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A Challenge for You, Ladies! :)

Let’s allow God to help us turn this loud, obnoxious, angry, destructive tongue of ours into an instrument of healing and blessing. As women, we have HUGE verbal skills.  This is where we often hurt our husbands and children the most – with our words.  It is time to learn to use our words for […]

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“My Husband Didn’t Get Me Anything for Our Anniversary – and I am SO HAPPY TO BE MARRIED TO HIM!”

From the archives – Here are the ways that two wives handle the “My Husband Forgot Our Anniversary” situation in respectful, God-honoring, husband-honoring, marriage building ways! WIFE #1 Since my hubby’s and my birthdays are only one day apart, he never forgets my birthday! Pretty sneaky, huh?  Seriously, in my first marriage I received tons […]

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Happy 19th Anniversary, Greg!

Greg and I were married on May 28, 1994 at 3:00pm. We had over 300 people crowded into our home church near Columbia, SC, where Greg’s dad was the pastor and he performed a beautiful ceremony for us. We had NO CLUE what was ahead. How I wish that I had understood then what I […]

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The Key to Peace

Having a solid understanding of where my responsibilities end and where God’s sovereignty begins is a HUGE key to peace that I was missing for many years. THE WAY I USED TO LIVE I ultimately trusted myself, not God. I said I trusted Christ. I thought that I was living by faith – but in […]

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A Precious Example

Here is an email from a husband who has had an amazing marriage with his wife that spans many decades (40+ years, I believe).  He and his wife got the love and respect stuff right from the beginning.  This is how marriage is supposed to be.  They are such a beautiful example for us to […]

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The Voice in His Head – From the Archives

by the Respected Husband On Sunday, September 23rd, the Peacefulwife ran a guest post by Kayla Gulick titled My Demon. In the article, Kayla described how all of the voices in her head accuse her husband of the worst. This prompted a discussion between the Peacefulwife and me. She then asked me about whether a guy […]

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