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The Spiritual Healing Available to Each of Us in Christ – by Radiant

A guest post by a Christian wife and mom who is in her mid forties now. She had received Christ as a 5 year old child and was raised in a Christian home. Her personality and marriage dynamics were rather the opposite of Greg’s and mine. In addition, Radiant was severely spiritually oppressed and physically chronically […]

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God’s Healing for Suicidal Thoughts

Photo by Oscar Keys on Unsplash I am so thankful for this dear sister’s story and for the victory she has experienced in Christ! We have all felt the darkness of despair. May we all experience the Light and hope of Jesus like this wife and mom did. (Shared with permission.) ———— Dear April, I […]

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Healing for Destructive Jealousy – by Truly Blessed

NOTE: There is another Peaceful Wife Conference scheduled for November 18-19th in Garnett, KS for any ladies (single or married) who are interested and able to come. Check out the button on the right top corner of my page for a link to more information and tickets. Truly Blessed and I had a conversation with a […]

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A Spiritual Check-Up

Jesus instructed us to examine the fruit in our lives to determine our spiritual health. What we think we believe doesn’t necessary translate into fruit. Sometimes we think we believe God and His Word, but our lives reveal what is really in our hearts and what we really want and depend on. Sometimes it is […]

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Are Women Morally and Spiritually Superior to Men?

In our culture today – we almost universally accept that the answer to this question is a very obvious “Yes!  Of course women are morally and spiritually superior to men.  That is just plain fact.” THE EVIDENCE IN FAVOR: boys get in trouble a whole lot more in school than girls do girls have higher […]

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Finding Healing for Hopelessness

Some of you are feeling extremely depressed, lost, broken, hopeless, worthless and like there is no purpose for your lives.  Some of you were cruelly abused as children by your own parents, friends or family members.  Some of  you have been abused by your own husband who is supposed to provide for  you, protect you, […]

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