Combating Materialism

Our house before we bought it above For the first year we lived here, this big room was such a disaster. It gave me heebie jeebies to see it! Back then, I was a perfectionistic housekeeper and wanted my house to look magazine perfect all the time. It REALLY stressed me out to live in so… Continue reading Combating Materialism

Examining the Real Motives behind Perfectionism and People Pleasing

Examining the Real Motives behind Perfectionism and People Pleasing. I think that a few of the wives out there may have had some of these issues even in high school and college like I did… if so, this post from may be interesting to you! I am not an expert on this topic, but… Continue reading Examining the Real Motives behind Perfectionism and People Pleasing

“God, Don’t Waste My Time…”

  We profess Christ. We pray constantly for our husbands to come to Christ and for healing for our marriages. We pray and pray and pray and we don’t see things getting better. We may start to get bitter and angry with God that things are not going the way we think they should. If… Continue reading “God, Don’t Waste My Time…”

Pastors Are Human, Too

Unfortunately, many of us know pastors who have succumbed to the temptation of an affair.  Often, a pastor’s/minister’s/Christian counselor’s affair destroys his marriage, his family, his career, his ministry, his reputation, his power in the kingdom of God and sometimes completely tears apart his entire church.  Many times – these kinds of things can even… Continue reading Pastors Are Human, Too


This post is inspired by a real estate commercial that shows a wife attempting to pressure and force her husband into a quick decision about a house that the couple may not be able to responsibly afford. Some things to observe in this brief conversation: the wife’s facial expressions her tone of voice the husband’s… Continue reading “I MUST HAVE THAT HOUSE!”

Are We Trying to Be “Friends with ‘Benefits'” with God?

“Friends with benefits” That is a popular term today – describing a man and a woman who are not at all committed to each other in marriage, or even planning on heading toward marriage, but who are there for each other simply as “platonic friends” who have sex with each other. Honestly, I’m not even… Continue reading Are We Trying to Be “Friends with ‘Benefits’” with God?

Breaking the Romance Addiction

Here is a bit more from the wife I quoted in yesterday’s post about The Artificial Romance Issue – How Romantic Movies/Novels/Music Can Be a Stumbling Block. I am so thankful for this precious sister of mine and her willingness to share what she has learned the hard way. ———————– I’m not going to lie… Continue reading Breaking the Romance Addiction

Allowing Good Things to Become Idols

From my wonderful friend and sister in Christ, Kayla: I’ve heard it said before that even good things can become bad things. For example – saying yes to too many fund-raising committees can spread you too thin to care for your own family. And – surprising your spouse with a really incredible present when there… Continue reading Allowing Good Things to Become Idols

A Wife Sees Some of Her Idols – People Pleasing and Beauty

An email from a wife.  Thank you for sharing!!!!!! I LOVE what God is doing in your heart! ******************** I watched two of your videos on Youtube  (channel “April Cassidy”) The Gift of Modesty The Sin of People Pleasing Where do I start????? PEOPLE PLEASING I definitely identify with thinking it’s up to me make others… Continue reading A Wife Sees Some of Her Idols – People Pleasing and Beauty

How to Make Your Husband an Idol

  Idolatry is not something we think much about in our modern day, Western culture.  I grew up in church, reading the Bible, knowing how offensive idolatry was to God – feeling super smug and secure because I didn’t commit sins like THAT!  What could possibly be tempting about bowing down to a statue and… Continue reading How to Make Your Husband an Idol

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