3 Secrets to Building Real-Life Romance in Your Marriage

Hollywood style romance is fantasy, but there is a different kind of real-life romance that is actually possible in our marriages.

Want to Grow Real Romance and Attraction in Your Marriage?

You can nurture romance and attraction in your marriage just like you tend a garden. You just need to have the right tools!

Breaking the Romance Addiction

Here is a bit more from the wife I quoted in yesterday’s post about The Artificial Romance Issue – How Romantic Movies/Novels/Music Can Be a Stumbling Block. I am so thankful for this precious sister of mine and her willingness to share what she has learned the hard way. ———————– I’m not going to lie …

The Fantasy of Romance

This is probably going to sound a bit extreme.  It is certainly up to you what  you do with this area of your life.   I am not saying you must do what I do. But I am saying – this is something to think about and pray about. “Everything is permissible for me – …

Does God Really Have One Specific “Soul Mate” for You?

Is the soul mate concept biblical? And is it healthy for our marriages?

Are Men and Women Equal?

Does being equal in value mean men and women have to be identical or interchangeable?

My Pro-Life and Pro-Love Story (by Nneka Simone)

Photo by Bethany Beck on Unsplash A guest post by Nneka Simone. I appreciate her vulnerability and willingness to share her story on this incredibly important topic. May we all be reminded of the sanctity and value of every human life, no matter how small: My Story God designed the beautiful act of sex to …

Our 25th Anniversary Is Today!

May 28, 1994 – our wedding day.   Today Greg and I celebrate 25 years of being Mr. and Mrs. Greg Cassidy! We had dated for almost 6 years from the time I was 15 and Greg was 16. I thought we were SO ready to be a godly husband and wife. In fact, I …

My Desire for Marriages

Photo by Marius Muresan on Unsplash It’s important to know what someone’s end goals are if you are considering following his/her advice or teaching. And it is important to know from what source the teacher derives authority to teach. Is it the Bible – the infallible Word of God? Or is it self, human wisdom, …

The Purpose of Marriage

Photo by Alvin Mahmudov on Unsplash God intended marriage to be a living picture of the relationship between Jesus and His Bride, the Church. We think of a “church” as a building today. But when Jesus talks about His Church, He is talking about His chosen people, the ones He has chosen out of this …