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A Wife Shares a Victory


I LOVE LOVE LOVE hearing what God is doing in people and in marriages.  I just never get tired of that!  This precious wife is allowing me to share her story – and I think it may be an encouragement to many.  

Hi April,
You and your team have prayed for me and my husband and our marriage several times.  The Lord had opened my own eyes to my disrespect and bad attitude; perhaps it has been about 2 months now.  The Lord has really been working on me and very gently showing me my own sin and giving me the ability to be different.  I had asked Him also for more of the fruits of the Spirit, specifically gentleness.  He is so faithful and good!….

The other day my husband asked to speak to me privately  about something important. 

He told me that he has noticed a huge change in me and how much he appreciates it.  He said that I no longer argue with him, that I even keep my mouth shut when he is grumpy with me, that I am not mean to him or angry. He said that this has taken a tremendous amount of stress off of him and he really is happy.  He said that prior to this he felt like our marriage would be confined to him no longer really liking me, loving me still because he is suppose to but not being happy nor wanting to be around me much. This all brought me to tears and I shared how the Lord has been working on me. 


Isn’t it amazing how when just one spouse begins to obey God and seek Him first – it makes it easier for the other spouse to obey God and love/respect, too?

We aren’t guaranteed that when we obey God as wives, our husbands will change.  Many of them will – some may not.  My motive is really important here.  My motive to learn to respect and submit to my husband MUST be my love and reverence for Jesus and my desire to live with Him as my Lord.  That is the motive that honors God.  I trust Him with the outcome and the timing. If I am trying to learn to respect my husband to change him or make him love me more – it’s not going to work!


If you would like my prayer team and me to pray for you – Leave me a comment.   Ladies, if you have issues you would like to talk about with me, you may also email me at that address.  Wednesdays are a special day of prayer for us, but you may leave a request any time.  I can’t fix people’s problems – but we have a God who is mighty to save, a strong tower and the sovereign King of kings and Lord of lords – and we can lift your needs to Him!

For men in need of godly counsel, I would recommend checking out Brent Riggs’ blog.  He is a Christian author, preacher, teacher and blogger and he takes questions.  I have been very impressed with his biblical counsel.  You can find him at  


If you are a husband and would like to share what respect and submission mean to you or how difficult it is to love your wife when you feel disrespected and like she is trying to control you – you may    share in the comments.

If you are a wife and would like to share your journey into becoming a godly wife and learning respect and biblical submission, I’d love to hear from you, too!  I can use your story anonymously if you prefer. 

I believe wives benefit greatly from hearing the stories of other wives and also the perspectives of other husbands – I think it helps to hear lots of different stories of different marriages and ways God works.  Thank you for sharing your hearts!



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4 thoughts on “A Wife Shares a Victory

  1. I just need so much prayer – my husband has always had a flirty way with other women and some highly emotional attachments throughout our 28 years of marriage. Recently he told me some of these were also physical. I have huge disrespect issues with him and I am struggling to see him through God’s eyes. I so badly want a godly marriage, but since he told me the truth, he won’t pray or read God’s Word and he won’t talk without getting angry. I am incredibly sad all the time and very angry with him. I am asking for prayer for my heart to be softened and to show the gifts of gentleness and love, without feeling as if I am just being used. I am also requesting prayer for him to hear God’s voice. I so much want a redeemed marriage and a miracle!!

    1. Karen from South Africa,

      Oh goodness, my precious sister! I am so heartbroken over the pain that sin has caused in your marriage. 🙁

      Has he repented of this sin, or is he still involved with other women?

      Do you have a godly mentoring wife you may speak to about this to help you on this painful journey?

      How is your walk with Christ going?

      Much love to you!!! I am praying for God’s intervention and healing for you both and for your marriage.

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