Please Pray with Me!

Hey, y’all! I would like to ask for prayer for my blog ministry to wives and single women – where I strive to teach God’s design for marriage to women.  My prayer is that I might teach them to lay down any idols and to have Christ as Lord, to respect their husbands, to cooperate… Continue reading Please Pray with Me!

Praying for Your Husband so that God Will Hear

Photo by Ruben Hutabarat on Unsplash

What is the real key to praying for your husband? Check out these tips I learned the hard way.

Waiting on the Lord

Today’s guest post is by Lindsey Watson at Runningincircles.   Thank you for sharing!  Praying for a healthy delivery and healthy mama and baby! There are tons of verses in the Bible about waiting on the Lord.  I know, because I found them and “claimed” them all when I was single and worrying about my… Continue reading Waiting on the Lord

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