Professional Parking Consultant

This is a guest post from Kate McKenzie at  I’m a psychopath really. For the last seven-ish years I have been trying to tell Jason where to park and how to park. Pretty much wherever we go. This is not an exaggeration for the purpose of a more interesting post. I literally should have… Continue reading Professional Parking Consultant

The Non-Fight.

Today’s post is by my good friend, Kayla.  God is working in this girl’s heart and marriage and it is BEAUTIFUL!!!!!!  You can find her at  Thanks for sharing, Kayla!  This brings me so much JOY! OK, So typically – I would never get on and brag about the fact that Josh and I… Continue reading The Non-Fight.

Handling "External Pressure" on This Journey

A Wife’s Questions I just wanted to start off by saying thank you and God bless you so much for your labor of love in creating the wonderful blogs that are blessing me and so many others.  I was thinking to myself this morning that ever since I discovered your blog about a month ago… Continue reading Handling "External Pressure" on This Journey

How Long before He Feels the Effects of the Changes?

This is a post my friend, Kayla, wrote when she was just starting to learn about respect and biblical submission.  I totally relate to how she was feeling at this time.  She was kind enough tonight to answer her own questions at the bottom now that it has been about 5 months! Thanks for sharing,… Continue reading How Long before He Feels the Effects of the Changes?

The First Few Months (or More) of This Process is HARD!

I share a lot of success stories and light bulb moments that wives have.  Those are really inspiring.  I love seeing what God is doing and when things seem to start to go well. But you know what?  I get WAY more emails that are full of pain, frustration, angst, and struggle.  But I don’t… Continue reading The First Few Months (or More) of This Process is HARD!

A Wife's Learning Curve

  Here is a comment from a deeply wounded husband that I posted on FB this week.  And then there is a wife’s email to me after that about what the husband said. FROM A HUSBAND   Enlightened by your messages. I really question myself when dealing with my wife, which nearly always resulted in… Continue reading A Wife's Learning Curve

One Wife's Obedience to God Radically Changed Her Marriage

An email from a wife: As for my husband, he is happier than ever! He is constantly saying how he is the luckiest man alive. He texts me sweet nothings from work. He is so sweet at home. It’s like, while I refused to submit (to honor his God-given leadership), we were locked in this… Continue reading One Wife's Obedience to God Radically Changed Her Marriage

Valentine’s Day Expectations

  Ladies, AHHH – VALENTINE’S DAY! That magical day when romance is in the air and many of us have higher expectations than ever for our men. For husbands – it can be a day filled with apprehension. This is especially true if things did not go well in the past. WE HAVE FREEDOM As… Continue reading Valentine’s Day Expectations

God Stops A Wife's Divorce Plans

From a reader – WOW!  THIS IS  TOTALLY GOD AT WORK.  AMAZING.  THANK YOU to this wife for allowing me to share.  I know it will challenge and bless many wives! I wanted to quickly share with you the impact of one of your blogs on my life. I am currently separated from my husband.… Continue reading God Stops A Wife's Divorce Plans

A Widow's Pain

** Check out my Peacefulwife Blog FB page today for more discussion on godly femininity and physical intimacy I heard from a dear woman who has been in such deep spiritual pain since her husband died 7 years ago.  She has very graciously allowed me to share my correspondence with her.  God has been at… Continue reading A Widow's Pain

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