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Praying for Your Husband so that God Will Hear


I used to pray earlier in our marriage – A LOT.

Sometimes I would pray for 4 hours at a time multiple times a week.  Seriously.

I thought that I could clearly see my husband’s faults and I would pray and pray that God would change him. I would beg God to let us pray together as a couple.  I would pray for God to cause my husband to lead spiritually (the way I thought he should, of course!). That is CLEARLY God’s will, right?

And then when it wouldn’t happen by that night, I would be angry.  Literally.  No answer in 8 hours?  That was unacceptable!  I had prayed for God’s will.  I was dumbfounded.

Why on earth wasn’t I seeing answers to my prayers?


If I had cherished sin in my heart,

the Lord would not have listened.  Psalm 66:18


  • I got hung up on being resentful.
  • I was awful at forgiveness.
  • I had let a root of bitterness grow into a full-fledged evil tree in my life.
  • I was rebellious against God’s Word – to forgive, to not be bitter, to submit to my husband, to respect my husband (even though I didn’t realize I was disrespectful and controlling)…
  • I was committing idolatry (wanting MY way, wanting to be in control, wanting to feel loved, expecting my husband to be Christ to me).
  • I was overflowing with pride.
  • I was self-righteous – I thought I was so much more spiritually mature than my husband.

I didn’t just have a 2X4 in my eye, I had a FOREST. 🙁

I needed Jesus and His blood and forgiveness infinitely more than I had ever previously imagined!  Turns out that I am a wretched sinner in total desperation for Christ!  I really didn’t “get it” before!


Unforgiveness is a really big deal to God.  He counts it as a major sin.

If you forgive men when they sin against you,

your heavenly Father will also forgive you.

But if you do not forgive men their sins,

your father will not forgive your sins.  Matthew 6:14-15


I really believed in my heart that I knew better than my husband. And I lived as if I knew better than God, too, because I did not respect my husband’s God given spiritual authority over me and when I prayed to God about my husband.

I was disrespectful about my husband to God. I was trying to control God, too!  I was demanding and disrespectful to God, Himself.  I thought if I prayed hard enough and long enough, God would do what I wanted Him to do.  Wrong!

As soon as God showed me my sin of disrespect and pride, I quit focusing on trying to change my husband and trying to control everyone around me and God and began focusing on all that God wanted to change in ME!  It turns out, there was more than enough sin in my own life to keep me VERY busy for a long, long time – despite my long-held beliefs that I was nearly perfect, always right, and knew better than everyone else what needed to be done in any given situation.


God opposes the proud, but gives grace to the humble.  James 4:6

God opposed me before.  My arrogance and pride was sky high.  I don’t know if pride is measurable, but, if it was, surely I was getting close to the limit of what is humanly possible.

I prayed with a spirit of judgment and criticism and condemnation against my husband.  I was just like the Pharisees.  I looked down on my husband instead of praying with humility and seeing the depths of my own sin clearly and seeing how much Jesus has forgiven me.

Now – I know God hears me.

And even more importantly – He allows me to hear HIM!

Many of the things I was praying for years ago were God’s will. I still pray a lot of the same things now that I used to. But now – I see prayers answered every day!  Not all of them have been answered yet – and that is ok.

Now, I trust God’s timing and His sovereignty to do what is best for me, my husband and His glory, by His power and in His timing.  Now – I see miracles happening and mountains being moved. Now I see the power of God unleashed and working in me and my husband!  And it is AWESOME!

The difference is that now – GOD has changed me by His power working in me to be:

