for their wives to wake up to God’s design for marriage. Thank you for praying for him and for the others. So many husbands love reading my blog- because it gives them hope – but it is excruciatingly painful for them at the same time. It is hard to understand why God would wake me up already, but not their wives yet. They see exactly what they long for in their own marriages, but don’t have right now. They find a place here where men are treated with respect and honor and a husband’s authority is upheld. This blog is a little oasis in a brutal spiritual desert for many men. There is such a famine of respect for men in our culture today.

        But, what they really long for most is to have the genuine respect and honor of their own wives. I can’t give that to them. 🙁

        We can stand with them and pray for them, our brothers, and for their wives, our sisters. I have seen God transform hundreds of marriages so far. I have seen it start with the husbands a number of times, too!


        This stuff that I talk about is REALLY hard for women to hear – even from another woman. Sometimes it can be almost impossible for a wife to hear these things from her husband. I pray that God will speak to your wife and soften her heart to His truth and His Word. Until God opens a woman’s spiritual eyes, she cannot accept these things.

        I know I spent 6 months emailing multiple times every day with one particular wife- the most disrespectful wife I had ever communicated with. She never did understand during those 6 months. I couldn’t open her eyes. Only God can. Only God can raise the dead. That is what is necessary here!

        I couldn’t even open my own eyes. How I wish God had showed me all of this 20 years ago! How i wish I didn’t have those 14.5 years of disrespect, control, pride, self-righteousness and sin in my life. BUT – I believe God chose the time He did to open my eyes so that He could begin this ministry through me. Now, He is using my years of disrespect and sin to reach thousands of wives around the world and to call them to turn their hearts back to Him, His design for marriage and to respect and honor their husbands. God is able to use EVERYTHING in our lives for our ultimate good and His ultimate glory, even my years of rebellion and sin. How amazing is that!?!?!?

        I pray for wisdom and God’s power for you as you seek to love her and obey Christ. I stand with you praying for God’s greatest glory in your marriage, that God might heal your marriage and use it to point many to Christ! 🙂

    2. Jerry,

      My heart breaks for your pain! And for your wife’s pain, too. It sounds like you are both in a miserable place. I have been there, so has my husband.

      I can tell you that when I was learning this stuff, I could not read about what husbands “should” do. In fact, I still have to be REALLY careful. If I read much at all about a really godly husband and specific things he does for his wife, I could easily become jealous if those are not things Greg does for me. The enemy can start accusing Greg in my heart and I will go down a very sinful path if I start to think about anything but what I am thankful for and what God wants me to do. I have to keep my eyes on Christ. I do not have hope because of Greg. I have hope because of Jesus. It is ALL about Him! He gives me power. He changes my life. He gives me the ability to become the wife He wants me to. I can do NOTHING good on my own. I have totally proven that many times!

      I didn’t know if God would change Greg when I decided to trust and obey Him and completely submit myself to Him. I had no guarantees. But I knew God would change me. So that became my focus – CHANGE ME, LORD! Help me to bless Greg, to respect him, to accept him, to love him, to honor him even if he NEVER changes at all. Even if he barely talks to me, barely touches me, doesn’t look at me, ignores me, isn’t involved in parenting, watches TV 40 hours/week, won’t pray with me, won’t read the Bible with me, won’t have deep spiritual conversations with me, won’t lead in the marriage… I am going to trust You, Lord. I will sit right here until I am 80 years old if I have to, but I am not running ahead of You anymore. I’m going to follow Greg. I trust that You are sovereign enough to lead me through this man, even though he is a sinner just like me. If You want me to do something in this life, I trust You to be able to communicate that to my husband. I acknowledge that You are sovereign even over Greg Cassidy and over my life.

      Have all of my prayers for my marriage been answered?

      Does that bother me?

      I know God will answer them in His time and in His way for His glory. I trust Him with the timing. I know He will use these things for my ultimate good if He wants me to wait.

      You have access to the same Jesus that I do. His power can radically change you. And as He radically changes you and you seek Him above everything else in life – He is totally able to radically change your marriage. You can’t change your marriage. Your wife can’t change your marriage. But God can change YOU. And God can change her. But only God can change her.

      The closer you are to Christ, the more His power and Spirit are flooding through your soul, the easier it would be for her to come to Christ, too.

