“My Secret Idol”

  Today’s guest post is by Robyn.  Check out her blog at www.upwithmarriage.wordpress.com First I’d like to say thank you to April for the opportunity to share on this subject of how we make idols in our lives; even the good things. It was a good and righteous prayer; an honest prayer.  “God please save… Continue reading “My Secret Idol”

Victory over Perfectionism – VIDEO

An 8 minute Peacefulwife video.  (The volume issue should be resolved now! 🙂 You, my precious sister in Christ, are not going to be perfect.  Not until heaven! Your husband is not going to be perfect on this earth, either.  And neither are your children!   The sooner you can accept that, the sooner you… Continue reading Victory over Perfectionism – VIDEO

Soul Mates

Today’s guest post is by Kayla Gulick, my dear friend and sister in Christ.  Check out her blog at www.lessonsofmercy.wordpress.com.  I think you are about to have your mind blown.  So be sure you are sitting down for this one, ladies!   Almost every little (and big) girl dreams of finding her “soul mate”. I… Continue reading Soul Mates

We Want the Fairy Tale

So many girls grow up on Disney princess stories and fairy tales. What is it about the concept of being a princess that captivates us so much? And what do these stories drill into our minds that might not be healthy, godly ideas for marriage? THE DREAM Fairy tales tend to focus on the girl,… Continue reading We Want the Fairy Tale

God, You Owe Me!

Photo by Aaron Burden on Unsplash

And I was thinking about some of the emails I get from women who are beyond discouraged in their marriages and their lives.    How my heart breaks with them for the suffering they have endured and are enduring. And it hit me. That fear that wives have about respecting and submitting to their husbands… Continue reading God, You Owe Me!

The Snare of People-Pleasing

Is “peace” at any cost a good thing?  Is it really peace? PEOPLE PLEASING Being a “People-Pleaser” SOUNDS like a virtue, right?    I mean, isn’t it great to try to make everyone be happy with you and not have people angry at you?  The Bible says we are supposed to live in peace as… Continue reading The Snare of People-Pleasing

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