  • PATIENT – If I have to wait until I am 80 years old and things don’t change until then, I am ok with that.  I wait on God’s timing and trust His wisdom and timing are much better than my own.  I used to be one of the most impatient people EVER.  But I have learned that when you wait on God – there will be  a lot of waiting.  The waiting on His timing is important, and He has plenty for me to do and learn in the meantime.  So, I wait – and I praise Him and serve Him while I wait.
  • HUMBLE – I totally get that I do NOT know better than God and that I very likely do NOT know better than my husband.  My own wisdom is foolishness, and God’s wisdom is wise.  I do NOT know best!!!!!!!! I am open to the idea that God will use my husband to lead me even when I don’t agree and can’t understand.  I don’t insist on my own way.  I don’t make demands.  I make respectful requests, and I understand the proper chain of authority:  God>Christ>my husband>me.  I don’t try to go around my husband’s authority to get what I want from God if my husband won’t give me what I desire like I used to.  I know that my husband can’t keep me from God’s will if I am obeying and trusting God.  And I also know that if I am rebelling against God’s commands for me as a wife, I can’t be in God’s will!
  • RESPECTFUL – I understand that God put my husband in spiritual authority over me. I trust God to use my husband to lead me and guide me. I respect the position of “husband” as the leadership position in our marriage (ordained by God in Ephesians 5:22-33) and yield to his leadership willingly and cheerfully. I know that I cannot be disrespectful of God’s agent of spiritual authority over my life and receive God’s blessings on my marriage. I trust that God can and will use my husband to accomplish His will – whether my husband is close to God or not. I thank God for my husband’s authority over me to protect me and care for me and I thank my husband frequently for his leadership and authority over me. I began thanking him for being the leader and authority in our marriage WAY before he began to lead.  I stepped down and waited as long as it took for him to be able to take the helm.  I didn’t rush him.  I didn’t take over when he didn’t move.  I waited.  A LOT.  And I waited patiently and cheerfully with great faith in God and in my husband.  One thing I did early on in this process was read I Corinthians 11, and began covering my head out of respect for my husband’s authority over me when I pray.  It’s not popular today to do this, I totally get that.  But it reminds me to have the proper respectful attitude towards my husband’s authority over me and towards God – and I need that!  I need all the help I can get with having a respectful attitude towards my husband and towards God.  I believe God honors our obedience even when no one else seems to be obeying Him.
  • STILL – I don’t try to make things happen the way I think they should anymore. I don’t insist on my way. If my husband makes a decision I disagree with, I tell him my position respectfully. I tell him my feelings. I pray about it. And I accept it and wait with great anticipation to see what God will do.  I am not panicking and freaking out  and trying to force things to happen the way I think they should.  God has given me a calm, peaceful, still spirit.  It is AMAZING!!!!!  I LOVE the power of His Spirit working in me and would do ANYTHING to have Him filling me up!!!
  • GRATEFUL – I thank God for everything I can think of! I thank my husband for everything I can think of, too!  Every day.  All day long.
  • JOYFUL – I love God with my whole heart! Obeying His Word has given me the most joy I have ever experienced in my life! I didn’t have joy when I was being disobedient to God’s commands for wives.  I look to Him for my strength, purpose and joy now – not my husband or my marriage.
  • PEACEFUL – I truly live in God’s peace daily now. This is all His power and His Spirit at work, it’s not something I can do on my own. I trust God. I trust my husband. I trust God to work through my husband even when my husband makes mistakes. The pressure is off. I rest in the love of God and the love of my husband. I know that I am not in charge, and it is a HUGE weight off of my shoulders!  I am not stressed anymore!  I am not worried anymore!  I am not lonely or despairing anymore.  THANK YOU, LORD!  I praise You for what You have done in my life!  SO many miracles!  I can never repay You, Jesus!
  • OBEDIENT – I desire to obey God in EVERYTHING. I have a willing spirit to obey Him and please Him. And I am cooperative with my husband’s leadership. I don’t rebel against his ideas or direction. I do know that if my husband asked me to do something that went against God’s Word, I would have to respectfully stand up to him and refuse to follow him. But so far, that hasn’t been an issue.
  • FULL OF PRAISE – I praise my husband.  I praise God.  I sing in my heart happily all day every day.  Just like God inhabits the praises of His people, I believe that husbands inhabit the praises of their wives.
  • SURRENDERED TO THE LORDSHIP OF CHRIST – I constantly check my heart and soul for any idols, and ask God to convict me – because I know that I can be so blind to sin.  I ask God to show me anything I am putting above my love and devotion for Christ. I am ready to tear anything out that is in that holy place that belongs to Him alone.  It has to go – without mercy – even good things cannot be in that place.  I MUST seek Jesus first WAY above everything else.   I lay down my own desires, my will, my wisdom, my purposes, my plans and my dreams and seek God’s will, His wisdom, His desires, His glory and His purposes.


