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Husbands Do Need to Hear the Gospel

Someone brought up a really important point on yesterday’s post about winning a husband without a word, that unbelieving husbands do need to hear the gospel – particularly if they haven’t heard it. All people need this! I don’t intend to say otherwise. And yet, 1 Peter 3:1-2 instructs wives of unbelieving husbands to “win them […]

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Should You Strive to Please or Keep Your Husband at ANY Cost?

This post is specifically for wives who are disrespecting themselves or disrespecting God in order to put their husband on the throne of their hearts ** (please note the disclaimer about severe issues at the bottom of the post) IDOLIZING A PERSON Our culture thrives on encouraging us to idolize our spouses and be enmeshed/codependent with […]

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“God Didn’t Give Me a Good Husband”

Greg and April – Easter 2014 Greg is a very good gift from God. I, sadly, didn’t always see this truth. Here are some questions I hear over and over. If God didn’t give me a loving husband (by my specific definition), I have to doubt His goodness and His motives toward me. If God […]

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