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A Different Kind of Valentine's Card

Valentine’s paraphernalia is everywhere at Wal-Mart and all the grocery and drug stores- it’s hard to miss!  And there are lots of great lovey-dovey cards that appeal to women.  But what about the guys?  A love note doesn’t usually speak to a man’s soul the way that it would to a woman’s, but the greeting […]

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Being a Cheerful Receiver

Think about the people you know who are fun to give to.  I have to give kudos to my 5 year old daughter’s teacher at school- she is one of the best gift-receivers I have ever seen!  When someone gets excited about a gift she receives, it is FUN to give to that person.  This […]

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Prayer for 2012

Lord, Thank You for this precious new year- a time of renewal and a time to think about our priorities and habits, our strengths and weaknesses. Lay our hearts open before Your Spirit. Probe each dark corner of our souls with the piercing light of Your Word. Reveal every sin to us, Lord! Let each […]

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