When God changes our hearts and we take off the old sinful self and put on the new woman we are in Christ – and are full of His Spirit and power – WOW!  THEN, we want to pray for God’s will, not our own.

And God purifies our motives.  It’s SO easy to have double motives or impure motives.

 Motives matter to God!

I must do the right thing for the right reasons to honor my Lord.  When my heart and motives are pure in His sight, and His Spirit is filling my life to overflowing, He hears and I can rest assured that He will answer my prayers for His glory and to accomplish His purposes in His timing.  There is no better place to be in all the world!


I pray that other wives might find this freedom to live in Your peace and joy, too!  I pray that You might break the shackles of resentment, un-forgiveness, pride, idolatry, rebellion and anything that offends Your holiness.  I pray that we as wives might repent and seek You with our whole hearts!

I pray that we might learn to respect the leadership and authority of Jesus first and then also that we might learn to respect the God-given authority of our husbands.   Let us taste and see how good You are!  I pray that each precious wife who reads this might live in a spirit of humility, repentance, reverence and patience in Your presence and that they might see Your power at work in their marriages, too, for Your great glory!  I pray for Your will to be done – not our own.  We trust You with the outcomes – but we lay ourselves at Your feet and long only to know You and to obey You.

In Jesus’ Name,


43 thoughts on “Praying for Your Husband so that God Will Hear

  1. This may seem a bit off topic, but I heard a saying recently that “most women now want to be married, but they don’t want to be wives.” I was wondering how true you think that is, and in what ways it may or may not be true.


    1. Jeff,
      Thanks for the comment!
      I think that is a pretty interesting statement. And I think it may be true on many levels.

      One of the biggest problems I am seeing with our culture is that even women who don’t proclaim themselves to be “feminists” have been so immersed in feminist thinking for so long that we are all affected. Even men are affected by those messages that:
      – women and men are the same – not just equal in value – but the same.
      – marriage should be 50/50
      – women should find fulfillment outside the home
      – motherhood and being at home all the time is oppressive
      – men are inept, lazy and stupid, women are much smarter and need to be in charge
      – marriage is disposable
      – no one has to respect any authority anymore. There is no such thing as God-given authority

      We have all been impacted by the messages of our culture on a daily basis. I know that I would NEVER have EVER called myself a feminist, but I unquestioningly accepted many of the tenets of feminism without even realizing it.

      For instance – the concept of respecting God-given authority has almost been completely erased from the collective culture of people under 50. Feminism questioned the authority of the Bible and the existence of God and set about to destroy anything that was part of God’s authority structure in society and in the family. And they have done a pretty great job at achieving their goals.

      Today, most women have NO idea that men need respect in marriage. And even if they did figure that out – most women have NO CONCEPT of what respect would mean to a man. They haven’t seen it modeled in their families. Most women grew up with domineering and controlling mothers. Or they are the product of divorce. Most women don’t have the concept of biblical submission on their radar screens at all. They grow up thinking that they know best, that they should be in charge of their own lives, that they have rights, that they are going to get their way, that they deserve to be loved all the time even when they are unlovable – BUT – they have been taught that love should be unconditional, but respect should be earned. So there is no concept of unconditional respect – even often in Christian circles.

      Being a godly wife involves things that most women, even believers, are not at all prepared for:
      – humility
      – total submission to Christ as Lord
      – a willing heart to obey God’s Word no matter what the world says
      – faith in God and a well-developed understanding of His sovereignty – that He is able to lead me through my sinful husband.
      – giving respect to God-given authority (that should have been learned with our dads at home growing up – many of us didn’t learn this)>
      – submitting to God-given authority even when we disagree (unless we are being asked to sin).

      Does that answer your question?

      Thanks! Great question!

    2. This is definitely a must read for all fiancés and wives. When a wife is disrespectful, and just out of order, it makes it extremely hard for a husband to love his wife. Now that’s no excuse for a husband not to love his wife, as Christ loves the church, but a dishonoring wife, makes loving his wife unconditionally, very difficult.
      Thank God for your change Peaceful Wife, your obedience to the Word, has rewarded you with a beautiful marriage.
      Amen : )

  2. “I didn’t just have a 2×4 in my eye. I had a forest.” WOW!!! We are definitely sister in the Lord!!! I praise God for the “forest fires” that He allowed through the year in the way of pain and suffering that have worked to soften the ground of my hardened heart… I had an entire wild forrest…everything that was growing was the opposite of what should have been in the heart if a believer…The more I look back the more I praise God for his goodness and grace towards me!!!!!