      You may not be able to share verbally much right now. Almost all of the wives who read my site have spent at least some time obeying I Peter 3:1-6 where God commands wives whose husbands are disobedient to the Word not to use words to try to win their husbands, but their submissive spirit, their respect and their chaste lifestyle. We all have to learn to witness to our husbands without words. It is indeed very possible!

      It may be that your wife can’t hear words about God or about marriage from you right now. But you know what she can hear? Your love, empowered by God’s Spirit. God IS able to do a great work in her. He is also able to do a great work in you, too. 🙂

  5. I know self-sacrifice brings you closer to God. Today I am fasting for our husbands and wives who have not found God and accepted their Godly place in our marriages and society. Right now, at 10am, I am hungry!! But I am offering up my hunger pangs for each of us as we walk this narrow road toward Jesus. I am offering my pangs as thanksgiving to God who led me to this blog and to my friends who are supporting me in my journey. I am begging God use me to show others the light that I have seen. I went to Adoration this morning and with my head covered and on my knees recited out loud the prayer you wrote. Together we can create a revolution- one marriage at a time.

    1. Sara,

      You made me cry tears of joy! YES! AMEN! This is exactly my prayer. That God might use me to shine His light to other women. Then that those women will shine for others and that we will share God’s Word, His hope, His power, His grace, His Spirit, His truth with women all around the world and that God might raise up many godly examples for our sisters to follow. So many Christian women have had ZERO godly examples of femininity, being a wife and marriage. How I pray that every believing wife will have ONE godly example in her life, a mentor that she can talk to, learn from and pray with.

      Thank you for fasting with me!

      That is my prayer – it gives me chills – that God might create a marriage revolution among His people – one marriage at a time. That we might pick up the ball that was dropped a few generations ago and that God might empower us to be a godly, faithful, obedient generation that might leave a godly example and legacy to our children.

      AMEN! AMEN!

  6. This is so exciting! I am relatively new to prayer, and I’m always unsure of what I should say. It is amazing to think that many of us will be praying at the same time, for the same purposes! Thank you for your words…they will help inspire and guide me as I draw closer to God.

    1. Paulina,

      There isn’t really a right or wrong way to pray – as long as we are praying from sincere and true motives to God. 🙂 That is really key – motives. There is much power in prayer. I can’t wait to see what God has in store! 🙂

  7. Love this! I feel like these changes in April’s ministry, especially Prayer Day, is going to really catapult significant ground-breaking changes in our lives! I believe many strongholds will be broken, lives will be changed, and marriages will be restored. This is so exciting to watch The Lord at work! Veronica, we are praying for your ministry as well!


  8. Definitely will be joining in for Thursday prayer and fasting.
    So blessed to be part of this prayer group.
    Just heard a talk today re this is the year of remembering and renewing covenants.
    April your blog is something I look forward to everyday.
    Thank you for sharing your life and your journey with us – it has so impacted me and my family.

  9. Amen! I, too, am very excited by prayer day! I am not a new Christian, but this is an area where I have always struggled, not so much the words, but the actual act. I feel I get so easily distracted or sidetracked and sometimes I get so overwhelmed by how much there is to pray about that I don’t know where to start! Any suggestions would be welcome as I try to mature in this area. Thank you, April, for your suggestions about covering my head and fasting–I am seriously considering them, wanting to make sure my motives are right.

    1. Cat,

      That sounds great! No pressure about anything – just things to prayerfully consider.

      I hope to lead the ladies through some things to pray for and ways to pray and focusing on our motives as we pray. 🙂

  10. So excited for prayer Thursdays!

    Father God,
    I lift April & all of the other peaceful wives & their spouses up to you. I pray that each of us will feel Your loving presence as we walk this path toward submission to You & Your will. Lord, I pray for protection for our husbands as we move counter-culturally toward wives submitting to their husbands & husbands leading their families. I pray for our children who may have seen unsubmissive moms-that their eyes will be opened as we journey toward submission. I pray for each member of The Peaceful Wife Club (husbands & wives), for their days as they all journey toward being the person God designed to be, fulfilling the roles He created them for. I pray for April, her marriage, family & ministry-that He protect them & give wisdom, clarity & knowledge. It’s in His Son’s name I pray, Amen.

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