    1. Joyfullysubmitted,

      It’s humbling, isn’t it? I can’t wait to see what God has in store for you this year! I’m so glad you enjoyed your family and slowed down over Christmas. Looking forward to learning together at the feet of Jesus in 2013!

  3. This is my first time on this blog and I was blessed just by reading this title. I am currently in a crazy similar situation and just started to take the focus off of my husband and focus on me. I was ready to let bitterness set up a home in my heart and this just encouraged me to continue to move in the right direction. thank you for your honesty about yourself, you can’t understand how much this has opened my eyes.

    1. Chill Mode,
      I am so glad to meet you!

      With a humble and teachable attitude like that – I know that you will be able to start learning pretty quickly!
      I am so glad to hear God has opened your eyes!
      If you haven’t already, you may want to check out this post about how to get started. But there are MANY posts that will be helpful. If you want to, you can scroll through the blog timeline at the top of my home page and read as you have time.

      Two of the posts I would start with are at the top of my home page:
      “Husbands Share What is Disrespectful to THem”
      “101 Ways to Show Respect to Your Husband.”

      You may also want to check out my “About” page to see how God has changed me dramatically.

      I am here and glad to hear from you anytime!

      Let me know if you have questions or concerns or encouragement or prayer!

      Much love, my dear sister!

  4. Wow! This post is JUST what i needed! May God bless you for availing yourself to be used of him to open the eye’s of us women.

    I am currently where you where before with FORESTS in my eye’s but i am ready to submit my will to GOD now.

    I have been struggling with submitting to my husbands authority because of him not being saved yet. I have harbored bitterness, anger, resentment and regret in my heart for years now because i blamed my husband for everything that was going wrong and like you i prayed prideful prayers many times asking God to change HIM as i was already ‘perfect’ in my own eye’s.

    I know i cannot do it without our Lords grace but i believe he has led me to this blog to begin a great and awesome change in my spiritual and marital life.
    At this very moment i have been keeping malice with my dear husband for two days now and oh how convicted i feel realising how that STINKS before God.

    Please pray for me sister!

  5. The beginning of your article totally describes me. I’m praying for God to change my husband but in the back of my mind I know I have committed the same mistakes/sins I’m asking God to change about my husband..I want to let my husband lead our family as this is Gods will but How is it possible if my husband is not a believer. My husband has told me he is not ready to give his life to Jesus. How can I let someone lead me& my children if he doesn’t want to get right with God????

    1. I Peter 3:1-6 is your prescription from God!

      Here are also some posts to help you:

      My Secret Idol

      My Husband is Not a Believer

      My Husband Won’t Go to CHurch

      Ask God to change YOU. The change has to start there. It is your job to minister to your husband and to cooperate with God to make it as easy as possible for him to come to Christ. So that means, no preaching, lecturing or nagging about spiritual things. Learn what respect means to him. Learn to stop any disrespect. Learn to honor his leadership and to trust that God is able to lead you through this man. If he asks you to blatantly sin, then you can’t cooperate with that, but other than that, share your desires and needs with him. But if he disagrees, cooperate with his decisions cheerfully and respectfully.

      I’m always glad to hear from you! 🙂

  6. I just want to thank you for this website and posts and just everything. Last night me and my husband got into a big argument and I have been so blind to my own sin. I have been blaming my husband for everything for a long time now. I woke up early this morning and happen to come across your website, I read a little and it convicted me big time. I went to The Lord in deep serious prayer and he totally healed me and restored me. God was speaking to me and it was amazing. He opened my eyes and told me things I never knew. He renewed my mind and thinking. I seriously was so blind to my own sin and set in my own ways and had no knowledge of being a godly wife until God spoke to me. I have read everything in the bible about wifes and so many other stuff but it was different being in prayer and actually having God reveal and teach it. So after my healing this morning and looked up your website and again and read this post. It was even more powerful. The first time I read was convicting and this time it was very encouraging and wise. It was like reading “what not to do” and then reading “what to do”. I’ve never had these things modeled or taught to me. You are a huge blessing and God has answered your praying of lifting up other wifes to come to this knowledge of respect for their husbands. I know it will be a lifelong journey for me now to submit and to continue this obedience and I am in the very, very beginning. Please pray for me. I am going to continue to be connected to this website ( this is the first one that actually has helped!) Thank you so much peaceful wife.

    1. Annb20,

      It is wonderful to meet you! 🙂 I am THRILLED about what God is doing in your heart! HOW WONDERFUL!!!!!!! THANK YOU, LORD!

      You are always welcome here. I believe there are many posts on this site that will be helpful as you begin your journey. I try to have the things I wish I had understood many years ago here- so that maybe the dots will be closer together for those who come behind me.

      Continue abiding in Christ, my precious sister! He can give you the wisdom, power, courage, strength and love to become the woman He calls you to be. 🙂

  7. Hi April,
    you might not remember me but I had taken your help before also but truly speaking those never helped me so much and sometimes I also disagreed with you by thinking that as you are christian so to me it seems as if you are publicizing Christianity as I am a Hindu girl so I always paid attention to your those lines where you were not talking about God but about me or my husband or your experiences but today as I was really disturbed and even having thoughts of getting out of marriage (though when i see other wives problems, mine are nothing), I started reading your posts about God, how to pray, what to pray n for whom to pray..

    Now I really feel like sinner, and the thoughts of my husbands wrong behavior seems like almost disappeared. I am totally guilty about my behavior or my actions or my nature or my inner selfish,jealous thoughts for anyone.

    From last three days me n my husband are not talking with each other. n before reading your posts I was planning to resist myself to go to him to resolve everything out for at least few more days. But after reading I went to him n i told him that he can come n sleep in our room (as we both are sleeping in diff rooms after argument) but he said ” no, I am comfortable here only.” If this would have happened before reading these posts then I might have lost my temper and shouted on him for making me feel like this but now I am relaxed as I am thinking that I ll pray to god and if God would find me deserving he ll make him to come back to me n that too happily..

    I am ready to wait for that day. No matter how much time it takes. because just like you said ” meanwhile i have many things to do with myself .”

    I would like to post here the results whatever i am going to get, whenever i would get.

    hoping for the best.. a sinner (this is all I am feeling right now)

    1. Himani,

      I remember you very well, my friend! I prayed and prayed that God would open your eyes! This is ALL about us and Jesus. That is where the power is! If you leave out those parts, you have nothing. 🙂

      I praise God for what He is doing in your heart!!!

      We are ALL wretched sinners. That is all we have to offer to anyone. But Jesus is willing to take on our old sinful mess and replace it with His power if we will accept His gift of life. 🙂
      I can’t wait to see what God has in store for you! Please do post anytime. I’m always glad to hear from you!

      1. Hi April,
        here is what progress i have made today. I have transferred my bank accounts ,cards to my husband as this time we fought over financial topic only. I was also feeling bit scared after doing this . I was thinking what if he uses all the money for his family only (n nothing left for us as this is the hot discussion between us ,his very big family has long list of needs)

        but this is where I am learning to trust him.

        today also nothing is normal. he accepted the responsibility comfortably but still not talking to me so lets see how it goes further.

        in hope for peace,,,,

  8. I am so thankful for your blog. It opened my eyes again to the long list of disrespectful and hurtful things which I have been guilty of doing and I have the huge forest in my eyes as well as the root of bitterness. Thank you again. I pray your blog vacation was a great on.

    1. Terry,
      I’m thrilled that God has used this to bless you. You may be interested in searching the term “bitterness” on my home page, too.

      It was a very good blogging vacation. I needed that time with God and my family!

      Much love!

  9. Please pray for me peacefulwife.I am really in a spot here and don’t actually know what to do ! I love my husband and want terribly to honor him in every way. Yet, he purposely and knowingly asks me to do things that violate the elders and beliefs of my church. He simply says that I am following the wrong church/leaders and wants me to align to a church that I truly believe teaches some wrong stuff! So what do I do, violate scripture and listen to him and ignore the elders? It is not easy at all for me to go against my own conscience and beliefs. I am really confused. 🙁

  10. “Ask, and it will be given you; search, and you will find; knock, and the door will be opened for you. 8 For everyone who asks receives, and everyone who searches finds, and for everyone who knocks, the door will be opened. I will do whatever you ask in my name, so that the Father may be glorified in the Son. 14 If in my name you ask me[a] for anything, I will do it.

    —Jesus of Nazareth

    Do you remember asking Jesus for the BIG stuff when you were a little kid? You asked Jesus to give you three ponies ( a black one, a brown one, and a white one) for Christmas. You asked Jesus to bring back your favorite GI Joe after he washed down the street drain in a storm. When your dog, Tippy, died you asked Jesus to bring him back from the dead. When you heard about all the starving children in the world, you prayed to Jesus to leave an envelope with one million bucks inside on your doorstep the next morning so you could feed all those starving kids.

    So why don’t you ask Jesus for the BIG stuff anymore? He said to ask for anything and he would do it!

    Answer: When we get a little older we realize that Jesus didn’t really mean what he said. What he meant to say was this,

    “If you ask anything in my name, I will do it…if…it is my will to do it. If it isn’t my will, I won’t.”

    So as we get older we stop asking Jesus for the big things, the hard things, because we have learned that Jesus never answers those prayers. Ok, maybe once in a great while Jesus answers a big or hard prayer but it is always something that could have happened by chance anyway, isn’t it? Even really rare things can happen by chance. But Jesus never resurrects Grandpa or Grandma from the dead, no matter how hard we pray, does he? Jesus never reattaches a severed limb from an amputee, does he?

    No, Jesus doesn’t answer those prayers. That is asking Jesus for just a little too much, isn’t it, dear Christian? That is why when you get older you only ask Jesus for the easy stuff: To bless your food. To give you a “nice day”. To keep your kids safe.

    And when it is time to go to bed at night, you get down on your knees by your bed and you ask Jesus to bless everyone in your life; you thank him for having let you and your children live one more day…and then you fall asleep into your pillow…to wake up in the morning…to repeat the same prayer…full of easy requests, so you don’t ask too much of Jesus…who promised to give you anything that you asked for.

    But, maybe you’re not asking Jesus for too much. Maybe the reason Jesus doesn’t answer the big or the hard prayer requests is because Jesus can’t hear you. Jesus can’t hear you…because Jesus is dead.

    Dear Christian: You are an adult now. Just as you stopped believing in imaginary beings called Santa Claus and the Tooth Fairy, it is time to stop believing in and praying to an ancient man/god who died 2,000 years ago. The “Virgin Birth”, the “Resurrection”, etc., are ancient folk tales. Jesus doesn’t answer your prayer requests any more than Santa and the Tooth Fairy answered your requests to them when you were a kid.

    It’s a silly superstition and nothing more, friend. The fact that Jesus doesn’t answer your “big” prayers is proof.

    1. nonsupernaturalist,

      It is wonderful to meet you. 🙂

      Your comment makes me pretty sad for you – and for many who believe that Jesus is a superstition. He actually has answered many, many prayers for me. He completely changed my life. He healed my marriage. He healed my husband. He took away my pride, self-righteousness, worry, fear, and loneliness. He fills me with His joy, peace, and strength every day. I have seen Him change hundreds and hundreds of women and their marriages here on my blog. I have seen so many miracles I can’t count them.

      I realize there probably isn’t anything I can say that may change your mind. But – I pray that He might open your eyes to hat He has done for you and that you might turn to Him and His grace while there is time and experience the abundant spiritual life He has prepared for you. God is able to open people’s eyes. I sure can’t. But I have seen Him do it many times.

      Much love to you! You are in my prayers.

  11. This was such a great article, I have been looking for answers to help bring my fiancé closer to God. (We are in the middle of a terrible argument, and I pray for reconciliation but I am the only one praying for us…I wish he would too!) I feel like the Lord lead me to read this and bring my heart to an understanding. Our marriage wont work unless we are both close to God. I pray that the Lord gives our relationship another chance, after doing all sorts of research online and within my heart, I know our relationship wont be the same (in a good way!)

    1. Faith,
      I’m so glad that this was a blessing to you, my dear sister! Is your man a believer in Christ?

      Much love to you! I’m glad to talk with you some more if you would like to hash through some things.

      How is your walk with Christ going?

  12. Please pray for me and my husband. I want what you have in the lord. But I keep holding back and I don’t know whay. Plz pray for me.

    1. deeann,

      Would you like to talk about what is going on? Is there a major fear you are clinging to? Or something you feel that you need and want more than anything else other than Christ? I’m glad to talk with you if you would like. I pray God will help you to see His perspective and that He might reveal anything that is a stumbling block or a snare to you so that you can tear it out and yield fully to Him. 🙂

  13. C,

    Would you please remind me if your husband claims Christ?

    And he is pursuing a divorce, correct?

    I think this post does a pretty good job explaining some of the types of God’s will.

    If your husband leaves you and you have no choice about it, you are not required to try to force him to stay (1 Cor. 7). God is still sovereign. No one can take you out of God’s hand. God can still accomplish His good purposes and His will in your life. Kind of like God still accomplished His purposes for Joseph in the Old Testament even though his brothers sinned terribly against him and Potipher’s wife sinned terribly against him. God used all of the things they intended for evil to ultimately accomplish His perfect will.

    Your husband is not above the sovereignty of God. He can’t snatch you from God’s sovereignty or His will. Does that make sense? He can make poor decisions. He can sin against you. He can hurt you. But he can’t rob you of anything God has for you. He can destroy the marriage covenant – but God can make something beautiful from the ashes even if your husband doesn’t repent and return.

    Not sure if I am answering what you are asking?

    Much love!

    1. C,

      I wonder if it might be wise to just rest in the uncertainty and not try to figure out what will happen right now? I know it would be tempting to push and rush for a definitive answer either way just to not have to be in limbo anymore. But I believe that your husband and your marriage may have the best opportunity to heal if you are able to rest in the unknowing and in God’s love and just wait. It sounds like he is not definite about a divorce.

      It could be good for your own sanity to just live in today and to leave tomorrow in God’s hands. If your husband pursues a divorce, God will be with you. If your husband returns to you, God will be with you. God is the key. He will never leave you or forsake you. He has loved you with an unfailing love. Your security, peace, and identity are in Christ alone – not in what your husband decides. Does that make sense?

      God loves marriage. it is fine to pray for God to heal the marriage – but then, I suggest holding the dream loosely in your hands, and allowing God to carry you down the road He knows is best.

      Submitting to Christ Means We Hold Things of This World Loosely

      And, if you haven’t seen it, please check out this post – Can You Pray Too Much for Your Marriage?

      My prayer is that you will focus on your walk with Christ and on putting all of your faith in God, not in your husband. I mean, put some faith in your husband if he is willing to rebuild faith and trust. But primarily, your faith must be in Jesus alone. He alone can meet your deepest needs. But the amount of faith you will put in your husband, if he begins to want to work on the marriage, is a tiny fraction of the faith you will put in God. You will be okay if you are rooted firmly in Christ and your husband stays. You will be okay if you are rooted firmly in Christ and your husband leaves. Christ is the Greatest Treasure. He is sufficient. If you have Him, you truly have everything that matters ultimately.

      And, as you abide in Him and make Christ first and have Him on the throne, and you yield all control to Him – He may heal your marriage. But whether that happens or not, you can be healed and whole in Christ.

      Much love!

  14. I love what I just read. This is exactly me, I always pray for my husbands faults. I have been dealing with a very prideful husband. I myself have been very prideful. When we have arguments or disagreements he stops talking to me and that usually upsets me and I stop talking to him. I have been reading a lot and feel that god is telling me that I need to change. Need to stop being prideful and stop judging. I sometimes don’t know what to pray, I want a happy marriage where pride does not exist. I would really love some feedback.

    1. Isabel Alvarado,

      That is how I was for so many years. Until God opened my eyes to my pride and self-righteousness. I’m so thankful He didn’t leave me in my darkness but showed me that I was sabotaging my own marriage.

      I have MANY posts here that I believe may be a blessing. I invite you to search my home page for things like:

      – what is disrespect to husbands
      – what is respect in marriage
      – signs your husband may be feeling disrespected
      – 23 signs your husband is beginning to trust you again
      – control
      – fear
      – bitterness
      – insecurity
      – security
      – But, I’m Right
      – the idol of control
      – husband idol

      Much love to you!

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